Not bread alone: ​​food and drink in Cairo

Live in Egypt and eat local food – one pleasure. In price questions. True, comrades with fragile stomachs, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and especially crossed the hacks, still not long there.

And not because the antisanitary, or the food taste. But because everything is quite monotonous. It’s not like with us: boiled potatoes, fried potatoes, salad bowl, slenches, smoked, sausages, vinegretics, dumplings, borscht, soups all kinds, cold and other culinary delights (this is me average. Egyptians – the people are simple, and in relations with food they have the same trends. The choice is not rich, but the non-additive person is only enough: fats, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins in the face of vegetables. But let’s see how to survive in Cairo and eat cheap, tasty and nutritious 🙂

Traveling with the center of Alexei Kolyada, we were not in establishments for white people with European food, but in the streets of Cairo, Luxor, Hurghada and several villages. The suspicion that could only be on the street and in local eaters such a small choice, and at home they prepare from the soul and in different ways. But I could not check. If anyone knows – Say.

Arriving in Egypt, and going out in the morning for a walk around Cairo, you need to know the following:


  1. establishments for white mr. where we did not go. Prices there are approximately as in Moscow, but they feed in different ways, in the sense of diverse.
  2. Places for local.

Poster – these are such eaters, where the traditional Egyptian dish is prepared – a kostery. And a kostery is a mixture of three types of different pasta, rice, lentils, peas, roasted onions and a special vegetable sauce. In appearance – it’s not very pleasant probably only the sophisticated Western eye, and so – quite edible and that most importantly – oooooo! Well, I ate it for breakfast and before the evening nothing really wanted. Distribute a roster solely in metal dishes. On the tables in the pointers everywhere the same: in a metal jug, water, and in another question – sharp sauce.

By the way, if you are in front of you, then besides a dog there will be no more. Maybe more tea. And all sorts of salads, bread, meat and so on is not here, it’s not a restaurant. Egyptian that the main thing – so that I do not want to not soar. And the kostery is profitable and nutritional. And most importantly – cheap! Portion of the Poster (and portions there – huge) costs 5-7 pounds (about 25 rubles). So eat for the breakfast of the dog: the stomach will be fed, and the head will not be engaged in search of food until the evening 🙂

This looks like a little walking portion of the dog

When hunger still starts to make himself felt, you can wrap in one of the local falaph.

Falphles are a porous pea cutlet (or chickpea). Eating them usually wrapped in a cake (or pit). So in ordinary falaphs making an order, you are deployed in front of you such a cake (like hot dog) and put inside all the fillings in your desire. And the stuffing is different – from Falafel to salty cucumbers 🙂 Immediately you will try and fully stewed beans. Actually, only in Falaphlete, I saw a variety: fried and stewed eggplants, tomato salad, fried potatoes, fell, salinity, sauces and falaphs – all this can be put in your cake. And all this, whether it is a pellet only with the Falafel, or with all this together, is worth it – 1 (. ) Pound! That is, dear compatriots, 5 Russian rubles! And how not to cry after that, returning to expensive Moscow?

So thump peas or chicks for falaphs

Nut for falaphs

Here they are falaphs

And this, in fact, the very fillings for pellets for 1 pound.

And so, puzzling the problems of emigration and pricing policy, you take your cake for the pound, in which the salty cucumber was put in a gift (!) And, blending it for both cheeks, go to walk around Cairo.

And walking around the hot Egypt is just a sin not to drink Frecha or Fresh Juices!

You know, I never bought in Ukraine or in Russia Freshi: I thought that expensive. Now, especially I will not buy knowing how it is cheap in Egypt.

View from Freshnitsy

I do not know how much a glass of orange Freasha is standing – we always bought at least 1 liters. So for 1.5 liters of orange Freasha, made in our eyes on the embankment in the southern city of Luxor, we paid 10 pounds (or 50 rubles). Oranges from which Freshi do, very small, and apparently, therefore are considered unsuitable for sale. Although we have such in stores full full.

The only thing, do not ask me where they take these bottles in which Freshi pour. It is clear that there is no plastic bottle factory for the production of plastic bottles, and there are already used bottles of Coca-Cola, water and other liquids. Which of them and when drank is unknown. But I sit alive-healthy and remembering the taste of Fresh think about the joy of being 🙂 Also after the owner of Frishnitsa, making us Fresh, he wrapped the bottle into a bag, apparently wanting to show white Misters that the service was not on top, then somewhere near. I will keep silent about the quality of the package, but it was in my own pleasant.

With pomegranate Fresh, Egyptians have their own relations. It seems they understand something completely different. And for this dilute it with water and pour pomegranate grains there. I did not try, so I don’t have any questions to me. They also have a sugar cane juice, but it’s terribly sick-sweet sled out of the cane, which is lying where it is possible, I did not cause anything pleasant in me, so I didn’t drink it.

In Egypt, it is hot and drinking often.

Can not drink water from under the tap. As in our latitudes. Someone truth and boiled drinking does not advise, but we drank and all alive. And buy only bottled. And on the streets of Cairo and Luxor there are such large clay jugs with drinking water. From them you can drink. True, if you do not forget: there is one mug on all.


For dinner, you can go into one of the hookahs and enjoy tea. His in Egypt loves and drink all. But to buy tea. Of course, oriental sweets!:) Egyptians know a sense in sweets: these are such puff old things (I don’t even know how to call), impregnated with honey syrup and sprinkled with all kinds of nashels in the face of nuts, coconut and other joys of belly. Squeeze.

Strong half of Egypt loves tea and drinks it constantly!

And so, sitting on the roof of the hotel overlooking the pyramids, you can drink tea and eat Egyptian sweets and be happy-happy!


If after a couple of days you still will be tired of such a meal, then it’s time to walk through the markets and shops.

In the markets there is everything that the soul will wish in the form of vegetables and fruits. And everything is cheap! Bananas and oranges, which I have been smoldering there to the odors – 3 pounds, tomatoes and cucumbers – 6 pounds. The most expensive thing that we bought is a strawberry for 20 pounds 🙂 about bow, carrots, eggplants – I’m silent.

Not bread a single food and drink in Cairo

So in Egypt sell fruits for tourists:

And so for their own:

And so: bananas in Egypt is the charm. How calmly I treat bananas, so tightly there.

Oranges – they are in football there playing, and it probably was the most frequent food in my diet.

Here we wanted to inflate, arguing that this one orange costs 3 pounds, not a kilogram. But it did not work out.

Guava for the same 3 pounds – exotic taste, unusual but pleasant.

Grapes – Salad: Singy, Watery and Whole variety. And very dirty. In the markets in all sorts of diversity, greens, limes and some green things, whose names we did not find out.

Grandmother and oranges

Girl and greens

Uncle and vegetables

In the store you can buy cheese. They have a terrific cheese, so tasty I have not eaten anywhere. And it is standing. 200 grams of cheese in packing with signature "Feta" It costs 6-10 pounds 🙂 The most interesting is tortillas. For "Self" On the pound you can buy 10 pisels. True, envying whites, the Egyptians try to sell more and more profitable. And it turns out that we sold three cakes for a pound. We satisfied us. And that in comparison with the homeland of course obviously not in her favor.

Our modest and beautiful dinner: pellets, onions, tomatoes, cheese, guava and sweets

Egyptian vegetables and fruits grow on these gardens

Pellet wear only. Imagine here a bunch of pisels of just 2-3 pounds!

Meat in Egypt sell in special shops with huge shops. As the country is still pretty poor, then the meat is not so much. All kinds of finished meat dishes are kebab. But sometimes of these kebababys, it happened that I had to fly and enjoy what they don’t like meat.Still, it is in Kebabny here they advise to be on guard to fans of meat.


In principle, two pieces were met by food messengers:
a) Juices from the incomprehensible our meager European mind ingredients. We bought one of them in Freshtnice confused in appearance with a grenade. Mustache still TA: Sweet-shit. So left on the side of the road this liter bottle. Shot, decided that it was a juice from the Topinambur

Tantterically, find out the ingredients of this

b) waffles from the store in the package. Did not try anything else, but the waffles are a parody. True and cost them for pounds for packaging. Tasteless at all. With sweet (if you do not consider the right oriental sweets) the Egyptians are not very sweet, either completely disadvantaged.


Alcohol in Egypt is missing. Because still Islam, which alcohol prohibits. Probably in Hurghada and other vacation places alcohol you can buy, but in Cairo I did not notice a single store with an alcoholic. How not a single drunk, or a man with a bottle of beer in hand. It is not, you see, no alcohol! And this, in fact, in something even nice: you walk in the evening city, and the boys driving around, drinking sugar cane juice from bottles, and relaxes for hookah and tea the male population of Egypt. Everything is chinno, calm and relaxed. Lepota.

Not bread a single food and drink in Cairo

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