Old City Novigrad Located in the northern part of the major island, history. As a resort area, the city acquires fame in the 70s of the last century.

The city attracts tourists with comfort and tranquility, a variety of dishes and historical sights. You can have a good time on yacht trips, there is even a separate marina. A huge plus that will not be able to not be celebrated vacationers – pebble beaches with transparent water. Arriving at the resort at the end of summer, you risk getting to the cheerful festival in honor of the fish, one of the largest in European territory. Huge charm makes a narrow, quiet streets, covered with snow-white houses.

The local territory was already settled in the ancient century. Archaeological excavations confirm this. Until now, medieval cathedrals, temples, churches that store valuable relics in their walls are painted in almost every turn. Novigrad will be an excellent idea for family holidays. Thanks to the soft subtropical climate, staying on numerous beaches will be comfortable, and gentle inputs in the sea are suitable for children. From the central part of the city to the coastal band can be reached in 10 minutes.

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What is interesting to see in Novigrad?

Top attractions of Novigrada

Cave dough

Museum of Lapidarium

Novigrad: excursions and events

Even the city and did not become famous for its sizes, there are plenty of places that are able to pass the tourist for a long time.

Of course, the excursions are not long, bypassing the city can be on foot per hour or two. But tourist routes introduce holidaymakers with the historical heritage of the local people. Narrow streets will drive you among the ancient baroque and gothic architecture. The obligatory point is to visit the temples and monasteries: the Cathedral of Saint Pelagia and St. Maximia, Diocese and T.D.

You can take yourself to a sea walk, during which guides will be able to show the city from afar and tell about the history of its creation. Separate attention deserves the embankment stretching for many kilometers.

Among other things, the city is famous for the large-scale fish festival. What delicacies here just do not serve. Excellent option for acquaintance with culinary research edges. Another major event – Jazz Festival. Both celebrations take place on the last summer month, so you simply book a room in this period is simply impossible. And July is famous for the regatta, which begins in Venice. A large number of celebrities is going to the city.

History of Novigrad

Climate in Novigrad

Novigrad has a soft Mediterranean climate, which allows you to engage in both active views and comfort for a narrow streets of the city. Most of the Novigrada is on the coastline, so the heat is easily transferred due to the fresh, cool winds, which revealed from the Adriatic Sea.

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The sun shines most of the year, so, whatever a month for a trip to these edges you have not chosen, it will be nice to relax. Its peak temperature reaches at the end of summer, in August or in September. In winter, a bit cool, the temperature rarely rises above 10 degrees.

Novigrad: Entertainment and Activities

The main entertainment of Novigrad is concentrated on its numerous beaches stretching for many kilometers. The coastal strip is just 10-15 metropot of central city. Basically, they are represented by concrete platforms, but each of them has a convenient staircase for a comfortable entrance to the water. Places comes across Galka. Here are the ideal conditions for the diving. Due to the lack of sand, the water is very transparent and can easily consider submarine residents.

The most popular place of rest for both children and their parents – Local Water Park, located a few kilometers from the city. Built it quite recently and it was the first water park in Croatia. Activities in Novigrad, it is, first of all, cycling. For weak half of humanity, beauty salons are built in the resort. It is worth playing golf on green fields and take yourself water sports. Special popularity is used by catamarans and yachts.

Among other things, in the city there are often a variety of events, including the fish festival known to the whole of Europe. Especially many holidays fall on the end of summer.

Transport features of Novigrad

Novigrad transport system is mainly a water type of transport. First of all, we are talking about yachts, boats, boats, catamarans.

More convenient and budgetary things, ride a narrow city streets through a bike or scooter. Experienced tourists advise to go to walk on Novingrad on foot and at the same time to see the protected corners of the city. You can use a taxi service. The staff will be able to call a taxi from any hotel. Other cities in the peninsula regularly run buses . For convenience, you can rent a car.

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