Norway ski resorts: Lillehammer (Golo, Kwitfiel, Hafiel, Shekamepen, Shushenyen)

Lillehammer – Charming little cozy town on the shore of the largest lake in Norway – Miesa (Mjosa) in the picturesque valley of Gudbrannsdalen (Gudbrandsdalen), Motherland Per Gunta. It is here, in this valley, folk beliefs about elfs and trolls were born. In 1994, the Winter Olympic Games held in Lillehammer.

The resort combines 5 ski centers: Hafjel (Hafjell), Kvitfiell, SKEIKAMPEN, GOLO (G&# 229; L&# 229;) and Shushenyen (Sjusj&# 248; EN) located within a radius 15-20 km from Lillehammer. Between Lillehammer and sports centers runs free bus. You can purchase a single SKI-PASS for all ski zones.

Lillehammer – place of a relaxing holiday, without rich apres-ski and stormy nightlife. Around midnight the city is immersed in darkness and silence.

  • Christmas in Lillehammere
  • Church of Lillehammer
  • Troll from Hunderfossen
  • Houses in the park of Minugugen

From Lillehammer, you can go on an excursion to the nursery Huski and ride dogs or on the elk safari – tourists bring to the velocity places of the moose, where they can be photographed. What can be done only in Lillehammer, this will ride on the present bobsle! High-speed descent from a mountain for sensations exceeds any American slide.

In Lillehammer, there is a park-museum Maikaugen (Maihaugen), where a collection of vintage wooden houses, born from all over Norway collected. Norwegians say that this is the largest open-air museum in Europe, almost 200 buildings are located on its territory.

In 2003, Golo (G&# 229; L&# 229;) Located on the shore of the lake, received a prize as a resort with the richest choice of entertainment, including ice fishing, sleigh riding, deer and dog sledding, Snowurafting, Skiseiling (Skiing by sail), Toboggan, outdoor pool. The main advantage of these edges is the plain routes with a total length of 630 km! This place is great for family holidays with children.

The resort is located at an altitude of 700 meters in the Gudbrancedalen Valley (Gudbrandsdalen). Winter season lasts from November to April.

Ski resort G&# 229; L&# 229; Ski Arena includes 15 tracks in two riding zones. In total, this is six green trails, five blue, three red and one black. Climatic conditions guarantee a good snow in winter, but the snow cannons are also working properly. Young skiers have fun in Knerten Club or G&# 229; L&# 229; Junior Ski Club. Perhaps skating on the combined ticket Lillehammer Ski Pass.

In general, all sorts of concerts, exhibitions and festivals are being held, including races on reindeer and "Joyk" (Traditional folk chants). For the services of art connoisseurs – Art exhibitions, for sports amateurs – Olympic Museum in the city center.


Kvitfjel Ski Resort (Kvitfjell), which means translated "White Mount", Located 50 km from Lillehammer. Height "White Mountain" – 1025 M. For skiing, 21 tracks of various difficulty level are equipped – total length of 25 km. Blue and red highways prevail, so that beginners and lovers will be comfortable. However, there are several black trails that are quite similar to the dream of extremal. Among the complex trails are distinguished by a winding and steep track, which was specially built to the 1994 Olympics. Slopes are serviced by 9 lifts.

  • Norwegian snow
  • Teremok in Kwitfiele
  • Ski Route
  • Chalet in Norwegian

"The kingdom of speed" – The second name of this resort, a favorite vacation spot of the sports Norwegian elite. In Kwitfiele, the stages of the World Cup are held annually.

Around the resort are laid 200 km of low routes. If you calculate together with the tracks of the nearest spa resorts and goal, then their total length reaches 600 km! Kwitfiel regularly accepts biathlon competitions.

    Norway Ski Resorts Lillehammer (Golo, Quitfiel, Hafiel, Shekakpen, Shushenhen)
  • Dominations Hotels
  • Morning in Kwitfiele
  • Sunset in Kwitfiele

At the resort to tourists offer walks on dog sledding and deer, rides on scooters, skating. During hotels, there are pools and saunas. On a raven entertainment life here you can forget – one bar and one disco that work on weekends and holidays. Kwitfiel fits connoisseurs of quiet, calm, cozy rest. Sometimes mass festivities are organized at the resort, but they usually calculated on Norwegians.

Perhaps skating on the combined ticket Lillehammer Ski Pass.

Get to Quitfiel: by train from Oslo to Ringbay (320-400 Norwegian crowns per person), and from there on a flight bus or taxi to Kitfiel.


Hafjel (Hafjell), the venue of the 1994 Olympic Competitions on Sllyom – the nearest ski center for Lillehammer. Skania season – from December to mid-April. The resort is suitable for both novice skiers and for those who are no longer the first year engaged in skiing. Recommended for rest with children.

Most traces are laid among the trees, which protects the resort from the gusts of a strong wind. The height difference in the resort is 835 meters (the highest point is 1030 m). For 75% of the descents, artificial snow cover is characteristic, but its quality is excellent. 39 km Trails of different difficulty level: green – 10, blue – 9, red – 7, black – 4. The longest descent – 7 km. About 300 km of plain routes are also laid and a park for snowboard lovers has been opened. 14 lifts work: among them one gondolate, three chairlings and three for children and beginners.

Perhaps skating on the combined ticket Lillehammer Ski Pass.

  • Hafigel’s highways in the early morning
  • Olympic man
  • Hafiel – Beginner Resort

In the very center of the resort there is an Olympic bobslery route, on which everyone can ride on special sleighs, developing speeds up to 120 km / h.

There are bars in the city, restaurants, discos, pubs and even jorekstad pool. There are art galleries, local history museum and museum of art. Amusement Park for children and adults – the fairy-tale cave Hunderfossen is home to local trolls, something like "Disneyland" to Norwegian manner.

From Lillehammer to Hafiel Bus sent once a hour, the road takes about 30 minutes.


Shakamepen Ski Center (Skeikampen) is 38 km from Lillehammer. Gausdal town is located at an altitude of 800 m. The highest point of the mountain Shakamepen – 1123 m.

Ski skiing at the resort offer 17 descents of a total length of 21 km, which are serviced by 10 lifts. Skamepen’s riding interesting to novice skiers and families with children. There are tracks for snowboard lovers, carving and freestyle. Perhaps skating on the combined ticket Lillehammer Ski Pass.

Equipped 220 km of plain routes.

  • Terrace in Shakamepen
  • Children’s holiday

Separately equipped Park for Little Skiers – "Country Barsuka". His tunnels are filled with fabulous characters. Also built sledge hill and rink. Works ski school.

The Shakamepen offers a variety of entertainment programs: karting, dog or deer sledding, snow rafting. The Hotel Thon Hotel Skeikampen has a SPA-center, where there is an outdoor pool, a variety of bathtubs, ice shower and sauna, and massages and all kinds of procedures can be offered in massage rooms.

In the winter season from Lillehammer in Shakamepen walks a free bus.


Spa Shushen (Sjusj&# 248; EN) is 20 km from Lillehammer. Historically, this place was considered to be Mecca of the plain skis, but not so long ago "Begovym" Runs added ski slopes. The resort is located on the sunny side of the slope. Snow cannons provide stable snow from November to April.

Height difference 250 meters. The highest point is 945 meters. Ski Compact Shushenyen is 9 descents that are served by four lifts. In total, these are two green tracks (total length of 1 km), three blue tracks (total length 3 km), two red tracks (total length 2 km) and two black tracks (total length 1 km). The longest descent is 2.2 km.

  • Ski Center in Shusheen
  • Lift in Shusheene
  • Runs in Shusheyen

Presented good features for snowboarders: Railas, tramlines, fan boxes and Big Jamps are equipped.

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