Novice travelers: where to go and how to earn

I wonder what it usually begins with a small step – first trip. If the route is chosen correctly, the desire to travel is only enhanced, and the travel themselves can soon and in the way of living.

Where to go abroad for the first time

Since novice travelers often overcome fears and doubts, for the first time it is better to go to the country, most comfortable for travel. Mean:

  1. Lack of language barrier so that the tourist understand almost always and everywhere. So, the Russians can go to Latvia, Georgia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Armenia, Bulgaria, since many people know Russian there. Knowing basic English, you can significantly expand geography and go beyond the United Kingdom and the United States to Europe, including Scandinavia countries (for example, Denmark, Norway). Other directions – Turkey, South Africa, Hong Kong (English here enjoyed in a business environment, in tourism), Singapore, Malta and T. D.
  2. Developed travel infrastructure. In most European cities without difficulty, you can find car rental services, hotels and hostels on a different budget, catering establishments. Network of public transport routes are developed here. At the same time, in the Republic of Vanuatu, which cozy is located on the chains of the islands, with accommodation, as with nutrition or transfer from novice tourists traveling alone, problems may arise.
  3. Security. Insurly, France, having studied information about the frequency of natural disasters, crimes, as well as the quality of the health system called a list of the safest countries for travelers this year. It includes: Switzerland, Singapore, Norway (in the top of the leaders), as well as Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, and others. All the data were analyzed 180 states. The lowest indicators were in South Sudan.
Novice travelers where to go and how to earn

Finally, the presence of attractions, beautiful nature, which would attract a tourist and gave him unforgettable emotions. After all, what, how not they will inspire new travel planning.

Top 5 ways to make money on a trip

Perhaps one of the most common options for traveler – Travel-blogger. Many people ride around the world, telling about their travel on the net, as well as complementing the stories of beautiful photos. Beginning traveler can also go on this path. The main thing is to consider which audience a blog will be calculated that it will be published in it and, most importantly, how it is all to monetize.

So, some sell information (tell subscribers for money, how to choose cheap tickets, where it is better to settle, how to save in the visited cities), others – Ready content. For example, articles are written for well-known magazines, sell copyright photos on photologists, in social networks and t. D. By the way, their playground, on which they tell about their trips, can be an excellent option for advertising services, including other bloggers or companies. The main thing is that this platform reads, and coverage was big.

Other options:

  • Leasing your own housing for rent, for example, through AirBNB service. At a minimum, this will allow to cover the cost of its content, and as a maximum, also will bring extra money.
  • Buying interesting things abroad with subsequent sale. Speech can go about the exclusive handmade products purchased, for example, somewhere in South Africa, and exhibited on eBay.
  • Remote work. Today, designers, web developers, translators, marketing experts, programmers, illustrators, test holders, Call-centers, journalists or verses can earn from anywhere in the world, and quite well.

Someone can come in seasonal work. Most often, tourists are offered harvest (vegetables, fruits, berries), fish cleaning.

In any case, there are always options. It is only important to consider the pros and cons of each and try to use them to the maximum. Thus, experienced travelers do not earn on something one, but on the contrary, use several ways to earn.

Novice travelers where to go and how to earn

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