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Cos – Small, but very picturesque island from the Dodecanese group. According to the statement of geologists, it is nothing more than a fragment of Malaya Asia. Located Kos not far from the shores of modern Turkey, or rather – Bodrum. Kos know how the Motherland of the famous doctor and philosopher of the hippocratic, the ancient Platan has been preserved here, under which the thinker conducted classes with students. This unique tree is considered to be one of the most ancient in Europe.

Holidays on the island of Kos will have to do not only like fans of picturesque nature, but also fans of active pastime. Everything here is created for interesting pastime – Excellent sandy beaches, the purest Azure Sea and many old monuments. The peculiarity of the braid is that this is the largest island city, which is at the same time a port, and an important administrative center.

On the Spit is the International Institute of Hippocratic and, of course, the Hippocratic Museum, fully dedicated to this famous antique healer. On the island many temples dedicated to the gods – Patrows of medicine, such as ISIS and Serapis sanctuary. Thanks to successful excavations conducted on the spit, the world has been opened by numerous archaeological beauty periods of not only the Roman and Byzantine Board, but also the Persian and Turkic periods. Similar unique findings make the history and culture of the island of Kos even more significant and interesting.

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What is interesting to look in the spit?

Top attractions Kosa

Ruins of Asklepiona

Platan Hippocrata

Knight’s castle

Patmos Island – Monastery and Cave of John the Bogoslov

Ancient Agora and Hercules Temple

Panelienion complex

Kalimos Island – Sea ..

The ancient city of Paleo drank

O. Kos: Excursions and Events

The ancient island of Kos with its numerous monuments of antiquities and natural beauty can be examined by using excursion offers, for travelers there are a lot. For example, a sightseeing tour of the Kosh, which begins with a visit to Asclepiyon, from the top level of which (third terrace) offers a magnificent view of Asclepiyon and the sea. At the excursion, a visit to the village of Zia, located on Mount Diceos, and through the villages of drank and Cardamen, tourists will follow in Kefalos, where they are waiting for lunch in the harbor. On the way back will be examined by the Antimakhiya region and the Venetian Fortress.

Tour of the city of Kos on a comfortable bus will introduce travelers with one of the most significant areas of the city with a plane feet of the Hippocrat, with the castle of knights, the beauties of the new and antique agorine. The Archaeological Museum on the Square of Eletetheria will not leave anyone indifferent. Excursion will end in dinner in the traditional Greek tavern (optional).

Excursion to spit "Jeep Safari" – Hold tourists through forests and mountains, on plains and sandy beaches, accompanied by an experienced guide. Leisure stops are made on request, in the program Hot lunch in the Greek tavern.

One of the most popular excursions on the island of Kos – Cruise to the island of Patmos or, as it is also called, «Aegean Jerusalem», In the shrine of Christianity and the abode of the ancient monasteries and churches. A stunning panorama of the island of Patmos with the monastery of John the Cologovo, as well as one of the holy places of Christianity will be examined – The cave, where the Apocalypse was written and there was a vision of St.John the Bogoslov.

Also organized fascinating cruises-excursions to the islands of Rhodes and Nisiros. In Nisiros, tourists are waiting to the crater of the volcano – volcanic dome Profitis Ilias height 698m. above sea level. The last eruption occurred in 1873. and formed several ash cones. Duration of excursion to the island about 10-12 hours.

History of Cosa

O. Kos, Greece Recreation, reviews, hotels Kosa Travel Guide

Climate in Kosya

The climate of the island of Kos is as close as possible to the Mediterranean. Here warm, dry summer and soft winter. During the whole season on the spit, excellent weather, and a lot of sunny days a lot here. In July and August, the summer heat soften the fresh sea breeze, which brings coolness. Tourist season on the island of Kos starts in April-May and by the end of October ends. True spring comes to brass by the end of March and, up to June 20, the weather on the spit is most comfortable for relaxing at sea and sightseeing.

From the end of July and until mid-September, it is quite hot on the spit, but the air is somewhat soften with light wind. For a more complete picture, you can see the weather on the spit for months. From September 20, the period comes when the weather becomes the most pleasant and soft – Warm days and slightly cool evenings, water warms up to the most favorable values ​​and comes «the Velvet season».

O. Kos: Entertainment and Active Leisure

The location and landscape of the island of Kos created on it excellent conditions for class practices like windsurfing, yachting and surfing. The North Islands coast is sandy beaches, the clean water of turquoise color. This place is small villages and picturesque views of the nearby islands – Pserimos and Kalimnos. There are strong winds, strong winds, due to which these areas are considered ideal for sports and outdoor activities on the spit.

In Psalidi, Cardamen and Spit there are certified diving centers, and a modern surf station is open on Psalidi Beach. The southwestern part of the island of KS is famous for its beautiful beaches, which are offered numerous entertainment – Volleyball, windsurfing, etc. Bays on the northwestern part of the braid except purely beach holidays are also perfect for classes with all sorts of water sports and windsurfing.

Kos Island Thanks to its unique landscape perfect for bicycle lovers – He is the only one in the Aegean Sea, where most of the roads are equipped with a special strip for cyclists. In the summer of numerous tourists attract the northern coast of the island of Kos – There are huge big-headed marine turtles. In order to see them, even special excursions on boats with a transparent bottom are organized, and sometimes these turtles can be found around the villages. There are on spit and water parks in which you can spend perfectly with the whole family.

Transport features of Kosa

Kosh – Hippocrates International Airport is located 22 kilometers from its capital of the same name. Regular airlessness of Spit with Athens and the neighboring island of Rhodes. In the summer tourist season, the airport takes direct charter flights from several countries, including from Russia. Thanks to the transport features of Spit to get to the popular cities and the capital from the airport, you can easily at a taxi or regular buses.

So, on the island of Kos is a well-developed bus service. Central Bus Station is located in the capital – the city of Kos. From there in the main resorts, many flights are performed daily from the early morning and until late in the evening. Ticket price for intercity flight buses ranges from 1.30 to 3 euros. In addition, the capital runs the regular city bus.

As for the ferry report, it connects the brass with Alexandropolis in the north of Greece (time on the way about 22 hours), Piraeu port in Athens (about 10 hours on the road), as well as with the Islands of Astypalee (travel time 4 hours), Lesbos ( Time to 12 hours), Lemnos (time on the way about 16 hours), Mykonos (about 9 hours), Rhodes (time on the way 3 hours), Samos (5 hours) and Syros (6.5 o’clock). In the summer, excursions are offered on small boats for nearby islands and to the shores of Turkey.

O. Kos, Greece Recreation, reviews, hotels Kosa Travel Guide

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