Nuwar Elia Sitting (Sri Lanka)

If you are still thinking about whether it is worth visiting this city and you are looking for the same sign, so he. You really should visit this city without thinking. I hope after my feedback you will understand why.

The beauty of Nuwar Elia will be even after dreaming in the best dreams

Nuwar Elia This is a kind of fairy tale, a city that looks like old England and from which charmingly smells of freshly cooked mountain tea. There is also a tasteful tea ; Ceylon Nuwar Elia

Tea on Sri Lanka is a little more fresh than the one that we drink at home in Russia. Russia imports 60% of all Sri Lanka.

How to get?

The cheapest will reach Nuwara Elia on the motorbike, or by car, but best on local transport ; bus that walks from many bus stations quite often and is very cheap.

For example, over the distance 195 km of the passage, you pay the conductor 100 rubles. (3 dollars.).

Buses to Sri Lanka, perhaps the fastest kind of transport, the risen and he will quickly bring you back to the target target, even faster than you will drive on your own. If you are licked to Matar, Mirissa, Galle or Hikkadva cities, then this is one of the best options.

Classic bus Sri Lanka ; High-speed, rides with loud Indian music and open doors

In Nuwara, Elia is quite difficult to get, because the rising transport will be to the height of 2000 meters and beauty opens the most ; Mountains, Valley, Wild Fruits on the Way, Incredible Landscapes.

If you get from Unavatuna by the company, it is better to order a minivan with a driver yourself, such a trip will cost 2 times cheaper than tour operator services.

Ride in the city of Nuwar Elia, mostly Tuk-Tuki, at a price absolutely the same as in other areas of Sri Lanka, is not more expensive.

In Nuvara, Elia rides mainly such small cars ; Tuk Tuki

  • Rent a motorbike here is expensive. If we rented Motobike for 300 rubles. per day right at the hotel, near the sea, then here the rental price is more than 1000 rubles./day. All because there are practically no motorbikes here, there are motorcycles and they are not very much. They enjoy local, for convenient movement.
  • You can rent a bike (from 200 rubles./ day), but long with him do not care, t.To. there are high rises, sometimes they are unrealistic, such that they do not like it on the bike.
  • Another option ; train, In addition to a comfortable transfer, on certain routes, it can be seen on stunning views. It can be reached from the city of Kandy for 1000 rupees, from Ella ; from 2 to 10 dollars depending on the class of the car. But tickets are better to take in advance ; they are very quickly disassembled. Actual train schedule.

The local postage in Nuwar Elia is made in a magnificent English style, but the signboard is written in French

Golf and horses are popular in the city. You will be offered to ride in the mountains, there are different excursions.

In Nuvara Elia, some Sri Lanters move as in the old days ; At the horses, ecoly friendly and on the heroic somehow so move (:

The weather here is quite cold and fresh. Many local walk in the caps, hoodies. You can stay in hotels, but the batteries do not work here, so I recommend choosing hotels in the open sun, not very deep in the forests, where there is a lot of shadows, cool. You can talk strongly, despite the fact that in each more or less average hotel, there is a warm blanket.

Comfortable room with bathroom, 2 beds, TV and high-speed Internet for 750 rubles./ day for two

For example, our bathroom room was quite comfortable, the heat came from the Sun, which came to visit via windows. She cost us 750 rubles./night.

The price of food in Nuwar Elya for us was even lower than in a cafe near the sea. For example, we purchased a cup of tea for 2.5 rubles, a portion of rice with curry for 20 rubles., noodles with an egg for 15 rubles., Local baking from 8 USD for 1 piece.

Portion of rice with curry for 20 rubles., noodles with an egg for 15 rubles., Local baking from 8 USD for 1 piece.

Nuwar Elia Sitting (Sri Lanka)

Prices for food can be high ; in restaurants, here already at your discretion!

Fruits in the markets are also not very expensive. Cut and cleaned pineapple will cost you from 25 rubles./ piece. Mandarins from 40 rubles./ kg, papaya from 12 rubles./ kg

Order cheap transfer ; Taxi in Sri Lanka

Fruit Market in Nuwar Elia

Nature in Nuwar Elia is very different from the one that can be seen in not mountain locations Sri Lanka

Nuwar Elia is called Little England due to external similarity

The city is small, but very cozy

So, manually, collecting tea women in Nuvara Elia

waterfall ; Lover`s Fall ;

Here are local residents, ordinary workers in such houses

Rent a car in Sri Lanka

Tea plantations in Nuwara Alia Mountain Valleys

View Attractions in Nuwar Elya, we went to a small car Tuk-Tuk, rented it with the driver for the whole day and paying it, for 5-6 hours of travel ; 1200 rubles.

This is how tea grows and it in Nuwar Elia has a lot

These landscapes in Nuvara Elya a lot. Almost any road if you go from the city, for 5-10 kilometers, you can meet a lot of beauty, women collecting tea (which then goes to the factory, where it can be bought), waterfalls, tea plantations and mountain reliefs ; fairy tale!

I have a beautiful waterfall Claire`s Fall

Waterfall Devon`s Fall

If you like some special place, for example, this waterfall, enter its name in Google maps and it will determine its location 🙂

Nuwar Elia Sitting (Sri Lanka)

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