Notes from the tourist front. Bulgaria. Part one

The resting place was chosen near the town on the coast of the azure (black) sea – Sozopol. It’s away from "Scoop". Settled in the family hotel called Blue Orange, because the wife is pregnant. Well, the worst food in the world – Olinklyuzif to test himself)) took an agency through a tour so as not to fool. Arrived by charter. Bulgarian currency is a lion.
Like the entire currency to the ruble – Lion went up. From this greatly cuts pocket any purchase. Especially excursions in beautiful Bulgarian cities.
The nearest airport from Sozopol is Burgas.

Day 1.
Departure in 5.25. And this means Taking a taxi at a fixed price – 1000 rubles. On four (+ traveling with cavalier) quite cheap. Let’s leave 1.30 – in an hour in place. After half an hour register. We arrived early, so that the place of the place to take at the beginning of the aircraft – it shakes less. There is everything ok – it remains to wait. Assa state – I really want to sleep. We wait 5.00 – landing. Go to the bus and brought through the flight field in an unknown direction. Earlier Morning – It is an impenetrable fog over Domodedovo – the bus is for about 15 minutes – it is so far that even jokes went – type to Bulgaria went – this charter at the trait on the horns. Finally found the plane, got rushed and flew. Everything is great, one but – the full plane of children. And the children cry and shout – but nothing – it’s time to get used to)) to fly only 2.5 hours – sometimes even fall asleep for 5-10 minutes. For breakfast Dali sandwich, waffle and drink. Scoternly.

In the end, they landed in Burgas very well (I sometimes terribly lays ears when landing) – without tension. Wife also moved everything perfectly. The bus took us from the airport and we went to Sozopol.

We drove out a little around the city of Burgas. What can I say – it looks like the outskirts of Kiev. Only the whole city is. This meant, telling about "scoop" Bulgaria. Even the thought occurs – and this is praised by the EU – it was built because all when councils? 40 km to Sozopol. Our hotel stands at the very beginning of the city. Straight at the signboard))

To the city of stupid good 3 km. And this part of Sozopol – Quick hotels and Camping. Our hotel is small. Major Building and Bungal. There is a swimming pool and their territory. Here 90% of customers are families. Very here cozy.

Registered and run for breakfast. Managed in 5 minutes. Scored without disaster – hunger is still. Then they changed their first number to a similar, but pretty and all – you can relax.

The first three days Passed equally. Breakfast Beach-Lunch – Lock Intelligence / Walking / Trip to Sozopol-Dinner-evening on the beach With sunset. In different combinations between food.

In Sozopol, money is changed, they buy SIM cards, excursions and go to shops (if for some unknown reason you have little olinkle). T.E. closer than 3 km from the hotel there is nothing. All more expensive from the hotel (I’m talking about excursions and car rental).

On the third day, overhauled on the old so-called . Pofotley the town from all sides.

He is very original. Curves and oblique stone streets, peculiar houses (all different, but of course roofs in all of the orange tiles) and thousands of chap. Especially liked the stone rock-the tip of the peninsula. Well, finally chose where to go on an excursion. Veliko Tarnovo, the previous capital of Bulgaria.

4 day.
Veliko Tarnovo.
Put in 6.00. Fees. Dry bucks ordered instead of breakfast from the evening. Taken to the reception and exit. AT 7.10 We took the minibus and brought to Burgas, where a large long-distance bus took us. Guide speaks well in Russian. Excursion will be clear – already good.

Immediately on the road from Burgas in front of us opened with \ x region. Climate here is the most suitable. Wheat, sunflowers, apricots, tomatoes and of course grapes and much more. Very nice and reminds Ukrainian expanses near Kharkov. Especially sunflowers. We see a few carts with gypsies (5% of the population) and herds of cows.

Let’s go towards the mountain massif old flames (Balkan Mountains) – the longest in the country, divides the country into two parts. Along this array for a very long time we will go. At the foot of the mountains in some places there are villages and cities. Very picturesque.

One of these towns – Gurkovo. Named in honor of our general Gurko, who freed this city from the Turks in the distance 1878. Lavender plantations were spread around this town, delivered here from France. Very nice.

The road in the end leads us to the pass "Republic", through which the road leads through the mountain array. In the best traditions of such roads, it is winding, runs along the edges of the tall cliffs, and of course there are stunning views from it, for whom no one is going to stop the bus.

Drive several mountain villages on this mountain road. Very picturesque and abandoned. After the pass we are going along the road with which good views of the hills are opening. In the lowlands of these hills, a set of villages of various sizes. And here is the city of Veliko Tarnovo. But we while passing by – our goal is a monastery.

Lyascovsky Petropavlovsky Monastery. Located not far from Veliko Tarnovo on a small grief. Monastery is very old and very poor. The main temple is just a crumb. There is still a bell tower, the vertex of which is intense with satellite plates – it looks strange. But the most beauty is not here. Here is only history. Open door in the wall, but not where it came from. How can I go there. After the door here there is a little space that displays a very large height. It opens a stunning view of a small town below – Lyaskovets.

Pofotkatsya on the cliff, a little more went through the monastery. In the church, listened to the service – exactly as we have in Russia. Time is up. We collect a group and go further.

Village Arbanasi and Holy Assumption Monastery.

The village is famous for the fact that Albanians live from the rest of the centuries. And Albanians Masters Construction APRIORI. Here and a small village they built very monuuman. All houses are mostly stone, but even wooden are characterized by a special thread. But all the beauty of the village remained only in my head, t.To. We again just drove past and looked.

Notes from the tourist front. Bulgaria. Part one

Another feature of the village was formed since the times of Turkish conquest – these are massive stone walls, stretching in all directions and uniting several houses. All modern houses build strictly with historical appearance – so it is very harmonious.

On the outskirts of the village there is another old monastery. Even less than the previous one, but it stores two icons famous to all Bulgaria, so the place is very popular for pilgrims and tourists. I’m not losing time, I managed to run off to capture the part of the village on the photo. And then somehow hurt. Even in the distance, I saw a beautiful stone gorge – ran a photo. I had to swear through the thickets of unknown herbs and spines. All the scratched, I still got to the edge and made a pair of gorge. Then, when we drove along the bottom of this gorge, I was even scared – I stood at that height))

Finally Veliko Tyrnovo. First we are going to the local Kremlin. Fortress Tsarevets. On a high and steep cliff at one time, a stone fortress was built unreal. On the top of the cliff beauty Church. The look is just amazing. Still, the capital of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom. One but! Turks, bitch, conquered Bulgarians and of course almost stared fortress from the face of the earth. What we see is just ruins. But now imagine if even the ruins cause such a babysitting – what was the fortress for the purpose? Turks – Pigs.

At the entrance to the fortress passed the oldest part of the city. With churches and old houses – all on the shores of the mountain river. Very nice. Yes, and the whole city is built on the high steep rocks – it is the shores of this river. Apparently the mountains cracked, and the river flowed down. Right at the edges of these cliffs / shores such multi-tiered wives. At the same time, the river here makes unrealistic turns and therefore there are many such picturesque places. At many homes are the dates of construction 17, 18, 19th century. Some at home probably our soldiers and generals still remember))

Now the fortress.
A stone bridge or road leads to it or this is all the initial foundation of the whole city. Words not to pass. Then the gate and we are already behind the wall (its basis). Ruins of the fortress go a few levels. Everywhere the churches, residential premises, warehouses and t.D. Well, for those who with 3D imagination is not very, there are pictures with initial fortress. Turks – Pigs. In Crete, a bunch of fortresses were ruined, and they disappeared here. Faster the whole group moving to the top. We do not love when in the frame a lot of tourists. On top of beauty Stone Church. In the Middle Ages, church power was stronger than secular. So the remains of the palace of the king Boris somewhere below. Inside the church is decorated with unreal ch / b graffiti on church themes. The temple is not valid. It looks confess to cool. We ask from local workers – whether they let the bell tower – heard Russian speech – he was delighted – he hesitated from Ukraine a little moved to Bulgaria. Says already badly, but still understands. Cool. Our only rises to the top. We have 30 minutes of the shape – we run on the edge of the fortress – on another wall that hangs over the oldest part of the city. Many pictures are all in a row and running. Time to have lunch.

We are interconnected throughout the old town to the restaurant. To 14.00 there everything is covered. Soup, tobacco chicken with vegetables and ice cream. Right and tasty. Quickly eat. And we give exactly 2 hours of free time for a walk around the city.

First, the monument to the Bulgarian king and the Gallery Building. They are standing on the high raw river. Outdoor views on city hives. Very nice. Then moved along the other side of the river through the city by historic street Gurko. It was on it that our army led by the famous general, and the people of Bulgarian met them as liberators (devils in both world wars these bastards were fought against us later) after the liberation of the city. Very atmospheric street. And very picturesque. As a result, we reveal again to the fortress of the princess. I read everything that did not have time, then the photo is all that we managed to see from the bus and here 2 hours have expired. Tired strongly. Sit down to the bus and in 16.30 Let’s leave the unrealistic beautiful city of Veliko Tarnovo. Near our hotel we found themselves in 20.00. Dinner and sleep. Very tired.

5 day.
Castle near Ravadinovo and Ravadinovo.

Two km from the hotel there are villages at the foot of a small mountain. And not far from the village the last 15 years is growing from non-existence. Medieval castle with its territory. Official mythology is such – the local baron was sad that there were no such castles in Bulgaria, bought a plot and began to build. Castle, Grotto, Church, Pond, Garden with waterfalls, Restaurants and of course rich animals (horses, peacocks, geese, swans, chicken and even Lama!) – that’s what tourists get for 10 leftions.

We were loaded here 2 and thoroughly tired on the heat. Purely tourist project. Everywhere building materials lying on, bunch of shortcomers. So – so that the hotel does not.

Notes from the tourist front. Bulgaria. Part one

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