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Balaton – Large lake located in the western part of Hungary. On the coasts of the reservoir are the most famous resort cities with mineral and thermal sources.

Starting from a long time, the land in the vicinity of Balaton was already settled. In the 18th century, the rich aristocracy begins to build mansions and sanatoriums. But right up to World War II, the resort area was buried for a wide range of tourists. Around the lake there is a large amount of hydrogen sulfide, the temperature of many of them reaches almost 40 degrees. People from all over the world fly to improve their health.

The main feature of the Balaton is enclosed in his small depth, the most reaching three meters. Swim in the waters are very nice, because the straw is completely covered with sand. However, rocky and stony cliffs are noticeable from the northern side. In the summer, the sun warms water to a mark of 20 degrees. Main tourist routes are laid in the northern part of the lake.

A variety of outdoor activities are opening up. You can deal with sailing sports, take surf lessons, play tennis or minigolf, curb the horse and ride in picturesque meadows.

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What is interesting to see in Lake Balaton?

Top attractions of Lake Balaton

Cave lakes Balaton

Resort Tapolts

Kish-Balaton or Small Balaton

Mount Badachon

Carbon dioxide Kekkuti

O. Balaton: excursions and events

The main excursions of Lake Balaton are reduced to walks on the ship on his stroit, which allows you to explore the picturesque nature, as well as trips to local resort areas.

Mondays are a group excursion Kessethe – Tikhan. Travel takes about 7 hours. Tikhan – The largest in the area of ​​the peninsula, in which two more small reservoirs are located. Be sure to make an excursion to a small Balaton. Wetlands is a protected zone protected by the state. What birds are not here not to meet.

However, the entire reserve for tourists is not fully accessible, only part of the territory can be examined. Trade excursions to the cave of locations, inside which the water of underground lakes flow. Going to rest on Lake Balaton, just can not be skipped with a natural park stretching along the whole shore. The terrain is mainly mountainous and volcanic.

For relaxation it is worth going to Lake Heviz, which was formed after the attenuation of the volcano. Water temperature reaches almost 40 degrees in summer and just above 30 in winter. At the bottom there is a dirt that, as they say, has a healing effect. This lake is considered one of the most popular in Europe.

History of Lake Balaton

O. Balaton, Hungary Recreation, Reviews, Lake Hotels Balaton Tourprom Travel Guide

Climate in Lake Balaton

Moderately continental climate reigns on Lake Balaton.

The summer period is usually long, lasts from the beginning of May and before the beginning of autumn. The sun is ready to shine round days and warm the air to almost 30 degrees. Winter is characterized by softness and low-speed, but despite this, the lake is covered with a layer of ice, thick up to 20 centimeters. For resort cities located on the lake, are characterized by strong, gusty winds that can dangerous for yacht lovers. Special services are followed by such winds. Microclimate is very similar to the sea. In general, it is comfortable to rest at any time of the year.

O. Balaton: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Lake Balaton, or rather its coasts offer ample opportunities for the active type of rest.

First of all, go to explore the water surface on one of the boats. For this, special tourist routes are being developed. From the side you can consider unique natural landscapes and floating past resort towns. In the warm season, you can simply swim in pure lake water and sunbathe on one of the beaches, all of them, by the way, meet modern requirements. Boats are already waiting for their guests in the caves to ride under the underground lakes. By cave recesses, you can walk for hours, studying the bizarre forms of stalactitis. Fisteners of fishing can be safely searched for reservoirs. It is only worth buying a license. Alternatively, a game of volleyball or tennis is suitable right on coastal beaches.

As you know, nature in the vicinity of the city, is distinguished by hills and forests. Dress comfortable water, capture a pair of sandwiches, water and boldly go to the forest wilderness to the study of nature. Recently, horse excursions are becoming increasingly popular. If not trained with horseback riding, the instructor will gladly help her master it.

Transport features of Lake Balaton

Since the lake is a popular resort for many tourists, it was worth expecting that the transport infrastructure is developed at a sufficient level.

International Airport is a few kilometers from a large resort town – Kesthey. Airplanes fly regularly to many European cities. There are also charter flights. On both sides of the lake, railway tracks extended to associate settlements with larger Hungarian cities. In addition, passenger ships and catamarans go on the lake on a permanent basis. Total there are almost 20 marins.

O. Balaton, Hungary Recreation, Reviews, Lake Hotels Balaton Tourprom Travel Guide

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