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Whether we go to a business travel or on a romantic weekend, small troubles are waiting for us in the way. We eat food to which you are not used to, unknown insects bite us, the overseas climate adversely affects our health. Eight oil bubbles and simple recipes for their applications will help to avoid most common ailments. These jars are convenient to keep in a sealed container on the clasps. Places in the baggage they take no more than a glasses case, but such essences in different combinations are suitable for solving many travel problems. Cooking will take no more than five minutes and will require a minimum effort. The kit consists of the following oils: lavender, mint, geranium, chamomile, ginger, eucalyptus, thyme and tea tree.

From stress

Your trip began not in the best way: the departure was detained, on the next chair the whole flight screamed the child, and the hotel turned out to be unnecessary stated stars? There are days when the surrounding annoying is stronger than the usual. Get a handkerchief moistened with just one drop of lavender and geranium and take a deep breath. The aroma will relax and, like good music, will raise the mood.

From edema

If by the middle of the 12-hour flight or after a long shopping, your legs have become a couple of sizes more, moisturize the handkerchief and add five drops of lavender. Wrap off the feet and for a few minutes do massage movements up-down. Until the end of the day legs will be grateful to you.

From stomach disorder

Little can compete with a glass of whiskey to prevent the stomach disorder caused by admission of unusual food. Popular folk remedy did not help and the disease still overtook you? Aroma of a pair of ginger oil droplets deposited on a handkerchief will calm your intestines.

From bacteria and viruses

The danger in the form of bacteria and viruses can come from household items. Even if they look clean, it does not mean that their "inner world" is also perfect. Here your assistants will be thyme, lavender and eucalyptus. Together they provide a powerful bactericidal action. Apply a few drops of each on the fabric and wipe the toilets, handles, cranes and other objects requiring disinfection.

From sea disease

Have you ever met a person who admitted that he has a sea disease? On land, no one knows what it is. At sea, all the decks are full of. So that the sea cruise does not turn into a nightmare, dilute a couple of drops of essence of the root of ginger in vegetable oil and apply on the stomach or on the handkerchief and inhale.

For concentration of attention

Not one hundred kilometers stayed behind, palm from a long time behind the wheel became wet, the shadows in the light of headlights take the mystical outlines and blur. To enhance the concentration, cover a few drops of mint in whiskey or apply on a handkerchief and inhale. Just carefully with eyes and nose, caustic mint.

From Jetland

As sometimes it happens to the first two to three days after the flight: the sun only fits the horizon, the shadows are lengthened, the evening promises to be saturated. But the body already requires a warm bath and sleep. Or, on the contrary, restaurants closed, visitors went home, and you are full of strength for great accomplishments, as if you got enough sleep, satisfying and tasty.

The use of essential oils helps gently combine the arrows of local clock with your biological. Before traveling, take a bath with two drops of peppermint and eucalyptus. Upon arrival, try to awake up to the evening, and then add two drops of lavender and geranium to the bath, they relax and help you quickly sleep. It is better to mix them with a tablespoon of milk or cream, you can add honey. Then the oil is better dissolved, and the skin will be more pleasant. If you prefer a shower, pour some vegetable oil on your hand, add essential oils and carry into the body.

Nose to help

There are other ways to survive Jetlag, read about them in our material.

From sunburn and thermal blows

Well, finally the sea, azure water, fine white sand and … solar burns. To reduce the heat, immerse the affected body of the body for ten minutes in cold water, then lubricate lavender oil.

If together with the sun came and a heat blow, drink more water, even if there is no thirst. Apply neat oil lavender or eucalyptus on whiskey, back neck and belly top. And even better – try to fully immerse yourself in cold water, where four drops of oil of these plants are added. For the future, create on a grandmother’s recipe after a tan, consisting of a drop of chamomile oil, gerain oil, lavender and tea tree divorced in 20 ml of olive oil. This mixture does not apply the skin, give a pleasant bronze tint, will remove solar burns and create resistance to future tangam.

From insect bites

Cocktail is suitable as a means of insects: Ten pepper oils of geranium and eucalyptus per 100 ml of olive oil. Apply this mixture to the area already bite or estimated to bite. Feeling that you are well protected, insects will begin to treat you with great revelation.


If, instead of bright algae, the bottom turned out to be eliminated by marine hedgehogs, which left a pair of holes in you, use the tea tree oil. It acts as an antiseptic and does not burn during application.

Finally, if you have to return home in the routine of everyday life, what you are difficult for you to even think, add a couple of droplets of mint and geranium in the bath. Therapeutic pairs will help you with the smallest moral losses to move shock from reality.

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