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Losin Island, Although not the biggest area, but attracts tourists from all over the world. Local lands have become famous in the days of the Venetian era. Here often rested to know rich citizens. Greeting local residents, excellent cuisine and picturesque landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent.

The island is licensed by thick vegetation, and around is surrounded by even smaller islands. You can find a miracle of nature in the Kvarnesk bay. Located nearby Cres Island, when it was one whole with Losinya. Ancient Romans deliberately broke the artificial channel for ships. Today, two islands are interconnected by the bridge. The glory of the recreation, therapeutic resort, Losin acquires already at the beginning of the last century due to the useful sea air and pine boras. The height of the biggest mountain is almost 600 meters above sea level.

Only two resorts are on the island: Mali and led that in translated means big and small. All year round Local residents are ready to have fun and celebrate bright events. Lucky to those who will manage to participate in the procession. For example, in the first autumn months the festival of national cuisine or procession in honor of the colors. All streets house decora tion, music sounds from everywhere, people walking.

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O. Losinj: excursions and activities

Attractions on the island is not much they can get around in a single day by signing up for a tour. The route will include medieval churches, an art gallery with a rich collection of a sample of fine arts and several museums.

The island is located in the two main resort towns, large and smaller. In Veli, in the central part of the city you can still admire the powerful defensive tower, made in Venetian style. Erected building in the middle of the 15th century to protect against pirate attacks enemy feast. Currently, within the tower an exhibition. During the tour, be sure to turn to the Cathedral built in gratitude to Saint Anthony in the Middle Ages. The temple walls cherish the great masters of Italian painting.

Adventurous, feel free to go on a boat ride, or vouchsafe visit to the Maritime Museum, where staff with interest studying the behavior of dolphins that live in the coastal waters near Loshani. You can entertain yourself at one of the many festivals. Locals are ready around the clock something to celebrate and celebrate.

History of Losin Island

Climate Island Losinj

Despite its proximity to his older brother Cres, Losinj with which the Roman Empire was in one piece, and the nature of the local climate is somewhat different. Losinj is much smaller in size and population, respectively, are also much thicker.

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The winter months on the island take place gently, without sudden temperature changes. Winds here there is little, in spite of the sea surrounding the island. Summer is characterized by sultry weather. The sun heats the air to a level of 30 or even higher degrees. The heat saves little streams of cool air. It is thanks to the unique microclimate of the island is famous throughout the world as a health resort.

O. Losinj: Entertainment and Activities

The amazing beauty of Losin offers the guests of the island not only sightseeing programs, but also a lot of entertainment of different character. Active rest is associated primarily with the sea. Ride on the boat to the next island, swim, take a catamarana, snorkeling and diving equipment. And you can go for an adventure to one of the karst caves.

Very popular at bicycle riding resorts or climbing. In Mountains, experienced instructors are tours every day. Among other things, the local residents celebrate festivals all year round, spending sports, in which anyone can participate. At the end of winter, the colorful festival passes. Music sounds from everywhere, the songs are pouring, the people are dancing and walking. Cooking lovers will come to delight from the holiday of national cuisine, traditionally passing in spring. In the same period, one of the most pleasant festivals starts – in honor of the colors. All the streets are heard fragrances of first vegetation.

One of the most striking events of the year is the fragrant festival. Usually, the entire embankment is equipped with trading rows, where you can purchase different varieties of honey, oil from olive, liqueurs, tincture, herbs.

Transport features of the island of Loshin

Say that the Losini transport system is well developed, it is impossible. Although it is enough for the island of transport. Losin not possesses its own airport, but in some of its large settlements there are ports that are essential for the economy.

Ferry message connects the island with mainland and other islands located nearby. On the territory of the island, there is an opportunity to rent a bike. Also tourists deliver small trays along the shore. Inspect all the beauty of the island from the yacht or boat.

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