O. Crete

O.Crete is the largest island in Greece, the size of which in length reaches about more than 200 km. Isoaming this Greek island Ionian, Libyan and Aegean Sea.

Tourist attractions of Crete include: archaeological excavations in Knosse, Mal, Fest, Gordin and T. D.; Venetian Fortezza Castle in Rethymne, Samaria Gorge, Lassiti’s Plateau and Zeus Cave.

Crete Island was the center of Mina Civilization (2600 — 1400 before. NS.), which is considered ancient in Europe.

Crete — The largest and most southernmost island of Greece, in shape resembling a flying dragon. Wildlife in Crete has been preserved in pristine. Crete is divided into four areas: Heraklio, Rethymnon, Chania and Lassiti. In the south of the mountains, they approach the very sea, the constant excitement of which brings cooler waters to sand-pebble beaches and sheer rocks. The north coast is famous for its wide sandy beaches and warm, calm sea currents, thanks to which the water here warmers earlier than in neighboring Turkey. The western part of the island is characterized by a somewhat more humid climate due to the closely approaching high mountains, covered with brown vegetation, mountain rivers and small lake.

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What is interesting to see in Crete?

Top attractions of Crita

O. Crete: Excursions and Events

Palace Knossos — Archaeological Museum (visiting the excavations of the Palace of Palace — Center for Minoan Civilization)

30 EUR without entrance tickets to Museums, Spinalong Island

40 EUR, Lassiti Valley (Sightseeing excursion deep into the island with wine tasting, familiarizing with the process of producing olive oil, visiting the ceramic workshop and mountain monastery of the 14th century)

40 EUR, «Traditional Cretan evening»

40 EUR Including dinner, horseback riding, cruise on the island, «Jeep Safari», Samaria’s gorge (the longest in Europe), yacht fishing, a fifteen-hour cruise on Santorini Island (the only island of volcanic origin in Europe, the former Pirates refuge)

100 EUR, Water Amusement Parks.

History Crete

Climate in Crete

Crete Islands is a soft subtropical climate with optimal humidity within 50%. More than 300 days a year here is sunny, and the bathing season continues from mid-April to mid-November. The unique combination of sunlight, sea breeze and mountain air makes rest on the island of the present gift for the Ukrainian traveler tired of the middle strip. Those who do not like severe heat, better rest in Crete in June and September. Average day air / water temperature by months,°C: May +24..28 / + 19..21, June +28..30 / + 22..23, July +30..34 / + 24..26, August +32..35 / + 25..26, September +27..32 / + 24..25, October +25..28 / + 22..23.

O. Crete: Entertainment and Activities

O. Crete, Greece Recreation, reviews, hotels in Crete Travel Guide

The world of active recreation and entertainment in the hotel will fulfill your days and nights. Choice for you, start your day with morning aerobics or volleyball on the beach. You can spend your vacation by learning something new. At your service tennis lessons, dance or even exhibition-workshop of the arts. In the evenings you are waiting for theatrical performances, dancing under the stars, cultural events and traditional Greek music.

For outdoor activities, you can choose:

* Two illuminated tennis courts, coating one of them – artificial grass, other with hard coating, both with spotlight lighting
* Lighted Field for Mini Football, Coating – Artificial grass
* Beach volleyball
* Diving Lessons in the Pool
* Table tennis
* Pool table
* Exhibition and sale of paintings
* Board Games, Billiards, Darts

Leisure – Excellent pastime in the resort or in its immediate vicinity

* Beach run
* Horseback riding
* Bicycle rides
* Tennis
* Mini football
* Water sports
* Beach volleyball
* Archery

Transport features Crita

Taxi: Buses: All over the island of Crete, buses run, on the bus you can get into the libey point of the Crete Island.

car rental: In the presence of driver’s license in the island of Crete, you can rent a car.

Airports: On the island of Crete three airports (Heraklion, Chania, Sitia).

Railway: Ports: Numerous ferries connect the northern coast of Crete with Piraeus and the Aegean Islands. Main ports —- Heraklion and Chania. In addition, there is a message between the towns of Paleochor and Choir Sfakion in the southwest of Crete and the island of Gavdos.

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