Nuwar Elia

Nuwar Elya – This tiny town is high in the mountains still keeps the spirit and atmosphere of the colonial alpine resort. Old English mansions, charming courtyards and beautiful gardens are surrounded by golf courses and countless tea plantations.

Sri Lanka

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Single Tree Hill, Nuvara Elia. Photo Credit: Nuwan Liyanage, Flick

Nuwar Elia ; One of the most picturesque, although one of the coldest places of Sri Lanka. Here you can rent a room in one of the old mansions, turned into hotels and hostels, and with heads to plunge into the unusual atmosphere of colonial Sri Lanka.

Plan a minimum one full day on Nuwar Elija plus one separate day if you want to visit the plains of Horton and return to Nuwaru Ely.

Do not miss in Nuwar Elia

  • Walk to Victoria’s Park and on Lake Gregory, admire the old colonial buildings, picturesque golf courses, blooming city gardens and high eucalyptus park.
  • Visit the tea plantation, visit the tea factory, in which the equipment of colonial times has been preserved, drink a cup of good tea on a cozy terrace with a picturesque view of the plantation and buy the same good tea home and / or a gift to friends.
  • Take a Tuk-Tuk and spend a whole day exploring beauty in the vicinity of Nuwara Elia, among which spectacular waterfalls, absolutely beautiful tiny botanical garden Hakgala and atmospheric Temple Seetha Temple.
  • Climb the top of the Single Tree Hill along the path stretching up in the mountains along tea plantations and admire the views of Nuvara Elya from a bird’s eye view.
  • Feel yourself with an English colonizer, settling in one of the colonial mansions of Nuwar Elia and / or rebuilding in a very expensive and persistent Gentelnian club Hill Club. If you did not capture a business suit and tie on your trip, they can be rented here) Golf game ; no less expensive than the gentleman club alternative ; Colonial experience ; In Nuvara Eil. Well, or at worst, dressed a white shirt and a straw hat and slowly drink a cup of morning tea in the elegant Tea Lounge in Grand Wall Nuwara Elia.
  • Be sure to try as in Nuvara Elia is cooking red curry!

Colonial architecture

The story of Nuwar Elia, as the tea capital of Ceylon, stretches from the late 19th century, when this area was opened by the British researcher and naturalist Samuel Baker. The colonists wept from the unusual heat, adored and enthusiastically frustrated Cool Nuwar Ely.

Nuwar Elia

Modern city surprised perfectly preserved the appearance ; Little England ; Sample 19 centuries ; There are many old buildings in the city, including city post office, Grand Hotell and Hill Club (the Gentlemansky Club of Colonial Nuwara Elia). In addition, newer buildings and mansions are often built in style ; Colonial English mansions ; with characteristic architecture and english gardens.

Architecture of the modern city. Photo Credit: Poliplane, Flick

Tea factories

Pedro TEA ESTATE is located in 3.5 km from the city, you can get from the city of Tuk Tuka, a local bus or even on foot. In the factory you can take a tour (about 200 local rupees) and see the historical equipment installed in the 19th century, which is still used for the production of tea.

Bluefield Tea Gardens ; Tea Factory, located 24 km from Nuwara Elya along the way to Kandy, it is worth a stop, if you travel a car from Candy to Nuvara Elii or back. On the way from Nuwar Elia in Horton (to the peak of Adam), between two picturesque waterfalls of St Clair&# 8217; S and Devon Falls Located Tea Factory St Clair&# 8217; S, where you can also stop, take a walk by plantations, drink tea.

Waterfalls Nuvara Eija

In the vicinity of Nuwara Elya there are about a dozen picturesque waterfalls, to most of which are pretty easy to get. Lovers Leap ; Waterfall located in 2 kilometers from the road connecting Nuzara Eli and a tea factory. Part of the path can only be done on foot, a wonderful view of the city opens from the waterfall.

St Clair&# 8217; S and Devon Falls ; Two incredibly picturesque waterfalls, located along the way from Nuwara Elia to Horton (to the peak of Adam), to see which from viewing sites.

Where to live in Nuvara Elia

Accommodation in Nuvara Elia ; This is a very special experience. Home Housing Recommendation ; Look in your budget the most comfortable, most ; colonial ; and a picturesque-located housing option, not taking care of his proximity to the center.

The central part of the city is a few noisy quarters at the intersection of large roads, there are shops, banks, cafes-restaurants. Searching for accommodation here is only if the goal is to find accommodation for cheap.

In all other cases, it is worth choosing either the options on the hills away from the central streets, if you still want to stay at the pedestrian distance from the center, or options near tea plantations or lakes.

Housing formats in Nuvara Elia

In fact, Nuwar Elia is in many ways its popularity by the presence of large resort hotels, which remained from the colonial past. The most famous of them ; THE HILL CLUB AND THE GRAND HOTEL.

Alternatively, large expensive hotels should have a huge number of small, very atmospheric and comfortable cottages, villas, guest houses and homster located on the hills in the city.

Third large group ; Country lodges and villas located in tea plantations.

Nuwar Elia

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