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Burgas Airport. Arrival. Passport control quickly. There is an exchanger at the airport, but the course is disgusting: for 1 euro – 1.6 lev (or a little more), in the bank in the city for 1 euro give a minimum of 1.94 lev. Went to the square in front of the airport. Taxi drivers at the airport are crooks and gangsters! Khamish Verlil with Gold Chain (our 90s!) For moving to Tsarevo (this is 70 km.) I requested (in general on intonation more suitable "demanded") 120 euros! Was sent at a well-known address! Passing the meters 80, rightly closer to the departure zone, easily found a private owner with whom they were struggling for 50 euros (you can pay in euros). At the same time, he got us and to the jar in Burgas, and even after they came to the hotel, went to the store and back.

Tsarevo. Small town (ok. 6000 inhabitants) built predominantly in the last century. In recent years, new modern houses are being built, in which apartments are purchased in T.C. and foreigners (Russian, Germans, Anglo-Saxons) for permanent or seasonal residence. What is in the city:

– two Orthodox churches;

– Central Street, overlooking the Park of Cultural Rest in the Soviet version;

– sufficient number of restaurants;

– Supermarket "Bolero" and many small shops (products, clothes, household appliances);

– Three banks (with the exchange of euro on the left at a good rate; On Saturdays worked only one exchanger);

– port, yachtclub, stadium.

In the city and in the vicinity of good beaches: sand, sandy and very rude entrance to the sea, purest water. At the same time, there are much fewer people on the beach than in Sozopol, not to mention the sunshine.

From Tsarevo there are buses to Burgas (about once a hour, in the way about an hour, ticket 7 Levs), Kiten, Sozopol, Primorsko, Ahtopol, Sofia, Plovdiv, somewhere else. But Schedule in Bulgaria The thing is quite conditional: the bus can go before, the flight can be canceled, you just may not have enough places on the bus. You can go to Istanbul (if you have a multiple Bulgarian visa) with one or two overnight stays (offices of travel agencies on Central Street Tsarevo). If you ride somewhere, it is more convenient to take a rental car, temperate prices, lower than in eurozone countries, roads are good (although not wide, often with one band in each direction), no sophisticated junction, the movement does not strain.

Complex "South Beach" Nestinarka, Vasiliko, Tsarevo.

Vasilico – the southern district of Tsarevo, built up with small houses, there are several typical Bulgarian houses of the 19th century. In the area of ​​several shops and restaurants. From restaurants liked "under the nut" on the central square and "flora" (cozy family cafe, good owners, speak Russian well) on the central street. Tikhiy district. Bus goes to the center of Tsarevo: in the holiday season every 20 min., in the no-season – on schedule.

In Nestinarka, a very large sandy beach (small sand). Entrance to the sea is also sandy, soft, very gentle, go about 60 m. to the depths of one and a half meters. The sea is very clean, without algae (with a strong wind applied 3 times, but they are quickly cleaned). On the first line, two hotels, on the second line Complex "South Beach", on the third – Camping and still build two complexes. From "South Beach" to the beach about 100 meters. Every hotel has its own blocks on the beach. The cost of an umbrella and 2 beds 8 leftions. But if you do not want to pay, then go to the right, on the part that hotels are reserved (the same beach), or place a little further from the water (hotels book about 4 first rows).

"South Beach" architecture looks very beautiful (much better than other hotels and complexes), built in Bulgarian style. Good, spacious apartments (1-3 bedroom, from 40 to 100 m.kv.) with a kitchenette, bathroom, terraces and air conditioning in each room, excellent sound insulation, TV with three Russian-speaking channels, good restaurant (all inclusive system), bar, pools adult and children’s. Near the forest. Many Germans and Bulgarians rested in the complex. Part of the apartments (about 30%) redeemed in private property (in t.C. Russian. Price sale 800-900 euros per square.M. The management company organizes rental apartments). Therefore, the complex is "club". A lot of children.

When you left back, I ordered a car at the reception to Burgas Airport for 45 euros.

In general, places in the southern coast (Tsarevo, Primorsko, Kiten, Lozenets, Ahtopol) are less mastered and, accordingly, less "ignited" (they used to be particularly not built, and new legislation tightened the construction of construction in the coastal strip). There are cleaner and less crowded beaches, quiet towns, not depraved tourists attendants, better service, people kinder (subject).

Notes on Bulgaria - Burgas, Bulgaria Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Burgas on the turmprom

Prices in Bulgaria are very happy. Good lunch / dinner in a restaurant for two, with a pair of beer glasses will cost 20 – 30 lips (10 – 15 euros). A glass of spill beer in a restaurant about 2 leftions. A bottle of good dry wine in a restaurant from 8 Levs, in a 6 – 12 left store (3 – 6 euros). Consider the Wine that you buy in Bulgaria does not have any comparison with that Bourdio, which is sold in our stores under the guise of Bulgarian Wine. Wine, worth more than 6 lefts per bottle (this is a little more than 3 euros) is not inferior to Italian, Spanish or French wines, which in Moscow cost from 500 rubles and more expensive (gentlemen, boxes buying collective wine 1000 euros and more expensive can ironically grin, although, I think they do not read it). I advise you to try grade Maurud, Pamid, Wine Production of the Asenovgrad district, White Muscat.

Purchases. In Burgas on the central street (Alexandrovskaya) and on the adjacent streets, many small shops with good goods (clothes, jewelry) and normal (relative to Moscow) prices. At the end of the street (near the monument to the Soviet soldier) a large shopping center. Big Mall Carrefour is located on the outskirts of the city (bus from the central bus station, go for about 15 minutes), high-quality clothing and shoes, in T.C. sufficiently famous marks. In the towns on the coast a lot of small stores, sell local or Turkish brands, or "non-potted copies", good quality, funny prices. Cheap laptops, but, as a rule, come with a package of accessing the network and non-residents are not sold.

People. Did not meet any rejection of the Russians. Good attitude, Bulgarians older than 40 almost everyone understands Russian, youth knows more English or German, but in any case there is no language barrier. Service personnel (in the hotel, restaurants, stores) polite (except for those taxi drivers at the airport of Burgas). In Burgas, on the central bus station, it is annoyed with a "very favorable" exchange rate of euro and dollars. I myself did not change and I do not advise anyone.

Do not calculate in restaurants. But control that you order, you can bring another dish, like a similar, but not that. In "Duty Free" at the airport of Burgas "Randomly mistaken" and broke through not the price (naturally made a mistake in the biggest). Discovered after leaving the store, five minutes later. Returned and "Error" corrected.

An airport. In the departure zone, the departure scoreboard is right outside. Do not focus on the zones "Schengen" and "not Schengen": see which rack will be registration on your flight. When we flew out, in the zone "not Schengen" stood a huge queue of Russian-speaking citizens. It turned out that this is registration for flight to Israel. And our board in Moscow registered just in the zone "Schengen". Registration and inspection pass quickly. In the departure zone, a small store "Duty-Free", while prices for Bulgarian wines are significantly higher than in stores in the city. I advise you to buy white cognac (production of France), original thing. If you need to wait a long time for a long time, it is better to rise to the second floor, there is an open terrace, very comfortable, cafe-bar (European prices!), a lot of free space.

Weather. Rested from August 15 to September 9. During this time (in Tsarevo) there were three or four rain, two or three days with cloud. Even when it was cloudy or raining, it’s not all day. The weather changes quickly: in the morning there may be rain, and after lunch – the sun and hot. Temperature in mid-August to + 28-30, in early September + 24-26. Water in August is very warm, in September a little cooler, but it is still comfortable to swim. For this period of the day, four (again not all day) were big waves (the red flag hangs on the beach and they are not allowed to swim), but you can swim by the coast and sunbath.

Conclusion: on my impressions of rest in Bulgaria, taking into account the price / quality ratio and cheap leva rate, not worse than in Greece, Italy, Spain (all envy, hotel, amounts!).

I do not consider it necessary to describe the sights, t.To. This is detailed in guidebooks.

Notes on Bulgaria - Burgas, Bulgaria Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Burgas on the turmprom

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