Nyacng resort

The Nha Trang resort is a snow-white beaches, azure sea, beautiful landscapes, however, as everywhere in Southeast Asia; Delicious and healthy food in numerous cafes and restaurants, diving one of the cheapest in the world, diverse and bright nightlife. There are historical and cultural attractions here.

Best time to relax in Nha Trang

The climate at the Nha Trang resort is divided into hot and rainy seasons. From January to August in Nha Trang dry season, and from September to December is considered a wet season. In January and February, pretty cool, the air heats up to +22 +25 degrees, this time is well suited for visits to sightseeing and excursions. Starting from February and to August – Clear, rains rare, the temperature rises to +30 +35 degrees.

  • July August

The hottest and dry months in Nha Trangue July-August will fit fans of tropical heat. In September, it is starting to go rain and end with January. In the rainy season, the sea becomes restless, big waves rise, so it is unfavorable time for swimming and water walks.

  • March-June

From March to June, the best time to relax in Nha Trang, in Vietnam, when there is dry weather and the calm sea.

Excursions in Nha Trang

  • Famous Mud Thap Ba

The famous mud complex Thap Ba – the perfect place to get a complete relax. There is an unlikely to be in the world where you can spend a whole day in the wellness center, swim in an artificial waterfall with mineral water, take mud baths and sunbathing near the pool for very little money!

Best of all THAP BA to visit in the morning and on working days, since the local population, the mud age is also very popular.

Nyacng resort

To sources of THAP BA, you can easily get yourself on a taxi.

  • Monkey Island

Visit to the island of monkeys can also be made independently. More than 1,500 primates live here in the natural conditions of the jungle. On the island there is an amusement park, circus involving trained animals, a small beach, restaurants with traditional Vietnamese and European cuisine.

  • Ancient Cham Towers on Nagar

Ancient Cham Towers on the Nagar, which rises in the middle of the city center, one of the main attractions of Nha Trang. Without a visit to the towers on the Nagar, no sightseeing tour of the city does not do! In one of the towers, which are operating temples, there is a statue on the Nagar 2.6 meters high.

To the cham towers can be reached by public transport.

  • Pagoda Long Sean

The most famous and visited pagoda of Long Sean and a huge snow-white Buddha, sitting in a lotus flower, sitting on the hill behind the temple – one of the country symbols. From the hill on which the Buddha is located, you can see the full panorama of the most beautiful city of the province – Nha Trang’s panorama. The entrance to the Pagoda is completely free, and you can even get to it!

  • Institute of Oceanography

If you are traveling with children, be sure to visit the Institute of Oceanography. This is the most interesting place to familiarize yourself with the underwater fauna. Excursion to the Institute of Oceanography makes it possible to visit the Museum of Sea Fauna and aquarium, which is presented almost all the livestock inhabiting the South China Sea.

Excursion to Vinel Park

Excursion to Vinoral Amusement Park in Vietnam will leave unforgettable impressions and attracts both adults and children. Vincher – the place for which it is worth come to rest in Nha Trang!

The entertainment program includes an indoor zone with slot machines, the Oceanarium "Underwater World", show of dolphins and cats, water park with a variety of slides, equipped beach and, of course, attractions for every taste. Every evening in Viperl, Vietnam in the amusement park, arrange a beautiful musical show of singing fountains.

  • How to get to the island

The best way to get to the island is to use the cable car, which in itself is a landmark, since her supports were designed by French engineers in the form of miniature eiffel towers. The cost of rental in both sides is included in the price of the entrance ticket to the park. Impressions from the trip over the open sea is enough with an excess.

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