Norway on skiing

To understand Norway, you need to visit it in winter. On the hundreds of kilometers laid throughout the country, skiing rushes, slip thousands of Norwegians. And so all winter, and winter here is long, north, frost. And in winter there is no Norwegian without skis. Because skis here – this is an integral part of the national consciousness, this is the state of the Norwegian soul. In Norway, even the kings of a ski walk and a wind whistle in the ears will not be exchanged for a solemn reception or ball. Future moms before the latter do not refuse themselves in the desire to rush according to the ski access, and the Norwegian kids make their first non-refined steps … Skiing! If, God forbid, take away the ski from Norwegian, at best in his eyes you will see the expression of sincere grief, and in the worst – come across the wake-up wiking angry. Skiing for him is even more important than herring, more importantly cod, more important than fish, without which Norway also do not understand. Skiing is Norwegian all.

A flock of children having fun on the side of the road. In bright red-yellow suits, they funny looked against white snow and pine needles. But my attention attracted their amazingly slender movement. For their 5-6 years of age it was, in my opinion, at least not characteristic. Glooming with children, I found an interesting "invention" Educator.

The ordinary rope passed through the whole small column, and it was moved away from it "Exchange" in the form of a handle for 20-30 centimeters. The guys were held for them, and the Group’s head did not work to manage his brave "Department". Boys and girls with backpacks behind her backs (so it is customary to walk on the forest in the forest, in the mountains) returned from a familiarization campaign to Spring Hollencollane, where skiers passed.

Traditions Holmenclenia

"Snow white swan", How to call it here, visible from anywhere in the city. This is a sports symbol of Norway. More than a century ago – January 31, 1892 – residents of the Norwegian capital for the first time went to the Oslo suburb, in order to witness invisible competitions – jumps from a springboard. At that January Sunday, almost 20 thousand spectators gathered on Holmecolaley Hill! This was the discovery of the well-known springboard – the current Norwegian national pride. Since then, the springboard has been rebuilt many times, especially changed by the day before the 1952 Olympic Games. More than 100 thousand tickets were sold to the stands, and over 150 thousand spectators were observed over 150 thousand spectators in all over the competitions for jumping from Sprumpllin.

How many of the opening of the springboard, records were installed here! Back in 1892, Arne uschertt jumped at 21.5 meters, and in 1968, famous Norwegian Sports Changes Bierne Virkola brought the record for almost 100 meters. In 2005, Austrian Andreas Vidhölzl showed a record 134 meters. Not much lagging behind him Norwegian Annette Sage, "Fucking" by 128 meters.

Today, hollencollane is not only jumping from the springboard, to which the Norwegians have long been accustomed. Now there is a biathlon complex here, the tracks for ski competitions are laid at different distances. But the Norwegians do not stop at this – now they are fighting for the right to host the World Sports World Championships in Khillena, and the sports center is planning to re-equip and modernize. Time for this is still enough.

But there is a special tradition of a special tradition, not related to the world of big sports. Once a year, during the traditional March ski festival, this place becomes especially popular in thousands of Norwegians. Visiting the springboard on this holiday day – the family is a family. Warm things, thermoses with coffee, unchanged sandwiches are taken with. The whole family, including the smallest (acquaintance with skiing, Norwegians begins with diapers), for the whole day is located on the podium. In March, the polar night retreats and already shines the bright sun. Norwegians catch its warm and affectionate rays and watch the flights of skiers.

Extreme education

Favorite Place of Studies of Norwegians – Forest Massif Nurmark. From the city center to it no more than 15-20 minutes by car. Already at the entrance, there is a wonderful view of Lake Sognsvan, from him towards the hills are laid ski tracks for extremals – Single paths in a chassche. Frequently on these tracks can be seen "Packy" Skiers and skiers: from behind them are rushing light sledges, in which babies are sitting with nipples in the mouth. And this walk is not the lungs, not the familiar plain. First – protracted lifts, then – rapid descents. But if you think that such a ride is possible in the winter, then you are very mistaken.

In the summer of these steep slopes with a whistle in the ears, cyclists are carried, and the strollers will jump on the tough fasteners, in which babies are sitting again. Shake on the forest paths are terrible, as the kids are withstanding – it is not clear. Yes, and parents carrying from the mountain at such a speed cannot hear either the murmur of the stream, nor the singing of birds – only the song of the wind. But this, as they say, the other song.

Farewell, figure!

Let’s go back to skiing, or rather – to the sporting lifestyle of Norwegians. Not so long ago, local dietary doctors began to beat the alarm, claiming that the nation would get fat and loses the form due to excessive consumption of pizza and hamburgers. Like, Norwegian children and young people are becoming less active in relation to sports activities, considering them expensive, boring and uninteresting. As a result, they are sent not to stadiums or in the gym, but … in "McDonalds", The menu of which is called here "Farewell, figure".

And this is in the homeland of the strong spirit and body of Vikings? The government is very concerned about the health and well-being of their "Uhh and Kari Nurmannov" (Such is the collective name of Norwegians, something like our Vanya and Masha Ivanov). And makes a lot in order to encourage citizens in the desire to rest actively. For example, for those who wish to spend the day in the park Nurmark, but does not want to tie themselves with a car, the city authorities paved the railway: something average between the train and tram. She comes up to the forest itself, so on skiing in the winter you can get straight on the platform. Another sign of attention to rustic walks: on the highway leading to the capital of Nurmark, there are no points for collecting taxes for the operation of highways. In all other destinations, these items are mandatory – entry into Oslo costs one and a half dollar. On the ski slopes of Nurarka placed signs indicating kilometers and places of recreation – huts where you can have a snack. In the dark, the ski slopes are illuminated – for those who want to frolic now. Some slopes are already late autumn begin to cover with snow using special "guns".

Norway on skiing

Skiing is possible not only in Nurmark, but also in parks and on the streets of the Norwegian capital. There is in Oslo, of course, and sports halls, where they play tennis, volleyball, basketball, are engaged in aerobics, but still the main sport for Norwegians remain skiing.

About skis, king and troll

What skis is inseparable from the life of Norwegians, becomes completely obvious in the ski museum. In fairness I must say that in Finland, too, there is a ski museum, but there he appeared later. The idea of ​​creating the world’s first ski museum appeared in Norway back in 1892, in the opening of the springboard. However, he opened only three decades later, in 1923, in the town of Frogornersethereenen. Then, for the ski museum, they found a more suitable place – at the foot of the springboard hollencollane.

What we will not see in the exposition of the museum, united in general, prose "skis"!

The fact that skis existed in ancient times, proves the photo of a rock figure found on the island of the edge of the polar circle. It depicts a skier whose age, according to specialists, at least four thousand years.

There is here and the oldest on earth Ski, found in 1929 in the field of Vestagder in the south of Norway. Her age – about two and a half thousand years. Separately demonstrated more "young" Skiing – age from thousands of years, most of them found in Norway. There are our, Siberian skiing – wide, upholstered skin. Short, upholstered fur outside, brought from America and Canada. The longest – 3.7 meters – local, ride them in Norway in the XIX century.

Improving ski to their modern form has happened quite quickly. Much slowly, as the exhibits of the museum showing the evolution of sticks. The icon of the ski sports union of Norway is a skier who has a pitch for support, and in the left – onion. Behind the back – quiver with arrows. In the museum, of course, are skiing, participating in the Winter Olympics of different years, and skiing the National Norwegian hero – the legendary skier of Biern Dali.

Here you can see photos, captured skiing king King Hokona with family. The Norwegian monarch was from Denmark, but all the soul loved Norway and its traditions. His son Olaf was a passionate yachtsman and an equally passionate skier. In 1922 and in 1923, he even jumped from a springboard in Hollymelleni and always regularly visited Holmenklensky games in the company of his PSA Troll. After the inspection of Holmencollen, tourists necessarily stop at the touching monument about a hundred meters from the springboard: the King of Olaf on skis, and next to him is his true friend Troll. Previously, Holmeniclane and its surroundings were exclusively at the sports pride of Norway, and now there are also unfortunate tourists. A couple of years ago it was possible to quietly come to Holmolylane, admire the springboard, sit on the steep steps of the stand, holding the handrails to not roll down. Now the organizers of the Turkomplex built a special checkpoint, where it is necessary to pay from 35 to 60 kroons (5-10 dollars), and then with a height to admire the panorama Oslo, sit on the stands, remember the sports records supplied here. Nothing can be done: holmencollen is one of the business cards of the country of fjords.

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