Not a transom one

Russia — One of the few countries on the planet, not to the end of colonizing our own territory. Huge infrastructure projects continue to build here — First of all, we are talking about the roads that stretch for hundreds and thousands of kilometers on the faded earlier. Some were built and abandoned, on others there is still a construction technique.

Amuro-Yakut railway line: Construction length in three centuries

The rapid industrial development and development of new territories that followed the victory of the industrial revolution seemed to be stopped never, which allowed the romantic of the late XIX century, industrial magnam and politicians to build far-reaching plans. One such projects can be safely called the construction of the railway from Asia to America through Bering Strait. For the first time, the idea was voiced back in the 1890s, and in early 1904, the International Syndicate offered to the Tsarist Government for the construction of such a railway in exchange for the right of mineral mining 15 km on both sides of the Main. However, after two years, the randomy Russia refused to offer, and the world war and the revolution began a grand planner for a long time.

More than 100 years later, the idea is never implemented, and it can be assumed that they forgot about it. But at the same time, the railway under construction in the east of Russia in recent years. Works there began in the mid-90s, when it would seem about infrastructure projects in our country no one thought. For 15 years, the glands retained to Lower Bestosha, which is located exactly opposite Yakutsk.

Between the station, which is ready for the discovery, and the city —Lena. From the station to the city center of about 20 km — This is the width of the mighty Siberian River, taking into account all the duct and islands, flooded in a flood. The alleged bridge (or tunnel) will be the first and so far the only constant crossing through Lena throughout the Republic of Sakha.

Construction of the road to Magadan is still only in dreams, sometimes — as proposals for high-ranking events.

While the traveler can enjoy the train Moscow — Neryungri (five days on the road), a suburban train from there to the tommy, as well as rare trailed cars there from Moscow, Khabarovsk and Blagoveshchensk. Opening of the station of Lower Bestosha moved to autumn.

Transpolar highway: the road of death in the management of gas

Not a transom one

Transpolar highway was built shortly after the Great Patriotic War forces of prisoners. Railway 1500 km long (Chum — Salekhard — Nadym — New Urengoy — Igarka) was supposed to go beyond the polar circle, in permafrost and swamps. The objectives of the project changed in the implementation process, but in any case were military (the construction of the road to the port of construction of the port or airport is out of reach of the bombers of the potential enemy). Proper exquisites before the construction was not conducted, the quality of the materials used was extremely low. Works were conducted since 1947, the construction site on which 300,000 people died, threw in 1956, after the death of Stalin.

In the system managed to enter only the telegraph line. The fate of the railway itself turned out to be diverse. The plot from the plague to Labytnang continues to act today, on it you can drive on the starting from Moscow «Polar Arlet» or on the usual train coming from Vorkuta. From Labytnangi you can cross the Salekhard on ice, on a ferry or helicopter, depending on the season.

The plot from Salekhard to the east turned out to be semi-closed: For decades, there were tensists who supported the operation of the communication line on it. Most wooden bridges in the course of the track collapse or burned, but at the turn of the centuries, the road could be held on foot.

From the old nadium the road turns out again «alive» — After several repairs in the 60s and 90s, it uses gas for transportation of goods at extremely low speed (plot in property and management «Gazprom»). Considering that through the river the same name is now being built by a combined bridge, which will replace the car pontoon crossing, you can expect the reconstruction of the branch up to New Urengoy. Here are already the usual passenger trains «Russian Railways». Another 70 km road turns out «Stalinskaya» mound south, to Tyumen.

Further east lies the most launched and difficult part of the highway, including a plot of several tens of kilometers left without embankment and laid sleepers. Go on it is not easier than in the same places where the person did not go.

Not a transom one

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