Nostalgic walk in Minsk

Taking advantage of public land transport Tourists can pay attention to the composters already forgotten in Russia. Meanwhile, such a detail issues a very important feature of Minsk residents and in general Belarusians – honesty. After all, about the essence, everything is built on trust: I wanted – I beat off the ticket, I wanted – I drove "hare".

Minsk – Real Museum of Stalinsky Ampire With His Light, High Columns, Huge Heavy Doors, Inscriptions on Roofs of Buildings: "Minsk – Hero City", "Thank people to the winner". Classic samples of this style – Palace of the Republic, House of Soviets, Palace of trade unions.

And in the "Central" supermarket on the first floor there is a "Soviet" buffet, exactly what was in every city of the Soviet Union. Bas-reliefs, marble plates on the floor, the painting of the ceiling with the paintings of the collective farm-working life – everything is saturated with the Spirit of the left time. Here you can not only have a snack, in the tradition of this place to get acquainted right behind the counter. The audience is so different that you will certainly find yourself the interlocutor. For example, I fell to chat with Tolyattinets, 4 years ago we arrived in Minsk tourist and the remaining here, as he says "forever already".

You can plunge into Soviet aesthetics by visiting the famous Komarovsky market.
The unique architecture of this building, high ceilings, smells of fresh agricultural products … For half an hour, you can try the market for the market for half an hour, rustic cheese, cottage cheese, dried fish … In general, treat in Minsk in Minsk, hospitality and pleasing Belarusians are sincerely, that it is impossible to refuse. Next to the Komarovsky market you can find the most real Soviet machine with gas. And working. Not copies that now appear everywhere, sort of "Novodeli", and the original. On the back wall – the sign with the quality mark of the USSR. The soda is bottled in faceted glasses.

Sign, or even you can say a cult place in Minsk – Friendship’s cinema will remind guests of the city from movies. Here even tickets have that form as 20, 30, 40 years ago. Unfortunately, the cinema has lost the original sign as the majority of cultural and public buildings. They are "clarifying" neon, and the buildings themselves are covered by siding.

The unique image of the Soviet past create queues in stores where goods are not in the cart, but are issued due to a seller’s admission. In these stores there are no empty shelves, the goods "from the floor" and other will adopt developed socialism. But you can queue, choose goods, listen to conversations and even join them, meets local residents. Sellers in such stores seemed to come out of the frames of Soviet films – in uniforms with Ryushki, the cap. They are funny nervous when the buyer gives them not rubles, but a bank card.

All nostalging on Soviet is recommended to visit the cafe "Deja". The interior of the cafe is stylized under the Soviet club, and the VIP room is called "Partship". Soviet kitchen – Vinaigrette, herring under a fur coat, Cutlets in Kiev, sausages with mashed potatoes, dried fruit compote. Waitress dressed in pioneer dresses and aprons. But here Soviet entourage – scenery, although sincere, warm, lively.

Also, "Vasilki" stands out from a variety of catering sites – this is a small cafe with the delicious "Soviet" baking. The forgotten aesthetics of the Soviet catering here is not styled, but simply persisted. Ice cream are served in metal vouces that are not found anywhere else.

Nostalgic walk in Minsk

From the institutions of trying the nostalging public will be delighted with the restaurant "Zhuravinka". Although after the reconstruction, he lost the quiet Soviet charm, but still, in general, retained the classic image of the Soviet restaurant with huge panoramic windows.

Mandatory in the Nostalgic Walk Program Include Sleeping Areas of Minsk, for example, Vessenka or Kurasovshchina. Soviet typical building has been preserved here. Just like in the film "Irony of Fate".

If you find yourself in Minsk at the end of August or early autumn you can observe the famous Minsk fogs – thick, white as milk, they give the city a little surreal look, as if the truth is a ghost from the past ..

It is very difficult to get used to Belarusian money. It’s just hell in the first days! Crazy inflation and many noles – it is very difficult at first to navigate prices. But it is the opportunity to feel like real millionaires! In the 90s, the same situation was in Russia.

Soviet entourage is so natural, undetented creates the feeling that time here stopped 20 years ago. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait until the scholars invent the time machine – come to Minsk and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Soviet city.

Nostalgic walk in Minsk

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