Nude Society: Where Nudists rest?

When people dared to pull off their swimsuit and provide their nude body into the power of sunlight and sea waves?

Man’s relationship with clothes started their formation still in ancient times. In antiquity, did not believed to fall into anything during sports, and the Greek word "Himnos" has a common root with words Gymnasium and gymnastics.

At the time of Alexander the Macedonki, the cult of naked body was created by philosophers Himnosophics, which were not different as Nagi wise men.

With the arrival of Christianity together with the hope of the privileges in the afterlife appeared many dogms that made the topic of the human body forbidden. Only in 1905, the French scientist-anarchist Jean Recreet dared to publish the book "Man and Earth", in which he called upon to appeal to nature and throw close apparels. The mechanism was launched.

Following France germanium pulled. In the 1920s, a German society covered a wave of nudist organizations and youth associations that promote completely in relation to the body. Puritan grabbed the head and because of her conservative thinking considered the advanced young empty. And even nudism did not have sexual population, the idea did not find wide support in the 40s-50s.

The situation has changed only with the advent of Hippie, together with their motto "closer to nature". The modern world is no longer entitled to impose or deny anything, so nudists are now just a group of people in interests that are not widely public support, however, as condemnation. In general, each harass choose himself.

Nudism and Naturism

By calling a naked person a nudist, you risk getting nickname "Nevezh". And nudists and naturists openly demonstrate their disengagement of clothing. However, the difference is that the first make it for their own comfort, and the second elevation to the rank of philosophy.

Some go even further and belong to the nude as a political act, fighting for the right to self-expression, watched by UNESCO’s support. It should be noted quite successfully, since the number of "free" beaches and hotels is growing every year. So the thirsty inner (and external) freedom, communicating with like-minded people and, of course, even tanning, I can advise several cult places.


On the kissing sun, Corsica about 200 beaches, and 40 of them Nudist (the term "Naturism" has not yet taken root in public consciousness). This place is distinguished by decency and tranquility, which can slightly disrupt unless that several tourists coming here for the weekend. Very popular resort Riva Bella.

Here, on the longest beach in Europe, Linguizzetta Naturists from all over the world are located in cozy bungalows and divide eucalyptus forests with wild lamas.

Balearic Islands

This places have not yet had time to become pop, here do not drive trains and airplanes do not fly. The only way to be in this "Naturalist Rae" &# 8211; Seating on the ferry from the southern coast of Ibiza. No high-rise hotels and countless tents with souvenirs. Only wild trees of olive and figs, bicycle paths and almost untouched nature.

Since the 70s, Hippie often gathered here, they attracted the pure Mediterranean Sea and almost the complete absence of all the benefits of civilization.


Nude society where nudists rest

Spacious beaches of the French region Brittany is not just a paradise for those who are used to rest without clothes. This is a cult place, because it was here that Naturism originated in its modern version. The post-war spirit of liberalism spawned the "French federation of Naturism".

During World War II, part of the Riviera was occupied by the Nazis, which could not not irritate the wayward French, who already in the 50s organized here a nudist megakurt.

Lesbos Island

At the junction of the VII and VI century to our era, an ancient Greek poetess Sappo lived and worked on Lesbosa, the first woman, chasing same-sex affection.

Nowadays, representatives of non-traditional orientation and just inquisitive travelers come to the island to take part in the annual thematic festival, to see the Ereso clock, near which sappo lived, swim in crystal clear water and enjoys each other. Sixturists – Beach Ephalowa.


Stony Coast Croatia Liberally Many Italian Beach. Rest is cheaper there than in Greece. Calm and picturesque Croatian coast chose Germans, Austrians and British.

The most photographed beach in the country called "Golden Rog" is divided into two sections: People in swimsuits are resting in one, in another without these. There is always an opportunity to "roll off", so this is a great place for newbies. True, the nudist section is on the islands. To get to them will have to float, on the boat. One word, romance!

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