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Margarita Island (Span. Isla Margarita) — The largest Venezuelan island, located in the southern part of the Caribbean. Together with smaller islands of Koch and Kubagua, the archipelago forms the only island province of Venezuela under the rank of Nueva Esparta (New Sparta). The island is located almost at the equator and has a total area of ​​about 1071 km². Population — about 420.000 people. For your beautiful beaches and picturesque mountains, which are popular with tourists from the mainland and from abroad, as well as for their sunny and dry climate is the island called the Pearl of the Caribbean Sea.

Island Margarita – One of the most famous resorts in the Caribbean Sea. This wonderful island lies 40 km south of Venezuela’s coast, in the southern part of the Caribbean at the equator itself.

The official capital of La Asuncion Islands, the largest city of Porlamar. Margarita Island was opened by Columbus August 15, 1498. and got its name in honor of the heiress of the Spanish throne Infanta Margarita Austrian. The Indians who inhabited the island were engaged in pearl prey, so Margarita is sometimes called «Pearl island». Islands landscapes are very diverse: here and mangrove swamps, and forest, and semi-desert… On the island of 5 national parks. During the trip to the Park of La Reb, you can make a cruise on Indian Pieces on the mangrove swamps in a flooded forest, where you will see Herkel, Red Ibisov, Pelicans, Frigates, Baklanov.

Tourism has become the main income of the islandity – Margarita has built over a hundred fashionable hotels, extended beaches (about 315 km) are considered one of the best in the country, and the lack of such a property of the continental part of the country of manifestations and political conflicts make rest here calm and serene. Beaches are considered the best beaches in the north and east of the island (Playa El Agua, Playa Gouflnlch, Playa Mansanilio, Playa Puerto Cruz).

420,000 people

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Top sights O. Margarita

O. Margarita: excursions and events

You can find out the island of Margarita by ordering for a whole day of jeep safari accompanied by a Russian-speaking guide. Lovers of nightlife – excursion "Night Margarita": visiting the casino, discos, where you dance "Salsa" and "meringue", Dinner in a fashionable Spanish restaurant with live music and "Flamenco", where you can enjoy real paella with seafood.

On the island of Margarita, tourists are most often visited by the above city.

Excursion "Lost worlds Eldorado". First – Canaim, Edge of Waterfalls, Lagoon and Tempu. Have you ever bathed in the water color of red wine? Wandered not on yellow, not in the snow-white, but on pink quartz sand? Could it imagine that you can go under the wall of the raging waterfall Sapo? And on the boat on the lagoon through the splashes of four waterfalls? And touch the wing of the aircraft high in the world of Waterfall Angel? If desired of the canaime, you can fly to the narrowing canyon of the world – Kawak. By his DNU on foot, and in some places – the blade, go to the waterfalls, the lowered, it seems right from the sign.

Travel opportunities in Venezuela almost unlimited. You can fly to the coral archipelago Los Rokas, make a multi-day jeep safari on Grand Saban, go to the Jungle Delta of the Orinoco River, visit the Mysterious Island of the Caochi, Driving Plain Llanos. In Mangrove Thickets and Tropical Woods of Venezuela you will be able to watch life in natural conditions of such animals like Jaguar, Leniza and armadaple. You can hunt even on Piranha and Crocodile.

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O. Margarita, Venezuela Holidays, reviews, hotels. Margarita Travel Guide TURPROM

Climate in O. Margarita

The average annual temperature here + 25-28°With rainy is the period from November to February, but the rain usually goes only at night.

O. Margarita: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Island rest always offers a huge selection of marine entertainment: scooters, scuba diving, yacht walks. And of course the island opens up wide opportunities for windsurfing lovers: on the beach pargito you will meet high waves and gusty wind, and on the beach of Playa El Yak – Smooth permanent breeze. In addition, you can offer golf courses, airplane and parachute flights.

Transport features O. Margarita

Taxi: Taxi services on the island are relatively inexpensive, however, to avoid misunderstandings of the price it is recommended to negotiate before the trip.

Buses: Public transport really inexpensive will give you anywhere in Margarita Island. Minibus (here this type of transport is called „PUESTO”) You can stop right on the street.

O. Margarita, Venezuela Holidays, reviews, hotels. Margarita Travel Guide TURPROM

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