Not just locks, but the story itself

Which of us did not read in the lessons of English texts about the Tower Fortress, founded in the XI century Wilhelm Conqueror? Today it is not only a repository of an invaluable treasury of the British Crown, but also a peculiar face of London. However, the Tower is only one of the numerous castles scattered in English cities and the weighs and in the aggregate components of the Moligious Picture of England. Neat alive hedges, neat flower beds, well-groomed gardens that are so loved by the British, breathing precisely that calm and thoroughness that the castles, despite the fact that these buildings appeared in English land many centuries ago. And today, the centuries retreat before creating human hands, the locks live and thrive, and the journey through them is a favorite tourist route, without which any trip to the UK will seem unfinished.

You can start directly from London, where already 900 years old is the Windsor Castle, known as the Residence of the British Kings. Among the bright greenery of staring lungs and high bushes rises snow-white walls with thousands of a variety of windows, round towers and transitions. And inside the cozy and at the same time luxurious royal chambers who visit thousands of tourists daily, the chapel of St. George, meeting of royal dishes and even exposed to review Puppet house Queen Mary.

The second largest in the British Islands after Windsor Caerfi Castle, built in 1268. The strongly fortified dam created an artificial lake and defended the walls, the water surrounds the castle from three sides, and in the West there is also a fortified island, therefore the fortress was not difficult to resist the troops of Levelin’s troops, the first real Wales King, before the reign of whose reign Feudals. It was in Kaerfili who headed the king Edward II, when his wife Isabella and her lover Roger Mortimer began war against him and have already won several battles. But then the castle changed himself: after several months of a continuous siege he surrendered, and the unlucky king ran, throwing his wardrobe and treasury. Since then, Kaerfili, drawn into such sad events, remained aside from battles, and after the civil war on the orders of Cromwell was supposed to be destroyed. However, due to its unprecedented strength, it would take too much powder for this, so the castle stands still, demonstrating the quality of the ancient buildings.

Not just locks, but the story itself

The most famous in the English history Castle Corfer in County Dorset. According to legend, it was here that the Saxon Queen Elfried killed his adopted son Edward to release the throne for the younger brother ETELRED. And then the bloody story only continued to develop: first, it was the marriage of ETELLED on the French princess that became the first link in the chain of events that led to the Norman invasion in 1066. Secondly, John I created a prison in Corfer, in which I was sharpening my cousin Eleonor, my sister my most dangerous opponent. And finally, the widow of the next owner of the castle of the Supreme Judge of Banks was besieged in it during the civil war. Despite the desperate resistance, when Lady Banks personally threw burning coals from the windows of the upper floors, the castle was forced to surrender. In admiration for the courage of Lady, the colonel who commanded the troops allowed Banks to leave with the keys from the gate as if unfeefended. Korf was decently destroyed, but today he surprises with its strength and beauty. Its only lack of strange sounds and rustles, which, as tours of guides, issues Lady Banks ghost, still fighting for freedom. However, for curious tourists, this drawback, of course, turns around the main advantage of the Corfer and its real highlight.

English locks One of the main treasures of the state in the British Islands. They reflect the soul of the people created their people, tell about life and death, love and hatred, happiness and grief. They personify the centuries-old history of Great Britain, the largest European power. Castles, stagnant in a fight with time; locks, laid battles and blooded blood; Finally, castles, embodying the dream of beauty and freedom, all this is the best page in the book of England’s history.

Not just locks, but the story itself

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