Norwegian city of Longyir on Svalbard

Who is the most important and first guy in the village? This is Susselman, the governor, assigned to manage the King of Norway personally. Susselderman performs the function of a police officer, judge, a security guard, a lifeguard at emergency, notary, etc. All 1400 people Longyir fear Uncle Susselmanin, our, by the way, too. If you don’t like to Norwegians, it will be punishable 🙂

In 1975, the airport appeared, there are daily departures in Troms and Oslo, SAS and Norwegian flies. The airport is considered the most northern airport in the world with regular flights.

On the luggage ribbon meets the polar bear. Brother!

This red-haired Bestiya is a bus driver who brought us from the airport. Go, by the way, five minutes.

I immediately took a bike for the day (900 rubles, yes, yes – weekly). And traveled around the neighborhood of town.

Local residents live here:

VP-stroller for a snowmobile, every Norwegian on the car, snowmobile and skis.

Snowmobiles, by the way, are lying on every step, take – I do not want 🙂 True, where are you with him? Slice of iron:

View of the residential area from below:

The polar bear is definitely a symbol of the archipelago. In winter, you can easily meet it on the streets of the city, so even in the summer it is forbidden to go beyond the line of Longyir without armed guide! And I did not see the bears, they go to the north and northeast. Shoot to the left is prohibited, each murder of the bear is investigated by Susselman, very high fines.

On the streets of Longiir:

Unlike ours, the Norwegians built all the infrastructure, realizing that coal mining is only a temporary lesson. Now the main source of income is gradually becoming. Pravda hotels are not very budget, there is even Radison Blu, but there are both guesthouses, the price per day in a 4-bed room at least 1500 rubles., in hotels – from 5 thousand per day.

View from the window of my room, 4 o’clock in the morning! Polar day – Enchanting spectacle.

If you want to save, then right 20 steps from the airport there is camping:

There is even your university – Yunis, as well as the Department of the Norwegian Polar University. It is said that the first lessons are dedicated to shooting to be prepared for a meeting with a bear. A student with a trick and a gun is cute 🙂

Norwegian city of Longyir on Svalbard

The sign to which all tourists drive:

Famous multicolored houses, if it seems to you that it happened so cute with them by chance, then you are mistaken. Design and Accident – incompatible, especially in Scandinavia. Everything is thought out:

In the village under the auspices of the UN, underground world seeds, in case of a worldwide catastrophe. Deep in Earth Special repository, chosen not by chance, as there are few chances on the earthquake, and the eternal Merzlota and Climate contributes to long storage of seeds.

Cruises to Greenland and Arctic depart from the local port. The most inexpensive rounds can be considered cruises around the island itself.

In one of the cafe:

I spent all the evening in Croa, Danish it means something like "Kharchevnya". In the evening, there may not be tables in the evening, there is a delicious pizza, steaks, desserts and beer 🙂 Dried whale meat – an amateur, a steak on the ship I liked more. Prices are slightly higher than European, and what did you want – the edge of the earth. And what a beer sell here, mmm. Called the Arctic, boils in Troms. I will definitely supply it to Russia and please all friends by the Arctic North Drink 🙂

Why they write in Russian "On the very edge of the earth"? Unclear. The only thing that connects them with Russia or the USSR is a bust of Lenin, which was exported from the pyramid and now stands at a bar rack surrounded by bottles. I was very struck when the Norwegian got drunk, I went out, and the waitress he made him. what? Gun! Present gun, he threw him on his shoulder and a hint gait went home. Gun, if there is permission, you can rent, there are such stores.

In Longyir, there is one supermarket, but it works only until 18 o’clock, I never managed to visit it. It is said that almost all employees – Ukrainians and Russians, many compatriots moved here to live from Barentsburg and Pyramid.

Norwegian city of Longyir on Svalbard

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