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The fleet consists of two types of aircraft: Boeing 737-800 (37 pieces) and Boeing 737-300 (20 pieces). Norwegian announced the order for 2 Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner airliner and intends to conclude an agreement in the future by another 10-15 aircraft, it is planned to start flights from the Scandinavian capitals to New York and Bangkok.

On some aircraft on the tail depicts famous people, many who flew was interesting – who is depicted on airplanes? We will try to list portraits on Norwegian tails, mostly Norwegians and Danes, such as Norwegian composer Edward Grieg, Writer Hans Christine Andersen, Polar researcher and traveler Ruled Amundsen and Furothor Nansen Journalist and musician Eric Bai, partisan Times of World War II Max Manus, feminist Amalia Skram, Swedish Opera Singer Jenny Lind, Designer Arne Jacobsen

Tail with Sonya Heni – Norwegian figure skater and American actress

Route network
The airline flies in 33 countries, 99 destinations. Due to the complex landscape with an abundance of mountain ranges and islands, the air transport in Scandinavia is very popular. Getting from point A to the point b by train or car is not comfortable and because of the unstable weather in the winter. Combined with huge distances, air travel is today the most effective type of transport.

The airline is focused on flights between Scandinavia and the countries of Central and Western Europe, on the flights from Scandinavia to the southern directions to the season (Spain, Greece, Morocco, UAE, Croatia), as well as flights with high frequency inside Scandinavia.

Map of Norwegian flights

In April 2010, the airline began the flights to Helsinki, and the cost of the flight from Vantaa Airport to Stockholm, Copenhagen or Oslo amounted to 2.5 euros! This gift for residents of St. Petersburg. In addition to the fact that the airline flies between the capitals of the four Scandinavian countries: Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki, Norwegina has a high frequency of flights between cities inside Norway: Oslo – Bergen, Oslo – Trondheim, Stavanger – Oslo and TD.

The airline flew to Moscow, but now only the flight remained in St. Petersburg from Oslo. The cost is not quite budget: from 260 euros for the flight back-trip (without luggage).

Norwegian is a good alternative to SAS airlines while traveling on Scandinavia, and will also be interested in those who want to combine Scandinavia with Europe on a trip or with the sea. Residents of the North-West Region of the country can use the airline for their holidays to fly to such places as: Alicante, Pula, Rijeka, Dubrovnik, Burgas, Varna, Sanya, Corfu, Heraklion, Santorini, Olbia, Agadir, and DR.

The average cost of flights between cities of Central Europe and Scandinavia – 40 euros. By sale you can fly for 20 euros in such directions as: Oslo – Amsterdam, Oslo – Berlin, Paris – Bergen, Rome – Bergen, and others.

Norwegian Air Shuttle - Scandinavian Looker

Ticket for 1 euro exists 🙂

Rules of the airline

Change ticket with a fine of 250 Norwegian crowns plus the difference in the tariff, if the new ticket is more expensive. The change of flight date can be done on the phone, as well as at the airport (charge in 80 kroons or 10 euros is also charged). To change the ticket, you need to call the working hours on the contact center phone: if you are in Norway 815 21 815 – added 2 or +47 2149 0015 (call from outside Norway). It is recommended to buy tickets to the registered user, then you can make changes to the ticket on the airline website. Do it via email – you can not. The same rules apply to the change of the passenger name.

You can cancel the ticket only with the disease you need to confirm the help. It is possible to do this by mail, writing on HJELP @ Norwegian.NO marked in the subject of the letter "Avbestillingssikring". Either call +47 815 21 815, added 1.

You can register for flight on the Internet, at the airport at reception and automata. What is important – free.

You can take a manual stall to the salon, the size of the bag should not exceed 55 x 40 x 23 cm, and the weight is 10 kilograms (15 for expensive tariffs). The cost of rental baggage – 14 euros (2 bags no more than 20 kilograms). Purchase will arrive in advance twice cheaper than at the airport.

On flights, whose duration of the flight is more than an hour – you can buy snack, drinks.

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