Norway in miniature: from Oslo to Bergen (finished route)

two days held in one of the most self-sufficient cities in Europe, to visit the fjords and climb into the mountains to see the very beautiful scenery, go on foot along the fjord, learn more about the history of Norwegian Vikings, take a walk along the seafront of the largest city in the region of fjords and appreciate local goodies.


  1. Oslo, 1-2 days
  2. Flom, 2-3 days
  3. Neri Fjord and Gudwangen, 1-2 days
  4. Bergen, 1-2 days

Countries on the route: Norway

Fjords on the route: Sognefjord, Neri Fjord, Aurland Fjord

Route duration: 5 ; 10 days

Travel period: Round year

Transport on the route: train, panoramic train, cruise ferry, bus

Approximate budget: 420-480 € for 5 days / man (calculated budget options for housing and transport. In useful links to the route), plus food (30-60 € / day), daytime tours and purchases.

This route ; Variation of the classic route Norway in miniature. Route starts in Oslo (looking for flights) and ends in Bergen (like looking for flights).

  • Route in the opposite direction: from Bergen to Oslo through Sognefjord
  • Ideas How to spend 3-4 days in Sognefjord
  • Alternative route from Oslo to Bergen through Sognefjord

Oslo, 1-2 days

Swipe in Oslo a couple of days walking on foot or riding a bike. Perform a mandatory program ; Consider the central quarters, watch the shift of the guard at the Royal Palace, check how the construction of a new National Museum is being built, visit the city’s urban service, visit a couple of museums and explore the medieval castle-fortress Akershus. Fullect the atmosphere of modern Oslo, arrange a picnic, try the famous Norwegian sandwich and no less famous Norwegian waffles.

How to get from the airport

Urban bus / train, airport train or airport airport.

Where to live

Frogner House Apartments ; Cute modern and functional aparthotel, conveniently located 400 meters from the embankment. Pretty large rooms with private kitchens, minimalistic Scandinavian design, breakfast in the room. The rooms have both one-bedroom, so two-, three-room for families and companies.

Approximate budget

  • Hotel in Oslo ; 140-160 € / night
  • The road from the airport is 10 to 25 € / depending on the selected type of transport;
  • Norway in miniature from Oslo to Bergen (ready route)

Flom, 2-3 days

Take a map of pedestrian routes in the vicinity and spend the day alone with the incredible nature of the fjords. Wide on the old farm Ferlner, picturesquely located on the fjords, climb on one of the most enchanting sites of Norway Stegastein and further into the mountains to the panoramic of fjords. Go on the boat to the village of Undredal, take a walk in the surrounding area, climb to the local goat farm and try the local delicacy ; Brown goat cheese. In the evening, arrange yourself dinner in the style of Vikings with a lot of beer and tasty meat in the beer bar æGir.

How to get from Oslo

On the direct train through Mirdal and Floma Panoramic Railway (see. References to transport in the section Useful links). Train tickets you can buy immediately to Floma. The transplant is usually quite short, but the station Mirdal ; completely tiny, there will be no more than five minutes on the transplant.

Where to live

Flåm Marina & Apartments ; Apart, located 500 meters from the center, is simultaneously close to everything and slightly away from the part of the arriving cruise ships. Very pretty rooms with species on the fjord and cozy terraces. In the rooms ; Small kitchens, useful option in Norway. Rooms in the device are large, pretty budget for families or companies. Very popular option, book in advance!

Approximate budget

  • Hotel in felt ; 170-200 € / night
  • Oslo-Mirdad train (MYRDAL) ; Flåm about 70 € / ticket

Neri Fjord and Gudwangen, 1-2 days

Complete on a cruise ship, boat or kayak on Neri Fjord ; One of the most dramatic beautiful sleeves of Sognefjord, visit the authentic Viking village, walk along the old postal road along the fjord and / or boil along the steep mountainside and countless steps to the Watching Rimstigen, from which an enchanting view of the fjord opens.

How to get from Flom

On a cruise ferry or locally bus.

Where to live

Gudvangen Budget Hotel is 300 meters from the pier, in the residential part of Hudwangen. Small clean board. Piece of rooms with private rooms, part ; with shared, good breakfasts. In general, this version of the quality of housing is little inferior to the popular Fjordhotel, but, at the same time, the order is cheaper.

Approximate budget

  • Hotel in Gudwangen ; 80-120 € / night
  • Cruise ship ; About 30 € / ticket
  • or local bus order 6-7 € / ticket

Bergen, 1-2 days

Walk through the charming streets of Bergen, admire the local architecture, walk along the embankment, try local deception in the fish market (Fisketorget), climb the funicular to the mountain Fløen (Fløyen), the most accessible of the seven of Bergen Mountains. Admire the beautiful view of the city and the city fjord, which opens from the observation deck.

How to get from Goodwagen

On the local bus and train / bus with a transfer to Vos. Goodwagen refers to the Bergen transport system and is serviced on the system ; Unified ticket ;. Tickets can be bought on site at the box office or downloaded Skyss mobile app.

Where to live

CityBox Bergen ; Very pretty and functional budget hotel near Bergen station. Rooms for the most part tiny, but with everything you need. Electronic registration, electronic card, shared kitchen with microwave and stove, near shop ; In general, everything you need for a couple of days in Bergen.

Approximate budget

  • Hotel in Bergen ; 100-140 € / night
  • Transport in Bergen order 24 € / ticket

How to return to Oslo

At the night train Bergen ; Oslo or aircraft. To the airport ; Local train (Bybanen). Wire a trip and buy tickets through the Skyss mobile app (see useful links).

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