Northern Urals: Krasnovishersk district

Krasnovishersk – a small working town with a population of fifteen thousand people. The economic situation in the city can be described as depressive. After the closure of the two local enterprises, the city was doomed to slow attenuation. At least it seems like first glance.

But the crisis gives rise to enterprise. The proof is the magnificent lemonade, the production of which is engaged in a local entrepreneur. Drink can be found in many local stores, and such a taste is not found, probably already nowhere. Remember what should be "real" lemonade? If not, then ask the parents or try in Krasnovishersk. Yes, and the price of 15-20 rubles for 0.5 liters should also please. In addition, Krasnovishersk lives tourism – a lot of tourist databases and hire of tourist equipment gives the population the opportunity to earn.

By itself, the city is not noteworthy. Almost nothing. So, on the central square there is a sculptural composition, which includes three heroes: heroes and beautiful beauties. This sculpture is a reference to a local legend: Once two friends, the hero of Vlalan and the Fouls met the beauty of Vishra, who loved. Beauty did not show preference to someone alone, so our friends decided to beat not for life, but to death for the right to take her in wives. The fight began, which lasted for several days. Forces were equal and everything went to the fact that heroes will kill each other. Vishera, realizing, the cause of which misfortune began, rushed from the cliff between the warriors and turned into the river. Seeing it, the heroes appealed to the rocks. We will return to this story a little later, but while we look at the city itself.

From the rest of the sights – the ethnographic park dedicated to Komi-Yazvensky district and Mansi living in these places. It is located in the local park of culture and recreation.

In addition, it will be interesting to get acquainted with the Museum of the Nature Reserve "Vishersky" (pos. Embankment, ul. River, 6), especially if you do not plan to visit the reserve itself. Learn about the flora and fauna of the region here.

If you arrived with a tourgroup, then, most likely, sit on one of the tourist bases.
If you travel yourself, we can advise the hotel "Vishera". Sufficiently comfortable rooms from 400 rubles. Total hotel hotels. We also recommend hotel "for you" – from 650 rubles a day.

Vishera Hotel: ul. Dzerzhinsky, D. 9a tel.: (34243) 22-15-2

Hotel "For you": ul. Solikamskoye highway, 50, bodies. (34243) 3-02-74. Site

Specific place for dinner is difficult to recommend, so we will leave for you a map with the main dots of the city catering:

Key landmarks located around Krasnovishersk:

Stone Vetra – The highest rock on Vishere. Height of about 100 meters. So that numerous tourists do not violate the plant cover and did not sharpen erosion processes, in 2003, a wooden staircase was built on the top of the vertex. It was equipped with viewing platforms. With the construction of the stairs, climbing the wind for tourists became easier. With a waters, a beautiful view of the Vishera River (it’s time to remember the legend). In general, this is one of those places that you need to see in the Perm Territory. You can get to the wind in the dirt road, which goes along the river. The stone is 8 km from Krasnovishersk upstream.

Practically opposite the wind stands big Mountain Polud. She is a fire from the south and cool from the north. From there in good weather overlooking hundreds of kilometers around. On the top of the Fuling there is a telephone and working staff, so the road is laid to the top. In winter, going to the ice, you can reach the tops on foot, skiing or bosen. Here are the numbers of those who will help you with this: 89027948303, 89519258622. In the summer it is necessary to twist the river. The number of a person who can come to your aid: 89027993917.

Northern Urals District of Krasnovishersk

We must not forget about the Vishara River itself. Its length is 415 kilometers. Often, Vishra is called a diamond river. The reason is not only the beauty of the reservoir, but also the fact is the diamond field. Suddenly you will be lucky and you will find this gem? Beautiful shores Vishera make it popular among tourists who love alloys. By the way, those islands that are on Vishera (they can be considered good from the wind) – man-made. They are made by prisoners of the Gulag for the best transportation of the forest along the river.

In addition, we advise the site on which all the sights of the district are collected. For example, the Quarks Ridge, which deserves a separate trip and a separate article.

Finally, apotheosis of the Krasnovishery district can be called Vishero Reserve. This is a huge space that occupies 1.5% of the territory of the Perm Territory. To get to the territory of the reserve from April to October can only be resolved.

  1. In the administration of the cassette
    618590, Perm region, g.Krasnovishersk, ul.Gagarina, 36-b bodies.: 8 (34243) 3-01-68, 3-01-70 (fax) e-mail: zapv @ inbox.RU VISHERA.Zap @ Gmail.RU;
  2. In Solikamsk
    Travel agency "Argo" Address: 618551, Perm region, g.Solikamsk, ul.Embankment 125, t / f +7 (34253) 7 02 42, 8 902 79 28 108
  3. In Perm
    Center for Environmental Tourism "Green Wind" 614000, g.Perm, ul.Kuibysheva, 4, bodies.: 2988100 E-Mail: info @ Zel-Veter.Ru

You can get to the reserve in several ways. The easiest (and expensive) – on the helicopter. You can also get on the watch car by contacting the reserve. Finally, you can get by car to the village of Waaya, ferry via Vishera to the gate of the reserve. The length of the way is about 130 kilometers.

In addition to individual trips, it is possible to pay attention to a large number of tourist companies that actively carry tourists to lay on all these sights. And they work both with custom excursions and batch tours. Choose their huge amount. Forwards for new impressions!

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