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Lanta Island located 70 km from Phuket Island. In fact, Lanta is the archipelago, in which the two largest islands are distinguished. The first island of Lanta Noah is uninhabited, and locals and tourists live in the second island – Lanta Yai. It is completely tiny in the area: its length is 30 km, and width 6 km. On the island of only one asphalt street, which goes along the coastline, past the nine pearl beaches of Lanta. All cafes, restaurants and hotels in the island are located on this street. Lanta is different from other resorts because it is prohibited by law to build luxurious large hotels – The highest of them should not be higher coconut palm. The reason is that the resort is still young, he takes guests only three years, and the wilderness has been preserved here.

Divers from all over the world come to Lanta Island, despite the fact that diving is common at all sea resorts of Thailand. Sea waters off the coast of Lanta Island officially announced by the reserve. And this is not to mention the stunning coral reefs at the bottom. Word, Lanta Island – one of the few corners of the world where a person and nature get along peacefully with each other. Not only divers, but also couples, and lovers.

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O. Lanta: excursions and events

Lanta Island offers tourists, mostly sea excursions to the neighboring islands.

Daily from 8:30 to 16:30 A tour of Koh Rock island, which is 30 km from Lanta. To speak more precisely, Koh Rock – These are two limestone islands separated by the sea, whose width is 100 m. The islands of the obstruction of the jungle, many rare tropical plants grow here, in particular, Banyan trees. One trunk of such a tree can be up to 6 m in girth. But the islands of Koh-Rock are known not only by the jungle, but still luxurious beaches, where the sand looks like sugar powder. Water in these places of bright emerald. Excursion is an average of $ 70 per person, a group is usually accompanied by an English-speaking guide. The price includes lunch.

Just $ 1 more expensive is a tour to four closest islands – Muk, Kandan, Chuan and Ngai. It is held at the same time – from 8:30 to 16:30. All islands are different something special. For example, on the island of Muk, the most beautiful rocks and the biggest beaches. On the island of Kandan gather diving lovers – His coast has the richest underwater world. And ripping and sunbathing tourists will be taken to NGA, it is more busy, with a well-developed infrastructure.

The most expensive excursion – Overview of the island of Lanta, it costs about $ 78 per person. However, there is something on the island. The program is very saturated. From 8:00 to 16:00 Tourists will have time to watch the Old Town, visit the village «Sea Gypsy», Climb to the viewing platform, go on an elephant farm and fuse on canoeing among magnic thickets. Village «Sea Gypsy» Most interesting. This is a small matriarchal community that lives by fishing fishery. Moreover, fish are both men and women.

History of Lanta

O. Lanta, Thailand Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Lanta Travel Guide

Climate in Lanta

Geographically Lanta refers to the province of Krabi, so the climate in Lanta is the same – Tropical, hot and wet. In Lanta, also allocate two seasons: dry and rainy season.

Most tourists here in December-March, when the weather conditions are the most comfortable. Rains at this time almost no, the sea is very calm, air humidity is low. The air temperature in the dry season is also low for Thailand – Not higher than +32°WITH. True, during this period there may be strong shower, but they are short-lived. Having visited the weather on the island of Lanta for months, you can choose the most optimal time to relax in these parts.

O. Lanta: Entertainment and Active Leisure

On the beach, Long Beach can be engaged in an active holiday: diving, surfing, snorkeling. But it is rather for beginners who have never done anything like that before. But professionals will have to sail to the nearby Lanta Islands – For this you can rent a boat. The closest, of course, get to Koh Rock Islands. Their shores are gorgeous coral reefs, and on the islands themselves stunning beaches. No less popular divers of Hin Muang Island and Hin Denig.

Lanta Ya – The island is small, there are not a lot of entertainment, especially for local residents who are all no longer in the wonder. But there is one event that attracts the aborigines, and visitors – Thai Boxing Competitions. They are held quite often, and all connoisseurs of martial arts must look at it.

Transport features Lanta

Lanta Yai Island surrounds the ring road, it goes around the edge of the shore, and on this highway regularly drive Moto Taxi and mini-buses. There are no fixed prices on them, on average the trip costs $ 1 to $ 3. True, taxis and buses on the island are not very much.

O. Lanta, Thailand Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Lanta Travel Guide

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