Not cheap, but beautiful – live on the barge

"As in the best houses of London and Paris" – Many people use this expression, not even guessing that almost the most prestigious housing in the eyes of Parisian is. barge. Well, of course, it is not that dragging from one port to another containers, and house-barge on the hay, often in anything is not inferior to modernized medieval castles or country mansions.

Some practical French managed to combine this way pleasant with useful – a cozy house with a vehicle. And if you live in a trailer, like some Americans, closely and not very comfortable, then in this case, as they say, there is no limit to perfection: it all depends on the imagination of the owner of the vessel and the size of his wallet. And the second – in the first place. Fantasy can be borrowed from the designer, and without big money only a trailer and bite.

The first port on the right bank of the Seine, right in the center of Paris, appeared in 1933. But the port is loudly said. Just a cozy embankment with benches and cockucades Iwami became a refuge not only for couples in love, tourists and celebrating, but also official "Parkovka" for barges. The length of the port embankment in this place is 1100 meters, and you can see here a variety of river and sea transport: barges, bowlands, yachts – all ships do not exceed 40 meters long, otherwise they simply do not fit all along the segment of the waterfront. Displacement of individual copies reaches 400 tons.

Such parking for "houses on water" You can also meet in some other areas of the French capital, as well as abroad, but for the true Frenchman live overlooking the Champs Elysées, as well as the prestigious greenery of the Presidential Palace, as prestigious, as for Russian – overlooking the Kremlin. But this pleasure is not cheap. Literally for everything you have to pay – for a place under the sun, or rather on the water, which is very expensive, for a license for the right to control the vessel, for the Floor’s right, the cost of which can compete with prices for a good mansion with gardens and parks, for internal decoration and interior , eventually. And here is the French – the true connoisseurs of beauty there is where to raise.

Extremely inconspicuous Barges inside are elegant apartments – with kitchen, bedroom, living room, sometimes not one bathroom and a working office. Those who cooler can afford even equip a small wine cellar with a modern bottles storage system. Almost everyone "Floating houses" Equipped with autonomous water and power supply systems, as well as air conditioners that warm winter and refreshing air in summer. Many barges have satellite plates. And if they are not, it is rather a sign of a non-shy budget, and the lack of great love for the Telo-voyage.

Internal finishing of houses on anchor can envy palaces. It is said that the owners of the barge invite the most famous designers of France for the equipment of their homes. Loving comfort and warmth of the home the French decorate their floating houses with their own sophistication – numerous exotic plants in pots on the decks, standing here. Sun loungers, beach umbrellas, rattan furniture or bamboo – walking along the Seine’s embankment involuntarily become witnesses "Competitions tastes". But what is visible from the shore is only the top of the iceberg. Interior decoration manages to see far from all. And, as we managed to peering, barge is not a reason to deny yourself in luxury. So, in the budaars, especially rich owners can be found even an old Console in the style of Louis XIV. For example, a house on the water justified in Paris Eternal "Glow" Duncan Maclaude resembles a huge antique bench.

By the way, many celebrities, wanting to be closer to nature, settle on such barges. I have shown one very inconspicuous in view of the floodedness, which belongs, according to the testimony of knowledgeable people, the most funny Frenchman Pierre Rishara.

Not cheap, but beautiful - live on the barge

Spring in Paris – hot time for the owners of the barge: the time of cleaning begins. At home at anchor are thorough "Flushing" Carpets, blankets and pillows are taken to the surface for venting and cleaning. Residents of barge gradually "crash" From his cozy nests on the stern, and, having settled in chairs near the tables served in all the rules, dinner or, under the sun, they are leisurely philosophical conversations for a glass of wine. There are also a barbecue for guests, music is playing – life flows under water.

Home-Barges, causing the first time a smile who are not accustomed to such a spectacle of newcomers, have long been an integral attribute of Paris, however, as many European cities. In winter, they stand on jokes, and in the summer they are launched in swimming in cities and water – it turns out a journey around the world without leaving home. Remind about the courts that were here only a few dozen mailboxes nailed to the embankment, but the remaining cars without owners.

Someone these people may seem eccentrics, but they do not consider themselves. On the contrary, not everyone is given in the era of technical progress with its harmful evaporations, mud and noise to find a piece – Let it be not quite pristine – nature, from where a man came out. Do not think that these people are not like us. They also go to work, and not at all on the barges, but on ordinary cars, live by current problems – they just manage to take from nature a little more than residents of multi-apartment stone highways.

Surprisingly, the idyllic picture opens in the winter time – from the fireplace pipes moored bargains in the sky, smoke raises, through the portholes there are light from the lampshes and table lamps. People live there, whose house – the whole world around us.

Not cheap, but beautiful - live on the barge

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