Not a banal voyage in Egypt.

Why not banal? – because a rare tourist visiting Egypt makes something like this.

I will take the courage to choose the report style, also not a banal, and in the spirit of a bold traveler – Uncle Sasha, telling the Wine Forum. Since throughout the trip I recorded all expenses, but not because of jage and pedantry, but from scientific interest – Now everyone will be able to calculate for themselves how much a similar journey in this country can do. Knowledge of real prices for one or another product, service, I think it does not hurt anyone.

«Do not look for detailed descriptions in my notes – for this there are guidebooks, buy yourself your Lonely Planet or read other stories on this forum. My notes are dry accounting reports in the plan of staying and moving around the country, interrupted by collapse by brief emotional inserts type WOW! or fucking!, But no more. Nevertheless, I hope my experience will help you in planning your own becpeckee travel.»

Alexander Kaplunovsky

I apologize to Alexander Kaplunovsky for appeal – uncle… And proceed

All expenses throughout the trip will be indicated in the currency in which they were produced, neglecting the exchange rate difference and costs in exchange and exchange operations, and the total amount to bring in our wooden ruble.

The composition of the participants: two people – Your humble servant and his spouse.

Dates of travel, t.E. Staying in the country Pyramids: from May 28 to June 7, 2010.

The presence of free time at the end of May at the beginning of June of this year and the discount of Aeroflot did not give to die the spirit of the adventurism of our family. 🙂 And during the day 21.05.10, via the Internet, two tickets for flight Moscow-Cairo Moscow were bought. Price – 7239.00 rubles for each.

After a couple of days, with the help of a worldwide network, as it seemed to us, the route of the upcoming journey was developed in detail. All sorts of options for delivering their bodies to Moscow and back and tickets were bought. But due to the lack of normal docking time, these tickets were – train tickets, in a second-class car, which also did not fall out of the general concept of independent and budget, in terms of travel, travel. Their price amounted to 1236.00 rubles per person in each direction. Issued insurance in Rosgosstrakh for 156 rubles. per person, with the sum insured of 10 thousand.$ for everyone.

Having waited for the morning of the 27th, we safely with two small backpacks of liters for 20-25 each, plunged into the Khabarovsk-Moscow train car, paid underwear – 160 rubles. For two, they took in tea for chiri and went to the road.

This afternoon, we were committed by one rampant act as a visit to the Vagon Restaurant of the above TC. It is something. About the quality and type of dishes filed it is better not to remember – snack in the buffet in the 2nd Corps of PSU, 12 years ago, but it was worth it as a good, dense dinner for two persons without alcohol in the farm in our time, t.E. 740 rubles.

Further for two Cephetsky 50 rubles each, your humble servant has studied the Arabic Arabic. Very good downtown in memory Arabic numbers. Yes, yes, Arabic numbers, but not those that we all feel great with you from the Small Years. In Egypt, used.N. Indo-arabic numbers.

Arabic figures used in Arab African countries (except Egypt)

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Indo-Arabic figures used in the Arab countries of Asia and Egypt

The photo will be below

28.05.2010 G.

Morning began with tea on the same chirik and chocolate.

Moscow we met cloudy sky and drizzling rain. Leaving Perron Yaroslavsky Station «Gone under the ground», Bought 2 tickets for 5 trips in the subway for 125 rubles. Everyone and safely reached the station theatrical station. Late breakfast in MCD for 339 rubles. and a couple of hamburgers with them – 78 rubles. Next, a communicator was acquired on the road at the station Avtozavodskaya, which was subsequently useful later. Then got to the river station. Lunch at the Cafe Local Shopping Center – «River» for 502.50 rubles. for two. Wait 851 bus (River Station – Sheremetyevo airport), I bought 2 tickets from the driver for 28 rubles each and about an hour examined from the window gray Moscow.

Sheremetyevo airport

Rose to the second floor of the terminal F, registration on our flight was already in full swing. Standard procedure for dumping sneakers and remune and we are in the waiting room. In order not to look for in Cairo the right store, the Bacardi liter bottle was acquired in the Moscow Duty-Free for 475 rubles and 0.5l Cola for a set for 85 rubles.

Not long waiting landing, pleasant takeoff and we are on the path to the country pyramids.

On the adjustment to Cairo Stewartes distributed migration cards, koi were quickly filled. The remaining 20 minutes of the flight spent over the endless night Cairir with its millions of lights. As I learned later, more than 25 million inhabitants live in Cairo, including illegal immigrants, but he still does not reach our Moscow.


Soft landing, purchase visas for $ 15 per person, exchange of remaining $ 70 C $ 100 for 395 EGP, Quite quick passport control and we at the output of the terminal 1 Cairo Airport. And immediately, the face hit the face of thirty-five degree Egyptian heat, and dozens of suggestions of taxi drivers, where only we wish. First, gently and politely, then loudly and dryly refused to bring to the city center for 20-40 $. Passing about 100 meters along the way to the exit from the territory of the airport, they were stripped with a passing taxi driver for $ 8 for two (Yes Yes. Be sure to mention that the agreed price of the trip for all those who come to the car, in order not to move with the driver upon arrival in place when it will require this amount from each).

Released in the center of Cairo on the square Talaat Harb SQ . and immediately rose to the Hotel Tulip nimble through the Internet still in Perm. Thille thinking, three different numbers were examined and stayed in the DBL with air conditioning, BB for 175 EGP, on the same floor as Reception .

Accepted shower and immediately down the night streets of Cairo.

Meters 50 from the hotel downtown in a simple Shisha bar. It was left in 15 EGP for: 2 tea, a bottle of 0.6 liter of clean cold water, a bottle of Schweppes 0,75l and 2 shishi.

Next, yawning, rose into the room and sleep.

(I forgot to mention: before bedtime in the communicator changed the SIM card of the Russian operator to the local, in order to actively use all the delights of the cheap and very fast HSDPA internet. The quality of communication and the coating is excellent, not what we have in Russia. Simka was purchased by us in December last year in Hurghada, operator – E Tisalat. For all nine with a small day spent in Egypt from the network did not climb. Used: Skype, Google Maps, and others. What was written off from about 70 EGP . http: // etisalat.Com.EG)

29.05.2010 G.

Morning began with a wonderful mood. Breakfast and drinking a cup of fragrant Turkish coffee, chose another number in the same hotel, but without air conditioning. As it seemed to us, the air conditioner here eats extra 55 EGP per night and the best view from the window, and in terms of coolness and without it everything is in order with the ceiling fan.

View from the balcony of the Tulip

After leaving the hotel, twenty meters on the same square, visited the GROPPI cafe, where everyone was ate in a portion of ice cream with Guawa and drank 0.6 liters of cold water – For all 27.50 EGP (It turned out expensive).

Passing around the seven meters from Talaat Harb SQ . On Mahmoud Basyony Street crossed the bus station to visit the Hilton Hotel . This hotel, as in any other, a large Egyptian hotel, you can take a free map of the city in which you are. Exchanged $ for pounds in a bank at the hotel and went to the Cairo Museum, which is three hundred meters southeast from this hotel through the bus station.

Visiting the museum was worth 60 EGP with a person, without presenting an ISIC, it would be naturally cheaper with it.

Caving to train station Ramses on the subway for 1 EGP per person, took the train tickets to the 1st class car to Luxor on the late evening of the next day, for 165 EGP for each.

(http: // www.Egyptrail.GOV.EG – Train schedules, prices for tickets)

No windows, no doors, full of people – Passenger cars of the third class in Egypt.

Railway Station Ramses in Cairo

For 20 EGP from the station Ramses on a black and white taxi got to the Cairo Citadel – About 8km Path. Bought 1,5l bottle of water at the entrance Citadel for 5 EGP .

Entrance to the territory of Citadel 50 EGP C man, again without ISIC. (Be sure to take this card, save a bunch of money for tickets to various cultural places) Listened to Echo in the Mosque Muhammad Ali. The top view opens a good view of the mosque of Sultan Khasan.

Mosque Sultan Khasana.

Next, for the same 20 EGP returned to a taxi in your hotel Tulip on Talaat Harb, drank in a street cafe on a glass of Guava Juice – 7 EGP for both strawberry juice – 4 EGP naturally all fresh.

Then bought for a dinner at the hotel: 1 shaver with chicken, 1 shaver with liver and 2 pit (pita) with Falaphlae (Schroen puree from legumes) = for all 13.25 EGP + 1l Pepsi bottle for 4 EGP .

Dinner was fixed 100ml Roma, observation from the 5th floor balcony for walking people around the night Talaat Harb SQ . and preparation of plans for tomorrow.

thirty.05.2010 G.

Visiting Pyramids Giza.

Mood in the morning was no less wonderful than last day. Breakfast, left one of our backpacks and a bag with the things that appeared after Moscow and the first day in Cairo on the reception (In any hotel, you can leave the luggage until the evening is free of charge), Left hotel. Passed 350m to southwest on Talaat Harb Rd Street to Sadat Metro Station . We drove six stations on the orange branch to Art. Giza Railway for the same 1 EGP per person.

Next, in attempts to find a stop or rather, the place, by which the bus passes, we began to stop passersby, and in English and gestures to explain what we need. One «kind» Man volunteered to help, spend without Buckwick to the place we need. It turned out no more than 50 meters . The same person waited with us the desired crowded bus with no, if the memory does not change, . (these words on Arab are written on the right left, and the numbers like us – from left to right). Stopped him how in Perm they bombed on the street, stuffed us, then herself and went with us. On the way, he said that he was a teacher of English in school, which is in some 500 meters from the pyramids.

Riding a long time, but all in a straight street El Ahram on the southwest kilometers 7. Meet 300 to the foot of the pyramids. The passage on the bus was 2 EGP per person, although the real price may be less.

Coming out of the bus, acquired two 1.5 l water bottles in the nearest tent – 5 EGP for both.

On the way to the pyramids this «teacher» told about various options for inspection of these structures, both on foot through the official entrance for 50 EGP per person and inspection of all pyramids with horseback riding and camels.

In the end, we reached, apparently, before the tent, where he has a rollback from the rental of these animals, and he introduced us to the owner of the packaging.

We immediately sat on the soft sofa and offered tea, water…and trade went. Through 15 minutes of active gesticulation with hands on both sides, Arab, English and Russian speech came to consensus.

Two hours drive around the desert around all the pyramids on two camels cost us 200 EGP + $ 30. Worth this voyage of this money or not, let everyone decide himself. (Any product and service cost exactly as much as the buyer is ready for it.)

After riding camels for hours, two walked around the pyramids and near the sphinx. Then they went back to the bus stop, by the way, buying 6 Pete with Falafelle (I wanted to eat).

At the crossroads of El Ahram streets and El Mansoria RD caught a minibus to the Metro station Giza Railway – 1.5 EGP for two. Next 2 EGP on the subway station Sadat .

Then on Talaat Harb Rd Street Dried Fresh Slops: Glass Mango Juice – 4 EGP, glass of strawberry juice – 4 EGP, two glasses of Guava juice – 7 EGP . In the local bank changed $ for pounds and immediately on the subway in the city park, which is in the island in the middle of the Nile,. Metro GEZIRA (Opera). Entrance to Park 2 EGP per person. In the park, dreamed on the grass, drinking 0.33l Phanti and 0.6 liters of cold water purchased at a local cafe for 12 EGP .

By the evening, the Kasr Alniel Bridge bridge was crossed, through the Nile, moving towards Tahrir SQ Square . Drank already mandatory juices on Talaat Harb RD . At 7 EGP, then they were buried on the dish of kasheria in the local cafe – 12 EGP for two, bought 1,5l water for 4 EGP . Looking at the local shopping center, they buried ice cream – 3.5 EGP for one.

In the area 21.00 took the baggage left at the Tulip Hotel, sat down on the metro station to. Mubarak . The railway station Ramses bought 1,5l water for 4.5 EGP, and quickly found their train to Luxor.


As soon as we threw the bones and backpacks, a young Japanese ran to us in the coupe. With a huge surprise, I almost cry asked us:

«IS IT The First Class. »

« IT IS THE FIRST EGYPTIAN CLASS !» – I replied and rejected the index finger up.

Japanese groaned quietly, grabbed both hands behind his head and ran away.

How good that in the student years I drove on the armor Perm II – Sylava. If I didn’t go on it, but I went only in Japanese trains, then I would most likely also crawled and rushed.

Not a banal voyage in Egypt.

Besides us, four more people were driving in a six-bed coupe. Not noticeable Egyptian – «White collar», Mature English lady and two Italian – Mom with an adult daughter.

In the compartment, among the way there was a built-in air conditioning and an electrical outlet, from which I successfully charged the communicator.

The excessive operation of the air conditioner first noted the Egyptian hour after two ways, tried to find the switch, but unsuccessfully. The invited conductor said that even he could not stop the work of this wonder car in our coupe, as well as in all other.

31.05.2010 G.

An hour later, Italian froze, they looked at all things that they had, and began to quickly throw fucked spaghetti. Not many later, the Englishwoman put on a warm sweater, my spouse followed her annex. I remained injected into a thin windbreaker, because there was nothing warm. As it turned out, after a minute of thirty, it did not help. «Collar» I merged into the toilet, because there was no air conditioning and you can warm up 35 degree Egyptian heat. But, we, the remaining European people, cannot sit on the toilets for the sake of warming, and I removed from the depths of the backpack a proven – that very liter bottle of Bacardi. Italians happily exclaimed, the English grandfather smiled and shook her head, but for some reason, he even refused to drink for medical purposes. My wife and We are Russian people, with excellent pleasure took 50ml. We became much better. On the second sentence, after 15 Italians, they answered the refusal and continued to shake from the cold. But the famous English lady, almost the first got the plastic glass. Drank already on three hundred 50ml, then another 50ml and sweetly fell asleep.

In the morning, got out of the toilet Egyptian and sat down in his place. I reach the Luxor station, we said goodbye to all new acquaintances, and went to the city.


Disconnecting the services of the attribute taxi drivers, they decided to walk through the morning city in search of a suitable hotel.

(I advise: hitting this city by train, do not use the services of the above drives, coming out from the railway station, go straight, on foot of five hundred and street El Mahata and brazen in the Luxor Temple. You can go almost in parallel street Mohamed Fareed, located south-west and also rest in it. On these streets there are cheap hotels from 60 EGP per night for two without breakfast. If you want something better, then you can at the caught taxi for 5 EGP take almost any hotel on the Nile coast.)

Our choice fell on Teachers Hotel on Mohamed Fareed Street . Pretty quiet and tidy place 75 EGP per night – Double room without breakfast.

Highed to lunch, it was decided to visit the Luxor Temple. Not frightened, already, forty-five degree heat, went outside. Bought in the nearest tent 3 Petes with Falaphloy for 3 EGP, 1,5 l Water for 2 EGP and rolled around three hundred meters on the first wagon on the Mohamed Fareed before this temple for the same 2 EGP .

Before entering the territory of the temple, we visited the mosque to the left of him. Mosque – nothing special but local «guide» For 10 minutes, she told her story, showed various premises, not forgetting to mention and appointment, sowing to figure out Imam 10 EGP and Bakshish 6.5 EGP .

And Egyptians, nothing alone is human…

Entrance to the Luxor Temple cost 50 EGP per person, naturally without ISIC. When it was already dark, we left this place. I wanted a normal dinner, which was found at the intersection of El Manshya street and Mohamed Fareed . Two halves of grilled chicken with rice, vegetable salads, lemon tea cost 56 EGP for two. Next were mandatory orange juices – 10 EGP for two glasses.

Walking, along the Nile embankment and the central streets of Luxor this evening it was purchased: a liter package of Guava juice for 6.5 EGP, a small bottle of multi fruit juice for 3 EGP and 1,5l water for 2 EGP .

After sunset, a plan of action was drawn up for tomorrow, drinking bought juice, listened to Muzzin’s prayer appeals from the nearest mosque and dive into a good healthy sleep for a quiet rustling of the ceiling fan.

01.06.2010 G.

A couple of hours after dawn, we left Teachers Hotel, walking along the morning little luxor, came to the railway station. Our request to the local police officer about promoting second-class tickets to the night train to Cairo did not succeed, had to take again « First Egyptian Class » – 330 EGP for both tickets. (Foreigners in Egypt have the right to purchase train tickets only first class or on «Sleeping». Sleeping Train – Train with ordinary bunk coupe for us, only for two, though the ticket there costs $ 60 per person and in every coupe. Washbasin.) With the help of the same police, found a storage chamber where our belongings were safely – 2.5 EGP . The same «Logging guide»-«Minister of Law» caught the desired minibus to Karnaka, for which Bakshish was awarded in the amount of 5 EGP .

The path to the minibus to the Karnak temple took about 10 minutes and cost – 2 EGP for both tickets.

On the square in front of the entrance to the temple, 1,5l bottle of water was purchased – 5 EGP, hat with wide fields – 30 EGP and at the checkout tickets to the Temple of Amon-ra – 130 EGP for both.

Construction is running, the crane works… J

After visiting the carnac, the return journey to the Luxor temple was overcome on foot on the Nile embankment about forty minutes. On the way two bottles of water 1,5l + 0.75l for $ 1 and a local restaurant was visited. Lunch in the restaurant on the Nile waterfront: salads, jacket (meat balls) with rice, «Egyptian lasagna» – 54 EGP .

Think the Perm Male Club in Luxor J

Ferry, which leaves the embankment opposite the Luxor temple, got to the left bank – 4 EGP for two tickets with reroxing. Or a light walk through the Nile, or 47 degree heat, relaxed us, and we surrendered under the onslaught of left-bank taxi drivers, got to the ticket office for 5EGP. As it turned out, there are selling tickets for all attractions of the left bank with the exception of the visit to the temple of Queen Hatshepsut. On our offer Taksista to take to the temple of the bearded of the queen, he launched a capeful price in 40EGP. Since it was the only taxi driver in this place, five-minute trade did not lead to a decrease in value and we, refusing to its services, went on foot. Having passed the meters of a hundred on the way to the side of the temple, we caught up with a minibus, which was safely reached to the rotation we need – 1E GP for two tickets.

On the way to the temple of the bearded queen

Tickets for the temple cost 30EGP for each without ISIC, but, 1,5l water in a local cafe is already 15EGP. It was possible to walk on foot, but we reached the foot of the temple to «Tuk-Tuk» – 4EGP for both tickets.

The sun on this day was especially strong and for numerous requests of the second half was decided to return to «Living city», A visit to the Tsarits Valley, the valleys of the kings and the temple of the dress-abu to leave until the next journey to this mysterious country.

Going down on the road, caught passing by the minibus to the Nile – 1E GP for both tickets.

Waiting for the ferry, at a local store, mandatory juices were acquired: 0.2l mango –

4EGP 0.25l grapefruit – 7E GP .

Further, crushing to the right bank, were: lunch in a three-story MCD overlooking the Luxor Temple – 46E GP, Fresh Mago Juices – 9 EGP for two glasses, 1,5l water – 2E GP, hour skating on the Nile under local music – 30E GP .

In the evening, walking along the embankment, agreed to the proposal, the local driver of the manus transport, to explore the other sights of this city in just 3EGP. On the way, he gestured a lot and chatted on broken English, telling the names and appointment of various places, and also presented himself and his horse – Mahmoud and Natalie.

After a forty-minute trip, he returned us to the area to MCD and was very upset that we did not make a single purchase in the recommended «Lawns». Promed this comrade – 1 $ + 1 EGP, going down from the wagon, I accidentally drew attention to the horse… «Good you guy – Natasha!» – remembered words from one famous song.

Rebuilt everything in the same MCD – 45,5EGP, continued walking in the city center. Visited Shisha-bar: Sweet tea with mint – 2E GP, juice – 7 EGP, Shisha – 4E GP, Bakshish Hanger – 1 EGP .

Not a banal voyage in Egypt.

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