Not the best time: when the sea "not season"

The Internet only pours oil into the fire: here and there are pictures of acquaintances and friends who enjoy the rest. But wait. There are directions where it is better not to go to the sea. Why and where, tell in the article.

Not all seas are good

The first thing comes to mind is Beach workload in season. If you fly to Bali or distant islands, probably such a problem will not. Well, who will take such wilderness? And if Sochi and Egypt – the limit of your dreams, get ready for the fact that the jar with sunscreen will have nowhere to put.

In second place the weather. There are places where in the winter months +30, and in the summer and worse. Wake under the forty-degree sun, and then swim in the hot sea – not the rest from which you get pleasure.

The most insidious time – July-August. In this interval in warm countries, hellish heat begins, which is very hard to transfer. In the heat there is no desire to go somewhere, watch the city, yes in general. Such a stoolness is harmful to the body, the thermal blow is waiting for almost every angle. Why do you need such a vacation? Let’s choose the vacation time with the mind;)


Russian tourists fly there all year round, but winter is the best time to visit the country, and the summer is the worst. In the summer, the temperature rises above 40 degrees, yes, maybe it is transferred otherwise, but the heat is heat, it has not yet become good for anyone. The sea is generally similar to Chan with boiling water (figuratively). That is from the scorching sun in hot water you will not be saved. In Dubai there is a shopping center with a small artificial ski resort. Here you can survive, but not on the beach.

If you really want to see the Emirates, set aside vacation until the period from November to March. Just when the dull offseason and winter prevails in Russia, in the Emirates warm and comfortable.


The end of July and the beginning of August in Spain time for internal tourism. On the streets of the capital and other major cities naturally do not push around, the prices take off with the onset of the season, everywhere queues, crowds, lean.

Much more pleasant walking on more deserted streets. Therefore, if you plan to spend your vacation in Spain, choose June, the end of August or the autumn months. And on the beaches it will be wondering, and you can already / still.


Watching in India is on what and even very. But in the rainy season we do not look much, right? In July-August in India, just season rains, even shower. You understand: Highly blurred roads, rivers can get out of the shores, some of the cities and comes at all. If only you are not a fan of a flutter rest, you can take a chance and conquer the country in the rainy season. But it is worth understanding that the weather is different in the north and south. If you do not exit and you need to go to India in July-August, go to the north in Himalayas. There is the weather is excellent, and south is worth going from November to April.


Almost all summer time in Egypt – endurance test. Temperature roars nearly 40 degrees, well only camels. In the middle of the summer, the babble in the desert is better not to make, for a less comfortable recreation, choose the Mediterranean district of the country. More comfortable in the spring or autumn resorts.


The universe has created hot countries to relax in them, when the frosts are crowned in your country. Won, just look at the mass migration of freelancers as soon as the first snow falls.

But in summer in these paradise places is not so cool. In the Philippines from June to November, it is dominant, yes such that you will have nothing to remember from such a vacation. In July and August, typhoons are added to rains, which means that there may be problems with flights. From December to April there is very good – the best choice for winter holidays.

Not the best time when the sea is


Also not the most pleasant resort in the summer months. The fact is that strong winds blow on the islands, which bring a lot of algae to the shore. And the sea becomes troubled, even ferry excursions can cancel.

If I really want in the summer to the Seychelles, choose the northern islands, it is quieter, and so the best time is the end of the spring and the beginning of autumn.


We are accustomed that Turkey is available all year. And about Ramadan remember? This year it lasts from May 5 to June 3. This means that during the post, many institutions and even transport workers work part-time. But after Ramadan, all Muslims ride rest, and the capital is the main partition. Prices right up, people are unimaginable many.

If we ride stroke the stink of street cats and fly sweets for both cheeks, then in autumn or early spring.


From the end of August to October in the Caribbean, the season of hurricanes, even Mexican resorts hurt. The light wind in a few minutes will grow into a storm, which will take everything in an unknown direction that bad. If they are not frightened and you still intend to go, make insurance from delay or cancellation of flights at least. At any other time from November to March – Welcome!

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Not the best time when the sea is

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