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Evia or Evia Island – One of the largest and most popular Greek islands located at the East Coast of Central Greece. In size, Evia is inferior only to the island of Crete. Evia is a wonderful place to hold holidays or vacation, the island is ideal for any type of rest at any time of the year. Evia Island consists of three main parts – northern, central and southern, and each of them has its own unique inspirational landscape, rich in vegetation and colorful natural scenery, interesting history, ancient monuments of architecture and culture and other interesting places.

Getting to the island of Evia is quite easy, so the island is so popular among holidaymakers from around the world. On the island of Evia, many picturesque villages and cities were concentrated, each of which has its own customs and traditions. Evia is famous for unusually beautiful sandy and pebble beaches, a variety of hotel complexes and entertainment centers, restaurants and shops. Active leisure is very developed on the island: water sports, horse riding, rock climbing, mountain biking and many other sports.

Evia is the largest tourist island, which is located close to the Attic Prefecture. Evia Island has a somewhat mainland, as the two major bridges associate it with mainland Greece, because of which the island is sometimes called "Central Elda". Evia has a well-developed tourist infrastructure and a lot of opportunities for unforgettable rest. Fans of nature island will also have to do: here are beautiful gorges and rich forests, endless coastal lines and stunning sunsets.

Evia Island, as scientists believed, originally entered the mainland Greece, but later was separated from her due to earthquake. The island belongs to Evia Prefecture, which also includes two municipalities of Antidone and Avlida, as well as the island of Skyros. According to the census, the population of the island is 198130 residents.

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What is interesting to see in Evia?

Top attractions of Evia

O. Evia: Excursions and Events

With an excursion in Evia, it is worth visiting the Capital of the Island – the picturesque city of Halkid, who grew up on the ruins of the ancient settlement of the same name. In Halkid, there is a small quarter of Castro, where Venital and Turkish buildings and narrow, paved streets have been preserved. The quarter is interesting and unusual buildings: the synagogue of the 19th century, the Emir-Zade mosque, which dates back to the 15th century and the church of Agia Parassel, which is a huge basil for the 13th century. With a tour of Haldick, you can visit the Karabab fortress, which stands on the legendary Mount Furka, from where the magnificent panorama of the city and the Evieu Bay opens. Museum lovers are recommended to visit the archaeological and ethnographic museums, as well as the city art gallery.

EVBIA excursions are held in Eretria’s town, which lies 22 km from the southeast of the capital of the island. The city is famous for attractions such as the preserved areas of the Acropolis walls, the ruins of Agora, that is, the Market Square, the sanctuary, which was devoted to Dionysus – the God of winemaking, gymnasium and ancient theater.

For lovers of outdoor activities, excursions are organized in Evia on the Canyon Dimosari, where there is a unique ecosystem. This excursion begins at the origins of the Dimosari River, its duration is about 3.5 hours, for which you will overcome about 10 km. Completion of the excursion takes place on the amazing coast of Kalianos. During the excursion, you will visit the top of the Mount of Ohkh at an altitude of 1386 m, which else is called "Dragon House".

There are several excursions on historical places and sights of the island, various hiking and the most mysterious places of the island, as well as rides on the mainland, in particular, in Athens. The south of the island is rich in natural attractions that tourists are happy and enormous with the excursion. Here are the Agali Gorge, Nilea, Kirea, Rushai and Dimosari, Layrs, Liwari-Anti and Distos, Cape Cavo Doro and the Beautiful Wood Stenah.

History of Evia

Climate in Evia

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Climate in EVBII Classic Mediterranean with a sultry sunny summer and warm rainy winter. The climate in EVBII is very comfortable for rest at any time of the year, so there are a lot of rest on the island and in winter, and in the summer. Summer on the island is hot, air temperature in July and August keeps at +29..+31 degrees, often increasing to +33. Winter on the island is very soft and rainy with an average temperature of +15 degrees. The northern part of the island is most suspended, here they fall about 800 mm, while in the south of about 500 mm.

The climate in Evbey is ideal for summer holidays due to endless sunny days and warm sea. Severe sea temperature in the Aegean Sea is +23..+25 degrees. The island is also famous for thermal sources, the temperature in some of which reaches +75 degrees, and in combination with the wonderful climate, the Eviea Island can be compared with paradise on Earth. For complete acquaintance with climatic conditions of the island, see the detailed weather forecast in Evia by months.

O. Evia: Entertainment and Active Rest

Entertainment, Sport and Active Leisure Very popular in Eves. There is a lot of opportunities on the island for unforgettable holidays in nature and sports or wellness centers. Especially popular on the island classic diving – dive on the seabed with special equipment. Prices for immersion varies on average from 40 euros to 50 euros, the duration of the event is approximately half a day. Ebveya Island offers resting walks on hrenhal bikes in its picturesque area with inimitable landscape. Here are organized weekly blessings on the wilderness of the island, the route of which runs through the slope of Mount Ohhi, Dimosari Gorge and several secluded beaches. Hiking in EVBIA gradually gaining momentum: more and more visitors to the island of tourists prefer exactly this kind of outdoor activities.

Evia is also famous for hot springs, and rest on the island allows not only to relax on the shores of the Aegean Sea, but also to improve in sanatoriums and specialized centers. There are several hot springs on the island, which contain a small amount of radon. Treatment in Ebvei is recommended for people suffering from rheumatic diseases, gynecolloch and endocrine disorders and diseases of the cardiovascular system. On the island, many spa centers with a wide range of services: wraps, massages, hot tubs, mud treatments and other.

Transport features of Evia

Transportation EVBII is represented mainly by public buses CTEL, urban taxi, cars and motorcycles that can be rented both on the island itself and on the mainland. Navigate outside the island or in its various parts allow air transport and marine message. Between the peninsula Halkida and Eui, the railway communication is well developed.

The island of tourists gives the ferry, bus, taxi or aircraft, and exclusively terrestrial transport will help moving around the island, for example, buses. Buses are the most fiscal type of transport in Evbei. A little more expensive will cost car rental. Taxis is a certain luxury in terms of movement in the island. Scooters or motorcycles choose the most courageous tourists who are not afraid of a scorching sun, no dust roads.

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