Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida ; the largest of three ; Nusa Islands ;, Located next to the southeast coast of Bali Island. Probably exactly what the island of Bali looked like (or at least his southern part) 60 years ago, before the island was opened for mass tourism. Desert beaches, rocky shores, endless ocean ; It is worth going here to those who are looking for refuge from civilization, interesting adventures, beautiful pictures, a quiet atmosphere and island authenticity. In addition, Nusa Penida is considered one of the best directions for diving and snorkeling on Bali.


Destinations for travel. For what, where and when to go. Vehicles and accommodation, ready routes and TP.

Ride on Nusa Penida ; A rather popular direction for one-day tours to Bali, moreover, here, without any problems, you can come on your own on your day from Bali Island, take the motorbike and view the most interesting places of the island in the day. But if you have an adventure seeker in you, plan to spend on the island of Nusa Penida at least 2-3 full days plus separate day on snorkeling with mantam.

Do not miss the Penida Island

  • Rent a motorbike!)
  • Admire dramatic beautiful views from the legendary Viability of Kelingking (Kelingking).
  • Open in the created nature ; Infinity pool ; ; Angel’s Billabong and Admire Broken Beach Beach.
  • Highlight half-day to the charming Crystal Bay bay, swimming with a mask or relaxing on the shore with a cocktail in his hands)
  • Visit in the present current cave temple ; Goa Giri Putri, the main cultural attraction of the island.
  • Spend a couple of hours Floating and sunbathing on a white beach Artuh (Artuh Beach), before climbing the rock, which separates the beach Artuh from one of the most beautiful beaches of the island ; Diamond (Diamond Beach). Having been in love with a view of the beach and the ocean with the view-Point, go down to the beach along the steep steps to walk through the snow-white sand by the ocean surrounded by the picturesque rocks.
  • Make a stop on a longer on one of the most spectacular view of the island ; Thousandth island (Thousand Island ViewPoint).
  • Carefully change the picture for the eyes, heading into the mountains to the terrain of the famous called Teletubies Hill.
  • Highlight the day to snorkeling with huge catches of Manta, who chose the same bay in Pidid.
  • All over the day allocate on ; Secret places ; Penida ; Refresh from dry heat in the natural basins of the rainforest Tembeling (Tembeling), overcome the mass of the steps laid along the sheer rocks in the search for rocky waterfalls and visit less well-known, but not less beautiful browsing and beaches along the southern coast of the island.

Viability of Penida Island

Dramatic, perfectly beautiful species combining bizarre forms of the rocky coast and endless ocean ; What is attractive and especially the island of Nusa Penida. Many prevails of the penida are located on high sheer rocks, for reasons of security we would not recommend approaching clouds and the more sackets ; with nature jokes are bad)

Kelingking (Kelingking)

The most famous bridge of Kelingking (Kelingking) can be found in many pictures of Bali Island. From here there is a view of the T-shaped bay, picturesquely bolded cliffs, one of which is similar to the dragon’s body. In addition to the standard Viability, from which, in fact, most photos are made, beautiful views are opening with a steep staircase leading down to the beach, as well as with inconspicuous pedestrian trails on the rocks, slightly away from the main Viability (be the most popular and reserve good shoes Walking on the rocks or going down the stairs).

Kelingking ; Very popular place, there are all the tour groups from Bali, so the earlier you get here, the greater the chances to admire the beauty in proud loneliness)

Broken Beach and Rocks around Natural Basin Angel&# 8217; S BILLABONG

Rocky shores surrounding the big bay of Manta (exactly the one who was chosen by the huge catches of manta) ; WARNING CREATION OF NATURE. Broken Beach (Broken Beach) ; The place from which the view on ; punched ; Ocean peculiar tunnel in rocks. 5 minutes walk ; Descent to the natural basin of Angel&# 8217; s Bilabong, another wonderful creation of nature. Arriving here, look around and take a walk on the rocks (as much as possible, of course). From the cliffs view of the pool opens no less beautiful than from the pool itself. Moreover, in good weather, in some places from the cliffs you can see the rods of manta, calmly floating at the rocks.

Thousands of Island

The spectacular bridge with an intriguing name Movie Island (Thousand Island) is located on the eastern cape of Nusa Penida Island. From here there are chic species on the eastern beaches and the ocean. The walkway to the Watchman leads through the houses on the Rumah Pohon Molenteng trees, which have become a popular view-Point due to bloggers and photographers. The only Council ; If you decide to boil around the ladder of the house for a spectacular photo, do not forget to ask permission from tenants)) By the way, the houses can be rented (if you really want to wake up at sunrise with a completely beautiful picture before your eyes), see prices here.

Banah cliffs

Much less well-known and less visited view-point in the southern part of the coast of Penida. Open panorama of the ocean and rocky coast and anyone around (if lucky, of course), what could be better?)

Beaches of Penida Island

On the island of Penida two bathing equipped beaches ; ATUH Beach and Crystal Bay. The rest of the beaches of Penida ; Wild, to many need to go down the steep stairs ladded in the rocks. Planning your trips to the beaches, check the time of tidys.

ATUH Beach Beach

Tiny, hidden among rocks, white sand beach and turquoise transparent water. Equipped with sun beds and umbrellas, there are Varungi and cafes, an entrance to the beach on both sides, from the side of Diamond Beach ; Beautiful view-Points. To the beach is a simple descent on the steps from the parking lot. Here you can easily spend the day in pleasure, bathing, sunbathing, swimming with a mask.

Beaches Diamond and Suwehan

Two beach on the southeastern coast of Nusa Penida, which combine completely chic rocky rocks, white sand, emerald blue water and hard-to-reach. Although the sake of justice it should be noted that the descent to the beach of Dimond (Diamond Beach) is much easier and safer than the descent to the Beach of Suvekhan.

Diamond Beach is located next to ATUH Beach, so this beach is more ; Caught ;. Massive steps are carved in the rock, at the entrance ; Mobile kiosk with drinks and snacks, and cute photo-spot with ; nest ; and swings over the ocean. Walking on the beach is not recommended, by virtue of strong trends and big waves. But walk around the beach ; pure pleasure. On the way from parking to the beach there are couples of very spectacular view-punctors.

Further along the coast is located Suwehan Beach. Completely gorgeous views on top, but the descent is not for the faint of heart. During the tide, the beach is almost completely overlapping. In the tump ; on the beach nicely walk, swim, however, it is not recommended here.

Beach Kelingking

The most famous Nusa Beach Penida, who, however, attend a few. With the view-Point on the rocks (see above), not very reliable steps were laid down, so it is necessary to descend as much as possible. Descent takes about 30-40 minutes. Beach, naturally and expected, beautiful. But it is impossible to swim here, maximum ; Walk along the water, jump in the waves. In the beach area ; Very strong flows and big waves. Come here early in the morning or closer in the late afternoon, to break up with tourist groups from Bali.

Crystal Bay Bay

The crystal bay is located pretty close to the main infrastructure of the island, so getting here is the easiest way. Big beach, palm trees, umbrellas, sun beds, puffs and folding chairs, cafes and varunga, hire of masks ; In general, this beach, in contrast to all the above-mentioned interesting beaches of Podidids ; The one that neither is the usual beach of Yuva, on which it is nice to spend the day floating with a mask, a lazyman, reading a book and drinking a cocktail)

Nuta Pools Nusa Penida

Natural pools created by nature in the rocks by the ocean ; Feature of the landscape of Nusa Penida. Special attention here has three places ; The aforementioned infinity ; Pool Angel&# 8217; S BILLABONG, natural pools Tembeling and natural pools PEGUYANGAN waterfall.

Infinity ; Pool Angel&# 8217; S BILLABONG

Very unique place ; Pretty large swimming pool formed by cliffs and outgoing to the open ocean. Here you can swim, but only in the tump, when the ocean is low and the waves do not reach the pool itself. In tides and storms, do not even think to descend into the water and even more so approach the edge of the pool.

This place is included in the list of the most popular places of the island, so there are always a lot of people here. Plan a trip earlier morning or closer in the late afternoon to have a chance to stay here alone or at least in a small company)

Natural pools Tembeling

In the natural sources forming natural pools Tembeling (Tembeling) leads a pedestrian trail with a mass of steps through a picturesque rainforest. A little further from the pools ; Stony beach Tembeling and caves, in which a large number of pagodas of stones are folded. Very beautiful and atmospheric place, not yet very popular among tourists. Plan to hold a minimum of half a day!)

Natural Pools PEGUYANGAN Waterfall

Nusa Penida

PEGUYANGAN rock waterfall, located on the southern coast of the island, flows directly to the ocean (read below), the mass of wooden steps are laid on the slope of the rock. Next to the waterfall, under the rock ; Natural sources that form small pools, descending with a cascade to the edge of the cliff, which overlooks the ocean. There are usually not much more people here, as this place is much less popular and rarely included in the standard routes of Nusa Penida.

Rock waterfalls

Two rocky waterfalls are located on the southern coast of the island ; The aforementioned Peguyangan and Seganing. Immediately it is worth noting that the waterfalls of Nusa Penida ; These are not waterfalls Bali) You will not find here powerful cascades of water and riveting greenery. Both waterfall fall from rocks to the ocean and both require a lot of desire and quite a lot of effort to get here and wash the ice water. To both waterfalls are ladders on the rocks.

The descent to PEGUYANGAN waterfall is definitely much easier and more picturesque, the wooden staircase leads to the waterfall, opening completely stunning views in some places on the descent. Descent takes about 30 minutes. At the bottom ; In addition to a waterfall, sources with nodulane pools and a small temple.

To the descent to the Seganing waterfall, we recommend thoroughly to prepare, correctly planning the time and taking with you trekking shoes, as the descent here in some places is very unpleasant. This experience will delight only adventurers and lovers of mountains.

Penida temples

The most famous temple of the island ; Goa Giri Putri ; Massive current temple located in a large cave on the east coast of the island. In addition, there are many small temples on Penida, the visit to which will give the opportunity to get closer to the local culture. Many temples are located on the rocks, so planning the daytime route to check the chambers on the path in which you can stop.

Teletubies Hill

The name of this place is translated as a hill telepusikov) In our humble opinion, this area is rather reminiscent of the glorious country of bonding than the world of telepulic. This is the depth of the island ; With massive green hills forming fabulous landscapes, rice terraces and tiny villages. There is no special infrastructure, so reserve food, water and gasoline, planning a trip to the island deep.

Snorkeling with manta rods

Huge caught manta ; One of the incredible creatures of nature living in the ocean. These incredible giants can be unchecked, but, fortunately, for residents and guests of Nusa Penida Manta chose a large bay on the west coast of the island and you can meet almost with anyway. Mantans are not dangerous for a person, but nevertheless in the water should be held at a respectful distance from the giant.

Local snorkeling tour on Penida can be booked in Crystal Bay Bay, or through any of the local guests. Plan a separate day to meet with marts, since after this experience you will only want to relax on the beach or by the pool. Booking a tour, remember that you will have to swim in the ocean, where the flows even in the bays at the shore are quite strong, so expect your strength, respectively.

Snorcling tour with mantam from Bali See here.

# Nusa Penida in routes, blogs, articles of the guidebook ; watch a selection

Orientation on the island, how to plan time on Penida

To make it easier to orient on the island and clearer how to plan your time on the island, you can conditionally distinguish four main areas interesting in terms of travel: Northern Island, West Coast, South and Southeast Coast.

Northern Penida

The main infrastructure of the island is concentrated in the northern part of the island. Made ships and boats from Bali Islands, Nusa Lebgan and Nusa Cheningan. Almost all residential infrastructure is concentrated here ; from budgetary-khouzov and bungalows to comfortable cottages. The northern part of the island is replete with local Varunga and tourist grilled restaurants and bars (the latter are located mainly along the coastline).

It should be noted that there is no prisoner on the penida (at least), brightly pronounced tourist areas ; and housing and food here are scattered throughout the northern part of the island, so staying mobile here is very important, and Motobike ; Mandatory vehicle, if you plan to linger on the island more than a day. Motobike can be rented upon arrival in the port (oriented in the amount of 60000 ; 70000 INR). Be sure to take a helmet and sit behind the wheel only if you have a solid driving experience Motobike ; Roads Penida not for beginners. Here you can find the driver with the machine if you are not friends with the motorbike (prices plus-minus the same as Bali). Alternative ; Tie through the forms of feedback in booking systems with the owners of their best and ask for their help regarding the transfer from the port and rental Motobike / Machine with the driver.

Wherever you settled, the road will always take advantage of a plus-minus hour to the largest point on the daily route.

The Internet can only be available in the northern part of the island, so you first download off-line cards for navigating the island.

Look for suitable accommodation options in the northern part of the island on Nusa Penida map

West Coast of Nusa Penida

Find on the Crystal Bay and Kelingking map, all the coast between these two beaches belongs to the west coast of the penida and replete with interesting places and natural attractions. From ; mandatory ; Places to visit here are viewed posts ; Kelingking and Broken Beach, Angel Natural Pool&# 8217; S BILLABONG, as well as a less famous brilliant Manta Ray.

Crystal Bay Bay ; The only appointed beach in this part of the coast, with sun beds ; Umbrellas, Varunga and Cafe. By the way, Varungi and cafes can also be found next to the main attractions of the coast.

From the south side of Crystal Bay Bay, there is also a couple of tiny very wild beaches to get to which you can on the rocks (at your own risk). Planning a trip, allocate full day for this part of the island (main attractions plus a lazy in Crystal Bay bay).

Next to Crystal Bay Bay Pretty good choice of housing. Good accommodation options (cute bungalows) are also looking for a little north of the baywood road leading to the north.

Southeast Coast of Nusa Penida

Look for two beach on the map ; ATUH Beach and Suwehan Beach, this is the southeastern coast of the island. ATUH Beach ; Bathing beach, equipped with sun beds and umbrellas.Through the rock from ATUH Beach, on which the spectacular bridge ; Beach Dimond Beach, little on ; Suwehan Beach. The two last beaches are steps, both beach with strong currents and big waves.

In addition, perhaps the most beautiful beaches on the island, there is also an enchanting view of a thousandth island and famous thanks to bloggers and photographers. House on Rumah Pohon Treehouse trees. Caves Goa Giri Putri are located approximately half a way from the northern part of the island on the road along the coast (do not miss, planning a trip).

In this part of the island rises the sun, dawn here is a separate experience. Therefore, if you have such an opportunity, plan a stop at night either in a house on the Rumah Pohon trees, or in comfortable New Hope Villa cottages (in the village near the Viability) or Lempeh Jungle Cottage near the beach atuh beach.

Allocate full day for this part of the island. To the mountain part of Teletubies Hill is also worth going from the south-east coast. For completeness, plan a day so to meet the sunset on Teletubies Hill. Varungi and refueling ; The phenomenon is rare in this part of the island and is, in fact, only in the area of ​​ATUH Beach.

South Penida

Conditional southern part of the coast stretches along the coast from Kelingking (Kelingking) to Tembeling Beach (Tembeling). Tropical Forest, Natural Pools and Few Visited Beach Tembeling ; Main attraction South Penida. In addition, in this part of the island should look for rock waterfalls Peguyangan (with natural pools) and Seganing and Banah Cliffs.

Allocate full day for this part of the island. Banah cliffs ; Good place to observe sunset.

Nusa Penida

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