Not shilling a single tourist in Tanzania

Tanzania enjoys glory one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. Perhaps only the neighboring Kenya can compete with it in popularity among European and American fans of safaris. Much of what in our consciousness is associated by Africa – Lake Victoria, Serengeti and Ngorongoro lake and, finally, famous Hemingway Mount Kilimanjaro – is located in Tanzania.

In addition to the beauty of wildlife, the country has enviable mineral resources. At the same time, the Soviet Union actively supported the ambitious plans of the first president of Tanzania Julius Nierrer to create a powerful national heavy industry, but today, economic cooperation between our countries has lost its former intensity. But instead of geologists, metallurgists and railway workers in Tanzania, wealthy tourists reached out. As it turned out, Russians to safari pulls no less than Europeans or Americans.

Tanzania’s monetary unit is called Tanzanian Shilling (and abbreviated TSH). The country has two shillling exchange rates – official and free market. The official course is a little more TSH400 per US dollar, and operations carried out in accordance with it, as far as possible, avoid. And instead, enjoy a free course, which last week was TSH595 for US $ 1. For example, if you pay international credit cards, recalculate currency to local money occurs at the official rate. Obviously, it is unprofitable to use plastic cards in Tanzania.

In most more or less large cities, there are Forex exchange offices in which you can exchange cash SLE and traveler checks in a free market rate.

Banks and Bureau Forex are open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 12.30, and on Saturdays from 8.30 to 11.thirty. In Dar Es Salame, if you need to change money at a later time, it is worth contacting the National Bank of Commerce departments located at the Kilimanjaro hotel and open from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 to 20.00. Hotel Kilimanjaro stands in the central part of the city, near the Kivukoni Front waterfront and relative to the local representative office "Aeroflot".

"Black" The foreign exchange market exists, however, its delints pay for a dollar only a few shillings more than the Forex Bureau. If one of them offers you a deal on substantially more favorable terms, immediately go away, for this is a sure sign that "Currency" It was removed at best to calculate, and at worst – rob. Communicate "Currency" unreasonable and because the private exchange of money in Tanzania is illegal, and, after entering you for this business to the eyes of a policeman, having troubles. Tanzanian Police Cool. Foreigners in this country fall under arrest and for much smaller preggings, for example, for photographing post offices or banks.

Often (although not always) in the Forex bureau you can exchange unaffected shillings back to dollars.

Not shilling a single tourist in Tanzania

In places where there is no Forex Bureau, you can use the services of banks, but they work at the official rate, that is, in them you will receive for a third less than shillings.

Despite the relatively free regime of the exchange of national currency at SLE, many things in Tanzania for shillings can not be obtained. Only in SD take fee for entry into national parks, overnight cars in most of the highest and high level hotels, and even more flights for a boat on underwater wings, which runs between the continental part of Tanzania and Zanzibar Island. If you are going to the National Park, you can not worry about shillings – they almost do not need you there. But it will take a lot of dollars, for these places for foreigners are not cheap. Almost a fee for staying in the parks, not counting the costs of vehicles, hotels or campings, guide services, etc. NS., hesitate from US $ 20 to US $ 100 per person per day.

In other places of Tanzania for overnight stays in cheap hotels, food, local transport rides are quite enough and shillings.

If you pay for travelers, give you out in local currency at the official rate. The same can happen if you pay a large dollar bill. Your chances of getting cash in cash strongly depend on where and for what you pay. In national parks with these problems, it usually does not happen. In other places, you often cannot (or do not want) to offer anything except shillings. Just in case it is recommended to have a sufficient stock of small dollar paper.

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