Northwest Fjords of Norway

In the north of the Fjord region, are perhaps the most spectacular fjords of Norway. High mountains, bright paints, eternal glaciers, turquoise water of mountain rivers, rocky seabed, houses with moss roofs covered ; From local landscapes there is a head and reduces breathing)

In the region of North-Western fjords, there are three Norway National Roads (from 18). In addition, the capital of the region Olesund ; One of the most beautiful cities in the world..

Olesssund and Sunnomere

Beautiful city on the water of Olessen ; The capital of northwestern fjords is undoubtedly one of the required to visit destinations in the region. For those who want to see the beauty of the region, traveling without a car, Olessen ; Main base and starting travel point ; Most local attractions are available within the daytime rounds from Olessund, in addition, from the city you can easily reach the cities and villages on Fjordah. Well, you need to rent a car opens endless opportunities to get acquainted with the region.


Stylish Aalesund ; One of the most significant tourist destinations of Norway. By itself, the city is beautiful ; Unique architecture in style ; Art nouveau ;, magnificent viewing platform with a delightful view of the city, oceanarium and museums, restaurants-café bars, interesting daytime tours. In addition, in the Alesund Bay ; Excellent fishing)

Olessen, Northwest Fjords of Norway. Photo Credit: Stephan Neven, Flickr


Tiny ; bird ; Rude Island, located near Oleszund, from April to August is becoming a place of pilgrimage of lovers of birds and photographers. It is at this time of the year on the island of Runda you can see charming atlantic deadlocks. The island can be visited as part of day rounds from Olesund, or come here to independently rent a room in one of the guest houses and explore the island yourself.

Guest Houses, Pensions: Rund
How to get there: by bus or on rented car from Oleszund

View of Runda, Norway. PHOTO CREDIT: Johan Kistrand, Flickr

Runda, Northwest Fjords of Norway. Photo Credit: Heinz Hofer, Flickr

Hyorundfjord (Hjørundfjord) and Sunnomeurian Alps

The picturesque peaks of the Sunnomeurian Alps stretch from Nur Fjord to the Stur Fjord on both sides of Horunfjord. The most popular and affordable part of this magnificent mountain range is just an hour away from Oleszund. Winter ; This is a popular area for skiing, summer for trekking. Tracking tours can be booked in Olesunde, independent alternative ; Remove the house or cabin somewhere in the mountains, take the map available to the pedestrian trail and explore local beauties.

Villages along Horunfjord: Sæbø, Bjørke, Urke
Ski Centers: Volda, Ørsta, Stranda
How to get there: by bus or rented car from Oleszund; on a car from Strin; Local Airlines (Ørsta-Volda Airport, Hovden, (IATA: Hov) from Scandinavia cities.

Horunfjord, Norway. Photo Credit: Askjell&# 8217; s photo, flickr

Stur Fjord and Heiangerger

Translated from the Norwegian Stur Fjord ; Big Fjord. The fjord stretches 110 kilometers from the village of Hareid (Hareid) to GEIIRANGER (Tafjord) villages (Tafjord), in the village of Wondda (Stranda), breaking on two sleeves ; Heiangerfjord and Tafjord. The name of this fjord is rarely found in tourist brochures, most often the region is called Heiranherfjord, although in fact it is much more.


Heiangerger Fjord ; One of the most picturesque fjords of Norway, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The name of the fjord is owned by the village of Heiranger, located on the shores of Fjord. From the village in the mountains, many tourist trails are laid from which fantastic species on the fjord are opened. In the Geiranger region, you can also find a lot of old abandoned farms and magnificent waterfalls. The famous serpentine Trollstigen is on the way from Ontalsnes (Åndalsnes) to Heiangerger.

Heiangerfjord, Northwest Fjords of Norway. Photo Credit: Gill Wilson, Flickr

Waterfall seven sisters, Guerangerfjord. Northwest Fjords of Norway. Photo Credit: Kenny Drew, Flickr

Trollsigen ; Road trolls

Trollstigen (Trollstigen), road trolls ; This is one of the most incredible roads of Norway, which opens absolutely dramatic mountain landscapes. The road stretches from the village of Ondalsnes (Åndalsnes) to the Geiranger and from Heiangerger for more than a dozen kilometers south, almost to the track 15. Often trollstigen called the large serpentine plot on which the view of the epic point is located, although the road itself is much more ; Total length of about 110 km. On the road besides serpentine Trollstigen, there are several more view-Points from which great views are opening. In addition to big stops, there are many ; Pockets ;, where you can stop the car at any time and take a walk in the mountains.

Bind Point on the road trolls. Photo Credit: Natalie Belikova, FiveStepsPhotoBlog

Piece of beauty on Trolstigen. Photo Credit: Natalie Belikova, FiveStepsPhotoBlog

Tafard and Valdal

Tafjord ; Branch of Stur Fjord, parallel to Heiranherfjord. These places are popular among fishermen and fans of outdoor activities. Valdal Village (Valldal) ; The largest tourist center on Fjord, who lies on the way from Heiranger to Ondalsnes. Valley Valdal, which originates from Fjord ; The largest agricultural center of the region, the climate here is much more pleasant and moderate than in the Heiranger district. Strawberry, cherry and apples are grown throughout the valley and sold everywhere with small trays. Fishing, kayaking and ; Affordable activities, in Valdal Valley, an adventure Family Park is also opened (Valldal AktivitetSpark). Further, deep into the fjord is the village of Tafjord, where you can find a couple of pretty Kempov, on the opposite of the side ; Village Nordall.

Villages along Tafjord: Valldal, Nordall, Tafjord
Route: by car or bus from Olessund, Heiangerger and Ontalsnes. On the cruise ferry on Heirangerfjord from Heiangerger (about 2 hours).

Rafting in Valdeal Valley, Northwest Fjords of Norway. Photo Credit: Valldal Naturopplevingar, Flickr

Tafjord, Norway. Photo Credit: Jan Flisnes, Flickr


The name of the judge is more known as the ski resort than the directions for traveling along the fjords, although Strada ; Cute village on fjord, which can be included in summer routes. From the village by car or gondola you can go up to the main pavilion located at an altitude of 1040 m above sea level from which completely magnificent views are opened. From the pavilion you can walk or ride a bike on the mountain paths along the fjord (7 routes).

Hotels, Pensions: Word
How to get there: by bus or rented car from Oleszund; on a car from Strin; Local Airlines (Ørsta-Volda Airport, Hovden, (IATA: Hov) from the cities of Scandinavia, on a cruise ferry from Heiangerger.

Strada, Norway. Photo Credit: StrandafjordTrailrace.Com


Hellesylte village (Hellesylt) is most often included in the routes as a transit stop between Heiangerger and the Nurd Fjord region. This route is usually chosen by travelers who want to combine moving with a cruise over Geiranherfjord. Stop in Hellesilt will be interesting, first of all, fans of mountain trekking and bicycles ; There are several stunning routes in the region.

Hotels, Pensions: Hellelt
How to get there: by bus from Strin, on a rented car from anywhere in the region, on a cruise ferry from Heiangerger.

Hellesilt Village, Norway. Photo Credit: Arto Kujala, Flickr

Romsdailfjord and Molde

Romsdailsfjorden (Romsdalsfjorden) ; The fjord is not very long, but very wide) the coast of the widest part of the fjord, on which the city of Molda reminds more sea coast than the coast of the fjords. In addition, there are several large and small islands on the fjord, which is still characterized by more for the open coast than for fjords. Most often, this part of the northwestern fjords is called Romsdail, cutting the word fjord.


A small sleepy village ondalsnes (Åndalsnes) is located on the northern narrow part of Romsdalesfjord, at the mouth of the Rauma River. From Ontylsnes begins the famous road trolls, which stretches down south, to the Geiranger. Stop in Ontalsnes will make it possible not just to drive through the most beautiful mountain plots of the region, but also to explore the mountains on foot ; Pedestrian routes in these places (Trolleggen and Romsdalshorn TrollShorn Road) are included in the list of the most picturesque in Norway. Fishing, as well as everywhere on fjords, in Ontalsnes excellent)

Ontalsnes, Northwest Fjords of Norway. Photo Credit: EINAR HELLAND BERGER, FLICKR


Charming pretty big city on fjords, here reigns a unique atmosphere of the seaside city. Molde (Molde) called the city of roses and jazz ; Here is one of the largest jazz festivals of Europe every year. Having stopped in Molde, be sure to rise to the view-Point Varden, from which excellent species on the fjord. Great idea also rent a bike and explore the island of Secken ; The largest island on the fjord and small islands, which stretch along the coast of Molde (all islands are connected to the city ferry crossing).

Hotels, Pensions: Molde (MOLDE)
How to get there: by plane (mol); ferry Hurtigruten from Bergen, Kristiansun, Heianger and Trondheim; by a bus from Olessen, Kristiansun, Ondalsnes and Trondheim; On the rented car from any city in the region.

Molden, Northwestern Fjords of Norway. Photo Credit: Einoar Erling Sivertsen, Flickr

Romsdailsfjord, Northwest Fjords of Norway. Photo Credit: Sigrid Sundvor, Flickr

Tiny fishing village Bud (BUD) located 40 km from Molda on the coast of the Antlated Ocean ; The starting point of the epic Atlantic road, which is considered one of the most beautiful road routes of the world (see. below). Stop in Bud along the road from Olessen or Molda to Kristiansun makes sense if you want to get closer to the life of this part of the coast and / or to give. Along the coast there are several excellent campgrounds where you can remove the cabin or become a tent. Fish tackle, boat / kayak can be rented on the spot, in addition, in the campsite you can order deep-water fishing with local fishermen. In the village you can also remove summer guest houses.

Guest houses: Bud (Bud)
How to get there: on a rented car from any city in the region.

Bud, Northwest Fjords of Norway. Photo Credit: Odda66, Flickr

Kristiansun and Nordmour

The northernmost part of the region will especially delight fishing fans. Most of the territory of Nordmur (NordMøre) lies on the islands along the ocean coast, with the center in the seaside city of Christianstun. Along the coast a lot of campgrounds and fishing cabins.

Atlantic road

A completely incredible road laid along the Atlantic coast from the fishing village of Bud to the city of Kristianstun. Part of the road passes through the chain of small islands connected by long bridges. Total length of expensive ; a little more than 60 km.

In scenic Atlantic road portion, which is a long chain of tiny islands connected by bridges, it is possible to fish straight from the bridge Myrbærholmen. On the same stretch of road is a sports center Strømsholmen, which carries out regular dive dive in the region, helping in the organization of fishing and ocean tours.

The Atlantic Road, North-western fjords of Norway. Photo credit: Daniel (portier), Flickr


Kristianstun (Kristiansund) ; cute pretty big city, spread out on four islands connected by bridges. The city is the final point on the Atlantic Road and deserves special attention. Old Town, traditional for the region’s churches, museums and galleries, the promenade and port, seafood restaurants, as well as the pride of the city ; local opera ; Kristianstaun in the list of attractions.

Northwest Fjords of Norway

Hotels, apartments: Kristianstun
How to get there: by plane (KSU); Hurtigruten ferry from Bergen, Molde, Geiranger and Trondheim; bus from Olessun, Molde and Trondheim; on renting cars from the village of Bud on the Atlantic Road.

Kristianstun, North-western fjords of Norway. Photo credit: Linda Østbye (38,893,383 @ N05), Flickr

Avery island

Avery (Averøy) ; large island located near Kristianstauna which travelers often chosen as an alternative to urban stop. On the island you can find a guest-House, guest houses (Book greatly advance) and a couple of campsites.

Guest-House and guest houses: Avery (Averøy)
Getting there: by renting a car at Atlantic Road.

Avery Island, Northwest fjords of Norway. Photo credit: rarelling, Flickr

Noorda Fjord

Region Nordfjord (Nordfjord) is located just south of the Geirangerfjord and attractive because him down some pretty easily accessible glacier arms, in particular the largest glacier in Europe Jostedalsbreen Glacier. Water in Nordfjord ; turquoise. You can admire the incredible types of Nurfjord with a panoramic road, which stretches along the fjord or during pedestrian or ledge. Rises on glaciers and summer skiing ; Among the most popular entertainment in the region. The fjord goes to the ocean in the Stadlandet Peninsula region, where you can find several excellent sirf points.


Strin (Stryn) ; The main tourist center on Nur Fjord, quite large in local standards city. In Strin, there are quite good options accommodation, including hotels and guesthouses. In the city you can rent a bike and explore the surroundings yourself or take one / several adventure tours offered in the region ; Rises on glaciers, trekking and TP.

For those, who ; on wheels ; ; The best option to drive a little further from Strina along the fjord, roll from a large road in the direction of the Loen villages and / or Olden and search for a suitable Kemp along the incredibly picturesque fjord branches of LovatNet (Loen) and OldevatNet (Olden).

Panoramic road stretches along the fjord from Strin to the town of Nordfjordeid, incredible views of the turquoise fjord opens off the road.

Abandoned farm on Nur Fjord. Photo Credit: Natalie Belikova, FiveStepsPhotoBlog

Camping on Lovatnet, Strin. Photo Credit: Natalie Belikova, FiveStepsPhotoBlog

Old road Strin

Gamle Strynefjellsvegen (Old Strin Road) ; Third, the smallest and little-known road in the region. It is quite easy to miss, as it comes with a branch from the main highway from Strin in the direction of Oslo. Driving requires certain skills ; part of the route (especially, near Strin) ; Narrow mountain serpentine road). Describe the beauty of the road with the words difficult ; Mountains, rocks, waterfalls, incredible colors of reservoirs, old houses along the road.

Along the old road Strin. Photo Credit: Natalie Belikova, FiveStepsPhotoBlog

Ocean coast Nur Fjord

If you continue the path from the panoramic road in the direction of the ocean and roll up without reaching the village of Måløy on the highway 618, you leave for an incredibly picturesque road, which stretches along the coast to the extreme catering cavity ; Favorite Place of Norwegian Surfers. On the way to ; Cute tiny villages, lighthouses, beaches. Village Selje ; One of the best places to stop on the coast. Guest houses and cottages are rented here, nearby ; Gorgeous beaches and old picturesque lighthouse. Sandvik ; The Second Popularity Option. Surphers should go a little further and look for accommodation in the villages of Hoddervik and Ervik ; It is here that the best Surf Points of the coast are located.

Peninsula Stadlandet, Norway. Photo Credit: Margithylland, Flickr

Selje, Norway. Photo Credit: Thorsten Destination Stryn & Nordfjord, Flickr

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How to travel in northwestern fjords of Norway

If you want to see much more than Olesund and Heiangerger and drive along the national roads of the region, it is definitely necessary to rent a car. In this case, the trip can be planned from any Region Airport or from Oslo International Airport (from Oslo to Northern Fjords can be reached in a few hours, with the first stop in Geianger or Strin).

Airports in Region are located in Olesund (Ålesund), Molde (MOL), Kristiansun (KSU), Ørsta (HOV) and Sandane (SDN). Shatla and international buses run from airports. Tickets See. here

Railway from Oslo to the region ; enter ; Through Ondalsnes (Åndalsnes). Tickets need to buy in advance (see. here). The search will issue options through the Lillehamer and through Dombås, book the second, T.To. Route Dombås ; Åndalsnes is carried out by Rauma Railway (almost a tourist train). Railway section Dombås ; Åndalsnes is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

By bus in the region you can take almost anywhere ; anywhere. Tickets can be bought in place, in tourist centers or in the bus itself, saying the driver. On all major transport junctions (airports, railway stations, ports) You can always find the bus in the right direction. Buses can be transported bicycles by paying for additional cost. In general, buses ; The most budget version of Norway.

Ferries ; For a reasonable reason, one of the main vehicles in the region. Hurtigruten ferries (tickets and timetables here) run to long distances. Ferry tickets running at short distances (for example, cruise ferries on fjord) buy in advance. On the roads of Norway there is also a mass of short ferry crossings that it is worth allocating a separate budget (each passage will cost at least 10 €).

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