Nuremberg – Central City of Bavaria, located on both sides of the River Peganits. The city ranks second in the number of residents who are half a million. Many tourists want to visit this cultural and economic center of Franconia. The first mention of the construction of the city belongs to the middle of the 11th century. The history of the settlement developed rapid throughout his life. Nuremberg quickly turned into one of the most significant and influential Bavarian cities.

The city is distinguished by the presence of many museums and churches. Tourists love to study the repository of national, craft, transport museums. Museum of toys will seem very curious. Not far from the church of St.Lorenz settle out street musicians who came here from all over the world.

It will be interesting to visit the old part of the city, where a large number of souvenir shops and attractions that have come down to this day from the past centuries. Fürster gate – Excellent point from where all the beauties of Old Nuremberg are opening. From the North side, the city still protects the stone, protective wall. Commitable to visiting Palace Complexes,

In Nuremberg, life is buried in the literal sense of the word, the special atmosphere reigns here, which has to walk and new discoveries. It combines old and new, historical and modern. Everything is harmonious and calm.

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What is interesting to see in Nuremberg?

Top attractions of Nuremberg

Christmas Fair in Nuremberg

Nuremberg Fortress

Castle Museum Neuhof

Territory of Congresses NSDAP and Zeppelin field

Route "Historic Mile Nuremberg"

Nuremberg Market Square

Nurembergian dungeons

Palace of Justice in Nuremberg

Castle tuckers

Palace Bridge in Nuremberg

Nuremberg: excursions and events

The city of Nuremberg presents a spectrum of attractions and excursions for every taste and age. For children there are zoos, parks, seats for family holidays. Family couples and young people will be able to entertain, learning a cheerful night. Shopaholics will also not remain aside. Going on a tour best with the guide on the bus either on your own on the car to have time to go around as much spaces as possible.

Traditionally, find out the city stands with historical places. In Nuremberg, this location is the old town, where the atmosphere and spirit is well felt. This part of the city is surrounded by a powerful wall that has come down to us from ancient times. Then it is worth paving your route to the Nuremberg Fortress. Rising upstairs, you can admire the panorama of the city.

A great continuation of the excursion will be the famous quarter «Burgviertel», which carries the true history of World War II. The buildings were practically not affected during bombing. Next you can independently determine what the museum you want to visit and continue the Council of Learning Nuremberg already there.

Food tasting is suitable as interesting events. After tedious excursions, you can look into one of the urchopits and taste local. Caloric kitchen. It will be a small gastronomic journey. Of course, the main events of Nureberg are its numerous festivals and fairs.

Nuremberg, Germany Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Nuremberg Travel Guide

History of Nuremberg

Climate in Nuremberg

If you are a lover of sunny weather, then Nyurberg is not for you. Since the city is located in the zone of cold temperate climate, in the central part of Europe, it is rarely hot here.

In the city of Winter is quite small and soft, while changing. Snow Local residents can see only 5-7 days a year maximum. Severe frosts here. In the summer, usually a lot of rains and weather with the Council of the Sun, opposite the street almost always overcast. The average annual temperature does not exceed -8 degrees. During the pride in Nuremberg, a tremendous amount of precipitation falls, even in the most seemingly arid months.

Nuremberg: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Nuremberg will definitely not let you get bored, besides traditional historical sites, he has a lot that you offer.

If you arrived on holidays with children, it is necessary to visit the local zoo. Animals here live in conditions as close as possible to this. Children will be delighted with dumping rhinos, elephants and giraffes, and what the dolphinarium is worth. Lovers of recreation and nature will greatly feel on the lake in the center of the city, where you can ride on a rented bike or drink beer in the fresh air. There are always a lot of roller or skaters in the park. You can take horse riding lessons, very impressive. To relax Visit the thermal pool FüRTHERMARE with bath and salt baths. Fishing lovers can visit the appropriate club and relax with spinning in hand.

Among other things, Nuremberg can be called the capital of festivals to which. If you are lucky you can get. In the New Year holidays, there is a visit to the Christmas market on the square of fully dyed shopping tents. Often singers and bards come from all over the world for musical festivals. Separate entertainment – Tasting of local dishes. Picking place are occupied by gingerbread and mulled wine.

Nuremberg transport features

Nuremberg – fairly large city with developed infrastructure. To quickly get from one part of the city to another locals prefer the subway, which is the basis of the entire Nuremberg transport network.

No smaller role in movement in the Bavarian city, buses and trams play. It is worth noting that Nuremberg is a major and serious railway, automotive knot. Town – Point of intersection of lines of international expressions and important trails. An important role in the city’s transport network is played by the airport, daily receiving international flights, as well as on the river there is a port. Summing up, we can say that Nuremberg has a very developed transport infrastructure.

Nuremberg, Germany Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Nuremberg Travel Guide

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