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The phenomenon of the Northern Lights always caused great interest from people. So, for example, the Vikings considered him a reflection of the Shower of Dev, the Alaska Indians believed that the Northern Lights – Dancing Dried Souls, and in the Middle Ages in Europe "Aurora Borealis" was considered a sign from God. Some beliefs exist and so far: for example, the Chinese and the Japanese are convinced that children, conceived during the mysterious glow, will have a gracious destiny.

When to look

It is best for the northern shine to watch from October to March (from 22 pm to 3 o’clock in the morning), although the role and geographical factor also plays (it depends on where you are). It is also necessary to remember that there are several conditions: firstly, there must be clear weather (cloudless), and secondly, it should be dark.

Where to see

Aurora Borealis appears in the Avrral Oval of the Northern Hemisphere, which covers the territory of Northern Scandinavia, the North of Russia, Alaska, the North of Canada, the territory of Iceland and Greenland.

1. Murmansk and Kola Peninsula (Russia)
Perhaps, to Murmansk, Russia’s residents get the easiest way (much closer and there is no need to receive a visa), so this city opens our "TOP". Aurora’s glow can be seen unfortunately, not as often as tourists would like: the weather is often cloud, which is very preventing the process.

2. Rovaniemi (Finland)
Northern capital of Finland – Rovaniemi – Informal Gate in Lapland. Northern lights here can be contemplated until 200 times a year! Most of the tourists come here in September-October and February-March.

3. Abisc and Kiruna (Sweden)
It is believed that the ABIK is the most favorable destination for the contemplation of the Northern Lights in the World. The city is called this settlement language does not turn out (only 156 inhabitants). Abisc is located 250 kilometers north of the polar circle. In addition, the National Park of the National Park is also located here, Abisc is famous for the AURORA SKY Mountain Station, from the observation deck where you can see the light show.

Northern Lights

4. Tromso and Spitsbergen (Norway)
The city of Tromso is known in Norway as a "gate to the Arctic" – this is the best place to observe Avoro in Mainland Norway. It is believed that the best time visits – from November to March. There are many travel agencies and individual guides in the city that organize tours for everyone to watch the northern lights. Perfect place – outside Tromso (where there is no light from urban lights).

The second popular location is the city of Longyir, the "capital" archipelago of Spitsbergen, which is located in one and a half thousand kilometers from the North Pole. Perhaps, this is one of the best places: in his favor, for example, it says that there are few residents and light on the islands, and the disadvantage is a remote location – it is not so easy to get to it, as to Tromso (Flight Oslo-Longyir-Oslo Tourist will cost him about 200 euros). However, this does not push tourists. The best time to observe – the period from mid-November to mid-January.

5. Reykjavik, Grimsi Island, Akureiri (Iceland)
You can watch the northern shine right in the capital of Iceland – Reykjavik. For more effect Try to leave away from the city center, where a lot of light and lights. Best Places – Pearl District, Grott Lighthouse in Selliaarnarnez, Park Clambratun.

6. Churchill (Canada)
Churchill is a Canadian city, which is located right on the coast of Hudson Bay in Manitoba Province. Although he is famous all over the world, as the world capital of white bears, Churchill – also a great place to see the Northern Light. Dozens of scientists come here every year, who want to explore this natural phenomenon. An ideal observation period is January-March. Because of the large number of tourists, it was decided to build Dome Aurora – the covered structure, which is outside Churchill and serves as in fact "cinema hall" for visitors.

7. Fairbenks (USA)
The largest city in Alaska – Fairbanks is located in the Valley of the Tanana River. Given that Fairbanks lies with 64 degrees of northern latitude, it is safe to declare that this is the best place to admire Avrura in the Western Hemisphere. To observe, you can use the Esther Dome, which opens to view the entire horizon. Sometimes an Aurora can be seen in the summer, but it is a rather rare event. As a supplement to the Northern Lights in Fairbenks, you can wear ice from ice, dog sledding, hayking and many other.

Northern Lights

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