Norway in miniature ; on one’s own

Norway in miniature ; The name that can often be found as tours or excursions. In fact, Norway in miniature ; This is the route to Sognefjord, which includes a combination of travel of public transport and stops in 2 villages of Sognefjord. The route can be started and / or finished in Bergen, Oslo or Vos. The route can be made circular, or start in one city, and end in another. Route duration ; from one day to the pair of weeks. This route is, perhaps, the most popular tourist route of Norway, as it makes it possible to those who travel without a car, see the beauty of fjords ; Norway in miniature)

What is included in the route

The main interest on the route represents 2 villages on Fjord ; Flom and Gudwangen, Flome Railway and Fjord Cruise.

Village Flom ; SAMI ; Tourist ; on Sognefjord. There is some choice of housing, a couple of restaurants and a dozen cafes. In the daily route, the stop in the village is an hour ; one and a half, depending on the direction of movement. During this time, you can walk along the embankment, eat in one of the cafes and, in fact, everything. In the village it makes sense to stop a couple of days if you want to look at fjords, and truly feel this unique region ; Climb the mountains over the fjord, go to the next tiny village Undered and eat a brown goat cheese, ride on the fjord on a high-speed rubber boat, take off in the local bar and watch dawn / sunset on fjords.


Gudwangen village is located on Nerofjord (narrow fjord), which is often referred to as the most picturesque section of Sognefjord. In the daytime route, there is practically no stopping ; You just make a transplant from the bus to the ferry or vice versa. In Goodwangen, there are a few, infrastructure here is practically no. But, but the Goodwangen will be interested in those who want for example, visit the village of Vikings, take a kayak for rent or join the kayak tour to go through Nerokhord on Kayak, climb the mountains over the fjord and fly on parflare. If you want to stop in Goodwangen, book accommodation in advance (preferably a few months before the trip)

Cruise in Nerokhorda

Flom and Gudwangen lie on two neighboring Sognefjord’s sleeves ; AurlandSfjord and Nerokhord, respectively. These two villages are interconnected by ferry post. The length of Nerockord is about 17 km, in the narrowest place the width of the fjord is only 250 meters, the mountains here rise at 1760 meters above sea level, creating dramatic landscapes. By the way, there is an opinion that it was Nerofjord that became a prototype of the Fabultive Country of Erendle in the Disney cartoon ; Cold heart ;.

The cruise length is about two hours. Ships make stops Urendal and Aurland, as well as stops on demand in small villages on fjord. Conventional small boats and large fresh ones run on the route ; Premium ; Koroughi. Tickets can be bought online or in place. In the high season there may be a problem with tickets.. Actual schedule and cost of ferry cruises cm. here and here.

Flome railway

The Flome Railway was opened in 1940, for construction went about 16 years. The result of such a protracted construction exceeded all expectations ; Flome railway has become one of the coolest literal sense of the world of railway branches of the world. The road connects the floss with the village of Mirdal, on the railway station of which makes the intercity train Bergen ; Oslo.

On the path of the train, magic landscapes on the Valley of Flom. Moreover, the train stops on the observation platform with a row with a large Kyosphossen waterfall. Railroad length ; about 20 km, trains run every hour. Tickets can be bought on site, in railway tickets (on the principle of train) or in advance on the NSB website (Railway Norway).

Additional stops on the route

The town of Vosp and the village Mirdal are essentially starting and finite points of the fjord part of the route. Moreover, on the route you can drive in both directions, both after VS, and through Mirdal.

This small mountain town is located on the shores of the picturesque mountain lake 100 km from Bergen. The ski capital of the region in the summer turns into an active tourism center. Planning an extra stop here is for the sake of rafting, trekking in the mountains, extreme entertainment type of descent on the waterfall, skydyiv or extreme kayaking.

Emps connects a serpentine road with Goodwangen, which in itself ; Already sightseeing.


Mirdal ; A completely tiny village, which in more cases, tourists and travelers just pass on the way from / in Flåm. Only lovers of untouched nature and adventures are stopped here ; Walking in solitude on endless mountain paths, ride a mountain bike, ride on zip-linous, live in the traditional provincial Nordic hotel and eat waffles or home pies in a local cafe.

See accommodation options.In Mirdal ; just a couple of hotels, so book in advance.

Logistics route


The route through the East begins either to Bergen or in Oslo. How to get to Vos from Oslo or Bergen.

Next to the region of Sognefjord:

  • from Ves to Goodwagen ; bus
  • From Goodwagna to Floom on a cruise ferry
  • from Flom to Mirdal by train on a felt railway road

From Middal on the train Bergen ; Oslo can be left in any of the directions

Through Mirdal

Norway in miniature; on one's own

Middala can also be reached by train or from Oslo or from Bergen. Schedule and tickets.

Next to the region of Sognefjord:

  • from Mirdal to Floma by train on a felt railway road
  • From Flom to Hoodwagna on a cruise ferry
  • From Goodwagna to Vos ; bus

How to get to Oslo or Bergen to Oslo here.

Ride yourself or buy a tour

Tours Norway in miniature are a set of tickets and a schedule for all transport on the route. You can buy a tour on the website FjordTours, and pick up tickets on arrival in Oslo or Bergen. When booking, you can specify stops on the route with the desired dates. It should be noted that the cost of such a tour will cost much more expensive than the ticket purchased independently, but will probably get rid of headaches.

If you still decided to go on your own, see ready-made routes:

  • Route: Oslo to Bergen through Sognefjord
  • Route: from Bergen to Oslo through Sognefjord

Approximate cost of transport on the route, if you drive yourself and buy train tickets in advance: 1200 ; 1400 NOK (125 € – 147 €)

How to organize a journey yourself

  1. Decide with the direction. Decide how you want to start a trip ; after VS or through Moldal. We would advise you to start a trip through Moldal, if you travel from Oslo to Bergen or from Bergen with return to Bergen and want to include a felt railway to the route in any case.
  2. Book your next route tickets to Oslo Bergen (see. Booking link above). NSB trains can be booked for a period of 90 days ahead. Booking in advance, you can save significantly and choose the right time. If you do not plan to stop in Mirdal, you can buy a ticket immediately to Floma. Departure from Oslo or from the Central Station in the central part of the city, or from the airport (if you do not plan to stop in Oslo).
  3. Book a ferry (see above). Or do not book and take tickets on the spot. Floma to Goodwagna can always be reached by Shatle or Taxi.
  4. Download the Skyss application for buying tickets from Bergen ; VSP ; Goodwagen.

How to save

Significantly saved in several ways.

First, you can remove the Flome Railway from the route and start a trip from Vos. Bus Ves ; Hoodwagen costs about 60 NOK, unlike 400 NOK by train. This option is especially relevant for those who are planning a journey to fjords from Bergen, as the Emps with Bergen is connected by urban transport, unlike Middala to which to get two orders of magnitude more expensive.

Secondly, you can remove the cruise on the fjord. We know, it sounds almost cramally for those who have never been on the fjords, but the cruise can be replaced by the trekking along the fjord. In addition, there are alternative options for how to see a fjord by water ; For example, rent a boat or kayak. From Flom to Hudwangen or back can be reached on the local bus, which costs about 60 NOK. Especially relevant this option for those plans to spend a few days on fjord. Just having to buy a cruise and orient on the spot, you want a cruise or not.

Remover both options can be put tickets in 600-800 NOK.

How to diversify

Choose the villages of Undremal or Aurland as an alternative stop on the fjord (see more about villages on the Sognefjord page). Both villages are connected by bus and ferry communications with fled. In addition, direct buses from Vosce and Bergen ride in Aureland.

Add the ballast to the route (see More on the Sognefjord page). Floma and Aurland Baiseland run high-speed boats. From the ballende, you can return to Bergen on the ferry or bus. See boat tickets here.

Add a glacier to a route by making a stop in the town of Sogndal (see more details on the Sognefjord page). Buses run from Flom to Sogndal

Norway in miniature; on one's own

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