Norway. Home Landmark – Troll language

Norway is a truly fabulous country, which envelops a large number of legends and secrets. Every year, many tourists visit this country with excellent nature, pure lakes and great fjords. Great popularity in the country enjoys Rock Troll’s tongue. This is a dangerous ledge from which the magnificent view of all surroundings. Many tourists dream of making photos on the edge of this cliff.


Troll language is lake. According to scientists, the rocks formed no more than ten thousand years ago. The rock has an acute and elongated form, reminiscent of the language, so the locals so nicknamed this rock. The base near the rock is wide, but closer to the edge of the rock it literally narrows up to several centimeters. And not each of the travelers will die to get to the edge of the rock. Language length is about ten meters.

Climbing this mountain occurs at a certain time of the year (from June to mid-September). In the rest of the month to make the climb is prohibited Because of weather conditions. In good weather, it is also not always possible to climb the rock successfully. By time, the ascent takes about 8 to 10 hours.

A few years ago, a funicular worked, with which it was possible to overcome hazardous areas of climbing. Now he does not work, so tourists We have to climb the mountain exclusively on foot.


Do not go along the route abandoned funicular, as it is a dangerous area for life. This trail is very slippery steps, where the slightest misstep can break down.

Safer road passes through pine forests, it is located on the left side of the cable car. Along the way you can see the beautiful landscape – mountain river and waterfall.


If you are a fisherman, then bring your fishing tackle in the river a lot of fish. Just do not take with them this extra stuff you will only complicate the ascent.

How to get to the rocks

If you decide to climb the cliff, it is necessary to examine in advance the route. The road is complex and you need to examine it in detail.

Norway. Home Landmark - Troll language

Top seller route is the road from Bergen. On the way will meet one another in Odda, here in most cases tourists organize camp. Prior to that, the city can be reached in several ways (train, bus).

After Odda need to get to village Tissedal. Just at that point, and she begins the most legendary road to the dream of many tourists. Length of the road is twelve kilometers.

Climbing the troll Language

The total height of the mountain a little more than a kilometer. Troll language is at an altitude of 700 meters. The rise of tourists make at the foot of the mountain, many by this time can erase one pair of shoes. So, before you meet the road, please be good shoes, because the usual sneakers such travel will not stand.

When picked up the hill you find a pointer to the way this place would be very difficult, at this point you need to be patient and go through this plot (it is small). After this section, the path will be much easier, because the road will lie across the plateau. Coming in from the plateau on the way meet the lake, just as there is on the shore of the lake there is a house where you can stay overnight. On the way to the rock do not be afraid to get lost, the entire route signposted, it facilitates travel.

Tips for beginners

To summarize we can say that before the journey reserved by water, the water can take a little bit, because the way there are lakes and rivers with good water, there You can replenish their reserves. Stock up on plenty of food, a difficult path, and the forces on the road will need. Also take with you more memory for cameras, as the landscapes in this place are legendary and changing literally every hundred meters.

Norway. Home Landmark - Troll language

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