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Northern Greece – This is the largest and one of the most fertile regions of Greece. There are endless pine groves, crystal clear sea with sandy beaches and cozy bays and arrivals that are picturesquely located along the sea coast. The main resorts of this region (Kastoria, Chalkidiki, Paralia Katerini, Thessaloniki) annually attract millions of tourists from all over the world due to the excellent climate, excellent nature and more fascinating many thousands of people reflected by various attractions of the resorts of this region.

Northern Greece also attracts its genuine hospitality, the unique opportunity to enjoy traditional cuisine and taste local wines that produce local residents.

Northern Greece is a place of a unique combination of history and culture, perhaps this is the most exciting region of the whole country. His major megapolis, Thessaloniki offers a wide selection of cafes, nightclubs and shops, while Xanti and Komotini, Castoria and Edessa offer a fascinating mixture of traditional architecture, historical sites and hospitality of local residents.

Sea expanses of Northern Greece begins from the Halkidiki Peninsula and stretch up to the Delta of the Evros River, where rare birds of birds and other representatives of the animal world dwell.

The best cities and resorts of Northern Greece

What is interesting to see in northern Greece?

Climate in Northern Greece

The climate of Northern Greece is continental, and the Mediterranean prevails on its coasts, which is characterized by significant temperature differences and abundant rains.

The climate throughout Northern Greece differs: in the north he is not so hot, as in her southern part.

The holiday season in Northern Greece falls for the period May-September. Average air temperature in summer here +29..+32 degrees. The hottest months are July and August, when the air temperature rises harsh +35 degrees.

The climate of Northern Greece has its own peculiarity – in the summer it is dry, in winter – wet, so heat in the summer is tolerated fairly easy. The sea in northern Greece is calm and very well warmed due to the surrounding of mountain arrays. The average water temperature in the summer +24..+26 degrees.

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Excursions and events in Northern Greece

Start a trip over Northern Greece follows from a review tour of thessalonikov, since it is this city that opens the northern airborne gates of strings. This is a good garde, grew up by the Aegean Sea coast, founded in 315 to the era of the king of Macedonia – Kassandra. In the Victim Epoch of Saylonics played a crucial role in the life of the country, so various epochs left their trail. In the North Greets with eccursions, the searches will decide and the next neighbor: Pelo, which is the birthplace of the legendary Alexander Macedonsky, Vorgin, where the tomb of the price of Phillipa, Dion, where he knew almost all his life. In addition, in Northern Greece there is the most mysterious and highest peak in Greece — Mount Olympus, which is in deep ancient times of serving Greek gods.

Pieria — One of the most charming corners in the southern part of Macedonia is located at the foot of Olympus. Pieria willingly attend tourists with a tour of Northern Greece. Katerini is a wonderful modern city that attracts every year many tourists with a variety of excursions and numerous entertainment: restaurants for every taste, good shopping and bright festivals. A few kilometers from the city there are places of archaeological excavations such as the Dion, the sacred city of God Zeus, the travelers, who are the largest preist organization, scientists will take him to the fifth millennium, but.

Tourists can also go to sightseeing cruise tours on the infinite coasts of Northern Greece, from the side of a stylized under ancient ship, you can enjoy the magnificent views of monasteries that are cozy at cool cliffs.

History of Northern Greece

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Activities in Northern Greece

Rest in Northern Greece can be active: at the place of the dwelling of the Greek gods on Olymps is located the national park and a great place for outdoor activities: mountaineering and hiking. ATERMON SPORT VILLAGE Main Sports Complex is approximately half an hour from Salonnikov, there you can rent a room and enjoy daily sporting events or come there for a specific sport. Sports complex offers to use the services of a restaurant, work out in the indoor gymnastic hall and play open venues in tennis, handball, basketball and other games, use the services of the Congress Center, the Medical Center and the game room (Table Tennis, Billiards, and DR.) and swim in the outdoor pool.

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In Northern Greece, hot springs are located in Northern Greece in the city of Arida, where there is an opportunity to visit various spa treatments and wellness programs, and you can engage in such an extreme sport as rafting. One descent for a person with an instructor costs 40 euros, the lesson is suitable for both newcomers and professionals.

In Northern Greece among active tourists, mountaineering, paragliding, windsurfing, canyoning, archery, Trekking. For active recreation and sports in Northern Greece, special sports tours are organized, including learning programs for beginners and programs for professionals.

Transport Features of Northern Greece

The most common types of transport in Northern Greece are taxis, buses and rental cars. High Category (5 *) Hotels with free buses to the nearest resort towns. Climb buses regularly run between the resorts, in order to stop the bus, you need "vote".

Most resort cities have car rental, motorcycles and bicycles. For a more convenient trip from the airport to the hotel, some Greek companies offer their services that are in the organization of the transfer.

A special bus will deliver tourists from Thessaloniki Airport, Cavala and Alexandroupolis to the essential hotel safe and most comfortably as possible. You can get acquainted with such proposals in Greek guide sites, and there you also need to book places in buses.

Northern Greece: how to get?

You can get to northern Greece with a direct charter flight from Moscow. Flight duration of Moscow-Thessaloniki for about 3 hours 20 minutes, flights are performed by Aeroflot, Vim airlines, Uteir, as well as Greek carriers of Aegean Airlines. From Thessaloniki airport you can go to any resort of the region or stay in the city itself. The cost of a taxi trip from the airport to one of the resorts of Northern Greece will be about 35 euros during the day, about 50 euros at night.

A spare and more fiscal option with a transfer in European cities is CSA Czech airlines flights, German low cost airluses German Wings, Polish Lot, and DR. You can get to Northern Greece with a change in Istanbul (Konstantinipoli), which flies many flights from Russia, and you can get to Northern Greece from there by train or bus.

You can get to Northern Greece by bus, most of which belong to private tourist companies. Departure and arrival is carried out only from the office of such a company. There are only regular international bus routes: the flight Athens – Istanbul (Konstantinipoli), from Greek side of the flights of Greece Ose, which stop at the railway stations of Greece, with the Turkish side – these are Varan and Ulusoy bus buses who arrive and depart from the bus station Istanbul. The Thessaloniki bus – Istanbul leaves from Ul. Irinis-17, district of Vardari, the Flight of Thessaloniki Skodra (Albania) leaves from the bus station "Macedonia".

You can get to northern Greece and on your own car. The main routes in this direction are as follows:

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