Not only mountain skiing

December – Surprisingly fabulous time for traveling in Austria for any tourist. Fans of outdoor activities can spend a vacation at the ski resort, supporters of more measured pastime – to visit Salzburg and Vienna, plunge into the Christmas fairy tale of cities, visit the famous Vienna Opera.

However, all this can be easily combined. During Advent – four weeks before Merry Christmas, Vienna, as well as other Cities in Austria, seem to be the most romantic corners on Earth. Advent is the beginning of very calm time, preparations for Christmas. Walking through the snow-covered streets, you can hear the sounds of the organ sounds, right on the street you can warm hot wine, it is sold everywhere fried chestnuts, ginger and almond cookies. Almost all areas in the center of cities are opened by traditional Christmas fairs and bazaars, where they sell christmas decorations, toys, gifts. 140 small indoor pavilions are built at Rathausplatz in Vienna, in front of the Residence of the Habsburgs in the Schönnbrun Palace since the end of November, a fair has been opened on which products of traditional crafts, silver decorations, finifsti and brass, antiques, in one of the oldest quarters of Vienna Freung A vintage Christmas market is arranged, here sells fragrant gingerbread and baked apples, hand-painted New Year candles, wooden toys and wicker products. In Salzburg, in the main square in front of the Cathedral, there are speeches of choirs, and in the courtyard of the fortress Hoyenzalzburg is located the Christmas market. People’s ideas are played on the squares, heard chants. This fairy tale lasts a whole month before the new year.

In general, the Austrian traditions are very diverse, they were formed under the influence of various cultures, primarily the pagan, gradually transformed into religious traditions. There are traditions characteristic of all Austria and for each region separately. Everywhere, in large cathedrals and small churches, Christmas Nurseries are installed, the tradition common in many Christian countries. Before Christmas, Nursery is empty, in the composition there are only wooden figures of the parents of Christ, the real works of art handmade. In Tyrol, christmas men make a huge size, sometimes they occupy a whole room. Puppet views are played in the squares on the squares, the texts of performances and music were transmitted to centuries from generation to generation. In the wreath of Advent, four candles are burning, which symbolize four Sundays of Advent. Candles light one every week. When all four candles are lit, it means that Christmas is completely close.

On December 4, the Austrian mining areas are held by the festival of St. Barbara, the patroness of the miners. On this day, the branches of the cherries are put in the water, which should dismiss Christmas, bringing love and good luck. December 5 and 6 on the legend of St. Nikolay, Christian ancestor Santa Claus, comes to children. He is accompanied by Krampus, the character in the devil mask, trying to scare the kids who poorly behave all year. Travel tradition St. Nicholas and evil strength from the house in the house is common in East Tyrol, in areas around the city of Worgl. In Salzburg in the city, a wild hunter with 12 satellites, dressed in masks of folk heroes. In Tyrol and Carinthia, children love to receive gifts for the execution of christmas hymns. Christmas, like everywhere, – family holiday.

Most of the Austrians go to the one-minded Mass at midnight December 25. On December 26, named in the afternoon, on this day, after the morning Mass, the residents of Carinthia pass on horseback around the church.

Don’t forget that it is at this time worth buying gifts. Purchases in Vienna can be made on shopping streets – in the pedestrian quarter around Kerterestrasse Street, Grabena and Colmarcta. Nice to make purchases in the dorotheum – in the auction hall, existing for 300 years. There are antique and jewelry stores here, luxury boutiques. At one of the central streets of Mariahilferstrasse are public supermarkets. Recently, a huge shopping center opened in the suburbs in the suburb of Vienna in Liming Gas Storage Building "Gasometer". Here you will find more than 70 well-known brands, the cinema, cafe and restaurants, and even a hotel. The complex of buildings of the impressive size itself, but its modern architecture is beautiful in its own way. For foreigners there is a discount system – by purchasing a special card in Vienna or Salzburg "all inclusive", Acting within 72 hours, you will receive discounts in stores, museums, transport, as well as restaurants and cafes.

December is not only the time of Christmas chants, it’s also the beginning of the ski season. Austria – Paradise for lovers of winter sports. A good mild climate and excellent service every year attracts many tourists. However, before the trip, it is still worth an inquiry about the weather forecast – whether there will be enough snow on the slopes. Austrian Alps occupy 60% of the country area. Here are 800 resorts from 22 thousand. km of ski and 16 thousand. Running trails, 525 ski schools, where about 1.5 million guests take place every year! The highest peak of the Austrian Alps – Mount Grossglockner, its height is 3797 meters. You can get to her on transport only after melting snow from May to November. In addition to the devices for skiing, the resorts are equipped with everything that you can imagine in the winter – and this is ice skating, and a very fashionable sport Curling, snowboard, surfing on ice, walks on the sleigh, mountaineering and even golf on ice. Resorts around Salzburg are called ski paradise. This largest ski region of Austria includes 5 sports resorts, 870 km of trails, 270 lifts. Resorts of this region (Flachau, Wagrain, St.Johann / Alpendorf, Radstadt, Altenmarkt, Kleinarl, Eben, Filzmoos) offer a wide range of accommodation depending on the desires and opportunities – and in the hotel luxury hotels, and in small cottages. There are hotels in Alps with thermal sources. 5 Tyrol Largest Resorts (Kaiser, Kitzb&# 252; Hel, Achenkirch, Fireberbrunn and Ischgl) offer everything you can imagine. In Kitzbühel, the region, in the Middle Ages belonging to Bavaria, is the famous skiing chamenkamm, on which the World Championships are held. Here was the first in Austria of the funicular. Twice the city became the owner of the Olympic Games. Ski season here lasts from November to May. Resorts of Styria, Dachstein, Termenland and many others, are considered youth, Austrian schoolchildren and students come here here, tourpacks include many entertainment. The most western province of Austria Foralberg, located at the border with Germany and Switzerland, is removed from the main tourist routes, but here many sports lovers are resting in winter. The first in Austria ski school opened in Tsyuce. The most famous resorts – Shruns and Lech. Alpine peaks at these resorts reach 2500 meters above sea level. Austrians love to receive positive emotions not only directly from skiing and contemplation of mountain beauties, but also from communication. After a day spent on skis, evenings, all the restaurants and cafes of the resorts filled with rest. In the cozy atmosphere, they drink hot wine, tea with a schnapps, romance prefer to walk through snow valleys in the light of the moon.

Even if you are very tired of the city bustle and want to simply breathe the fresh alpine air of the Austrian resorts, such as Kitzbühel or AM-Xee, you still have to make a small stop in Vienna. According to many here visited, Vienna – Magic City. This is a traditional residence of emperors, and the city of modern architecture, and the cultural life of Vienna hits the key all year round – festivals, exhibitions, opera and theatrical performances are held here. Austrians consider their homeland "Country music", Comparent in this with Italians. Music sounds in Vienna in old parks in the warm season, in the cathedrals, and in concert halls and the opera theater all year round. The names of Gaidna, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Maler, Bruckner, Legan, Johann Strauss and many others are connected with Vienna. Vienna was the center of attraction for great composers.

Not only mountain skiing

The founders of the era, which included in history as a Vienna classic school, were three composers: Gaidn, Mozart and Beethoven. In the XIX century, Vienna became the capital of operetta. Today, large composers work in Paris or London, however, the Vienna’s concert halls remain out of time and fashion. First of all, it is worth named by the Vienna State Opera, one of the most famous global opera scenes, which opened in 1869 by Opera "Aida", whose conducted Verdi himself. Little music can be heard in folk opera. Viennese theater, musical philharmonic society, concert hall with the same name, are considered good concert halls. In Vienna, Ludwig Van Beethoven museums are located, Imre Salman, Franz Leuar, Wolfgant-Amadeu Mozart, Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss Son. Beethoven, Brahms, Gluca, Kalman, Lanner, Schubert, Mozart, Johann Strauss-Father and Son, buried in Viennese cemeteries.

Someone the capital will seem monumental and imperial, but it does not diminish the charm of the city. In the depths of the centuries, the Celts built a powerful strength of the windbone here, "White City", Later, the Romans built on the shore of the Danube defense structures, but only in 881 the name of the settlement of Venia appeared. In 1156, Vienna became the Ducal Residence. Since 1278, the fate of Vienna is inextricably linked with the Habsburgs Dynasty. The Habsburg House was in power six and a century and was one of the oldest and most strongest European dynasties. At times, his power extended at such a major part of Europe and beyond the emperor Karl could say that the sun never enters his empire. The most center of Vienna – Stefansplace or Cathedral Square. There are many attractions, shops, Viennese cafes, in particular, the most famous cafe "San". Concept "Vienna cafe" became classic already in the last century. In the Vienna Legend, the first cafe opened the messenger times of the siege of the city by Turkish troops, which took advantage of the trophies of the enemy. Also on legend, Viennese bunkers were the first to invented the bagels – buns in the form of a crescent, as a sign of victory over the Turks. At the turn of the XIX centuries, the convilcers’ cafes were favorite meetings of the writers, artists, artists, as well as, for example, in France. Today, the cafe is a kind of national institute, often it is a social center of the city or quarter. In Vienna, there is even a museum of a cafe, where you will learn everything about the cafe, and about the ways of cooking Vienna Coffee. Viennese cafes are distinguished by the fact that in many of them you can not just try amazing sweets – candy, pastries, the famous cake "San" and other 57 species of cakes, ice cream, apple strudel, but also listen to classical music. Thus, real piano and violin concerts go to Cafe Shameting, Schwarzenberg and Cafe Central almost daily, and concerts last not for two hours, as in concert halls, and three and four with small breaks. Guide to the whole world advise after visiting the Vienna Opera eat something sweet in a cafe "San", But, in the cafe itself you can do it right during the concert. Gold letters "TO.TO." On the showcases of some cafes indicate that once they were official suppliers of the imperial yard.

Another type of zucchini characteristic of veins – "Aygenbau" – here all year round you can taste young wine "Hoirger". Over the door of the institution hangs the pine branch, and in the evenings a green lamp burns in the shop window. And here in the evenings play orchestras. Austrian cuisine is similar to German, however there are many dishes of the regions of the present Eastern Europe, which were previously part of Austria-Hungary. It is worth trying the Viennese Schnitzel, Viennese Eskopelok, Kedli, Kaiser’s Meat, a variety of desserts, local wine, inexpensive and very pleasant, mostly white, Ostler – Fruit drink is quite strong, cheap and very popular in Austria. Some restaurants and cafes are known for their interiors and visitors. So, the GRIECHENBEISL restaurant, the oldest in Vienna, is famous for the fact that autographs of Mozart, Beethoven and Einstein are preserved on his walls.

A walk in the center of Vienna can be carried out sitting in phikere, which is the same distinguishing feature of the veins as Gondolas – a symbol of Venice, and on the tram of Ring, "Garden Ring" Vienna, beautiful panorama opens from the ferris wheel. There are many attractions in Vienna, although the center can be bypassed in a few hours. It is worth examining the imperial residence of Hofburg, Schönbrunn Summer Palace, Palace Liechtenstein, Belvedere, Tomb of the House of Habsburg, see the wonderful house of the famous Austrian architect-architect Hundertwasser. Visit "Spanish riding school" also necessarily, like wine cellars of the cathedral. Stephan. The collections of the Museums of the Vienna reflect not so much national cultural wealth as worldwide. In the Academy of Fine Arts, Rubens, Bosch, Guard, in the exhibition halls of the Museum of Albertin – works of Leonardo da Vinci, Durera, Breygel, Rubens, Mana, Renuara, Klimt, Mura. In the Imperial Palace of the Hofbrug at the Museum, Ephesus put out the findings of ancient Greece and Rome, here is the museum of musical instruments. In the Art-History Museum, the Permanent Exposition is represented by the works of Masters of the Flemish school Yana Van Eyka, Rubens, Wang Dequean, Bosch and Venetian Renaissance – Titian, Veronese, Tintoretto, Raphael. The Museum of Modern Art of Ludwig is the masterpieces of modernism – Pictures of Picasso, Magritte, Kandinsky, Clee. It is necessary to look into the treasury of the Teutonic Order, the center of which, after the ban on his Napoleon in Prussia, was moved to Vienna. So, Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Baden, Kitzbühel Thermal Resorts Bad Gastain, Bad Kleinkirheim, Bad Bhumau – Here is an incomplete list of places, where it is worth getting, traveling in Austria.

Not only mountain skiing

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