Not everywhere tourist – this is for Europeans

In this post, I want to talk about the important aspect of the perception of Russians – this is confidence that everything that is called "Tourist" is necessarily adapted and focused on us, or, at least on inhabit Europe.

I believe that this is an important point, since it is precisely from this perception that estimates of certain resorts or hotels. It is on the basis of these sensations that the ratings of places of rest in the eyes of our citizens. However, for Europeans, this reasoning will also be relevant, since their mentality differs little from Russian.

The basis of the worldview

She is simple. Everything that is called "tourist" must be adapted for residents of Europe. 99% of Russian tourists are sure of this.

It’s funny when you speak with our people and say phrase: "And you understand that there are tourists and from non-European countries?". Immediately on the face there is a great surprise. A person understands that such tourists exist, but this fact for him is new. This fact is quite logical, you do not need to possess high IQ to think about it yourself.

For some reason, for people from Russia he is always new. Difficult to say exactly for what reason. It seems to me that this is due to the centralness of the inherent Russians. Our people sincerely believe that the whole world spins around them. Recently, I commented on the news of the abolition of visa fees in Egypt. There are just in the news journalists wrote that 50% of the tourist flow in Egypt is Russians, although this figure does not exceed 20%. Awareness of themselves by the center of the world – this is the root of many of Russia. Then a distressed position in which the country is immersed with each day now – this is also a consequence of delusions.

And how really

If you go to Asia countries, then make sure that there are all tourist not associated with Europe. The most vivid example is China, where even European restaurants are very few. They are focused on neighbors in the region, and meet the sushi bar in Beijing is much simpler than the European restaurant. Even the forks here can be found not in every institution, chopsticks – this is the main tool that is suitable for 9 out of 10 tourists visiting the institution in the capital of China.

Perhaps it is for this reason that the island Hainan is not very popular in Europe, and it is difficult to meet European persons there. I remember one trip in Taiwan, where business partners were lucky. It was a ship on which we float watch whales. I managed to talk to some tourists who knew English. Who was only there. People from Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, but from Europe on the ship there was no one except for us with a colleague.

If you look at the inscriptions that people do on the great Chinese wall, then there are also words in Latin will not meet. And I consider the climitation of "tourism without Europeans" by the ceremony of raising the flag of China on Tiananmen Square in Beijing. At the time of our visit to this event there were several thousand people and only two visitors from Europe – My colleague.

I am also remembered to visit the Hubei Museum in Wuhan. I remember how the Chinese woman ran and called with him. The museum is safe and I went for her. In the neighboring hall, she led me to a young man with a European face and said: "Look! Is it your friend!". There was a lot of laughter when it turned out that this guy from Australia. As you see, for the Chinese, we are not frequent guests, all "on one person".

The second cheerful case occurred in the Zoo of the city of Wuhan, when one enterprising Chinese woman began to do our photos right after Tigers and Lviv. Was funny. During an excursion to the Yellow Crane Tower in the same Uhana, it turned out that no seller knows in English even numbers. I had to use the calculator only to buy Chinese souvenirs. Wuhan is a provincial area, nothing is associated with Europeans. Get used to.

In Arab countries

To tell me about the Arab countries, I prompted one case that occurred in the resort of Port El Cantaui in Tunisia. Already upon arrival at the hotel I realized that he was clearly focused on Russians, as I told many to the trip.

Not everywhere tourist - this is for Europeans

The first thing that "fell" my gaze was the scoreboard with currency courses, and I was just going to change dollars for Tunisian dinars. What currencies there just was not. Dirhama UAE and Money Saudi Arabia, Moroccan Dirhama and Qatari currency. Full set of money Arab countries. Russian rubles, naturally, there was no.

It immediately became clear that Arabs from other countries – welcome guests at this hotel. And they really met at the hotel, not in such quantities like Europeans, but they were plentious.

The case with the Russian in Tunisia

I will tell another case that happened at this hotel. It is very indicative in terms of the relations of Russians to what is happening.

I stood near the rack of the bar and waited for my coffee. At that moment, a person approached the rack approached for about 30 years and began to make claims to Bartender in Russian. The staff in Tunisia differs from employees in Turkey resorts or in Charm El Sheikh. They do not know Russian, he just does not need. Tunisia is focused on tourists from Europe – primarily on French, Belgians or Dutch.

Bartender did not understand anything. However, I also vaguely understood this person’s speech, as she was "brazed". I was trying to explain to the compatriot that the bartender does not understand him, and even offered his help in translation into English, but in response he heard: "Yes, he all understands!".

So it remained this comrade to show his claims, and how I saw it, to no avail. Russians think that all tourist is for them and for them. And then wonder why they do not like us in the world. From this and do not like, because of the centralism.

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