Nothing holds on Earth

Who said that the hotel must have a solid foundation? On the planet there was a sufficient number of hotels are ready to provide their guests with the most unexpected forms of accommodation.

Life in Mabyrinth

Underground hotel in its purest form is available only in Australia. In the town of White Cliffs in the midst of rocky wasteland province of New South Wales – about a thousand kilometers from Sydney and Melbourne – is Underground Motel, completely knocked out in the soft sandstone. The main advantage of the place is very low humidity and almost complete absence of rains, it is these conditions that provide the possibility of a comfortable life under the ground, as well as the preservation of structures. It looks just like an oasis in the middle of the desert, but under the outer buildings and the pool there are more than 30 rooms, a restaurant for 100 people and even two small rooms for meetings and conferences. Each room has its own ventilation shaft, but some of the highlights through a hole in the ceiling. All rooms are connected by a real labyrinth of underground corridors. The hotel is located in one and a half hours drive from Mutavinji National Park, where Aborigines live, – excursions are organized with local guides.

Another similar type of accommodation is hotels in caves. The most famous of them are located in Central Turkey. Small Pension Elkep Evi occupies a hill top over the ancient city of Urgup. He looks like an ordinary hotel with an east facing in a common courtyard rooms, but it is carved into the rock, ladders, terraces, rooms. All rooms have central heating, toilet, shower, rooms are decorated with traditional carpets. The hotel has a restaurant with local cuisine. Entertainment of guests offering a trip to rock churches and monasteries of Cappadocia, flying over a valley on the balloons, horse riding in the surrounding area. And, of course, it is better to wind up your trip to some Sufi festival, which are regularly held in Cappadocia, most often in Kone – it is there that you can see the real circles of the dervish.

Beaver Hat

The main underwater hotel Jules Undersea Lodge is located off the coast of Florida, and to enter the cozy room, you need to dive with aqualung for 7 meters. The building consists of two bedrooms and a living room – all rooms with large porth illuminators, from which you can observe the marine inhabitants, and in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexican Bay. To live here there are all: hot shower, kitchen with fridge and microwave, TV and telephone for communication with the outside world. Well, of course, residents are available all imaginable and unthinkable diversional courses.

Less Extreme Water Hotel Utter Inn is located in Sweden, on Lake Malamen, close to Stockholm. This is a small red house swinging on the water, but few knows that under it is hidden a small aquarium, sufficient for comfortable placement of two people. Guests are delivered to the hotel on the boat, and all the entertainment is to warm in the sun on a small deck around the house and catch fish. Food is brought separately.

On the seventh sky

One of the most common hotel adventures is life on trees. Dominics in branches can be found in India, USA, Southeast Asia. But the most close place to us is the hotel Kadirs Tree House Hotel in Turkish Olimpos, literally a couple of hours drive from resort Antalya. The houses look pretty threateningly, connected by rissed lades (although there were no accidents), and the double room is worth some 25-30 dollars per night (in addition to living and breakfast included even lunch and breakfast). Olympos – one of the most youth places on the coast, and here is not boring in the evening.

You can go away from the Earth and in the Design Hotel Euromast in the center of Rotterdam. In the old television, at an altitude of 100 meters above the city, a restaurant worked for a long time, now there are two more very spacious rooms with all the comforts and stylish decor, one is called "Stars", another – "Heaven". Surprise guests want everyone – from a jacuzzi in a bathroom with a glass wall to black toilet paper. By the way, book a room must be at a minimum for three months, and the queue is very big – Euromast is popular with newlyweds.

Tear away from land


Nothing holds on Earth

Eski Turban Oteli Arkasi No: 26
Urgup, Cappadocia, TURKEY, +90 (0) 384 341 60 00
Double Room – from $ 90

The Underground Motel

White Cliffs, NSW, Australia, +61 (0) 8 80 91 66 77
Double Room – from AU $ 90


Kadir’s Yoruk Top Tree House, Olympos, Antalya, Turkey, +90 (0) 242 892 12 50
place in the house – from 20 lir

Utter Inn

Lake Malaren, VASTERAS, NR Stockholm, Sweden, +21 13 96 00
$ 100 per person, including dinner

Nothing holds on Earth

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