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Mykonos – Stunning Greek island, drowning in the azure waters of the Aegean Sea. Mykonos conquers shiny snow-white houses with blue shutters that transfusions the domes of numerous churches and old windmills, which on the wonderful expanses of this wonderful island. Mykonos is famous for its unusual architecture and turbulent island life.

The island has long been considered the place of noisy holidays with many entertainment. It is called peculiar mecca due to constant fun and noisy parties with many guests, including famous models are often. The main city of Islands Mikonos – Chora, meets guests with a pleasant cleanliness, dazzling gloss of snow-white houses and well-developed infrastructure.

Mykonos – Greek island, which is part of the Kiklada Archipelago, which is located between the Islands Tinos, Syros, Palos and the. The island area is 85.5 square kilometers, and its highest point is at an altitude of 341 meters above sea level. The population of Mykonos is 10134 people, most of which live in the largest city of the island, Mykonos, which is located on the west coast. The city of the same name is also known as the choir, and today most tourists know it as choir.

On Mykonos Island there are several diving centers, where you can enjoy water sports. Mykonos provides a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities. Rest in Mykonos will be truly unforgettable due to the special relaxed and free atmosphere of the island.

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What interesting look in Mykonos?

Top attractions of Mykonos

Mikonos city

Island Museum Delos

Windmills Mikonosa

Church of the Virgin of Paraxortiani

Little Venice

Monastery of Our Lady Tourleyani

O. Mykonos: excursions and events

A popular excursion in Mykonos is a trip to the island of Delos. The half-hour journey on the boat will end on the famous Island of Delos, where Greek gods were born – Apolon and Artemis. During the excursion, you will see the ancient temples, ancient villas with amazing mosaic floors, the famous Alley of Lviv and much more. The duration of this excursion is about 3 hours.

The following excellent excursion in Mykonos passes through the southern coast of the island on the traditional Greek boat. On board the boat you can comfortably settle down and relax, enjoying the sun and stunning sea landscapes. During the excursion, you will get acquainted with the uninhabited island of Dragonist, will turn out the southern coast of Mykonos and stop at the deserted beach of Frangias. On the beach you can relax and swim in cool water, dine in the nearest tavern and engage in water sports.

On the island of Mykonos, a pedestrian sightseeing tour is organized, which lasts 3-4 hours and offers visits to the most inhentic places of the island. The cost of such an excursion is 35 euros, it begins, as a rule, in the morning.

An excellent excursion in Mykonos is a horse riding in the most picturesque corners of the island, most often on Fokos Beach. The cost of the excursion starts from 65 euros and depends on the duration. You can also go on an excursion to safaris on dirt roads towards wild beaches and abandoned cities.

A wonderful excursion is organized by Tinos Island. From Mykonos to Tinos, you will go on the ferry, and on the very island of tourists there is a comfortable bus. Tinos Island is famous for churches and architectural monuments, many villages and traditional taverns.

History of Mykonos

Climate in Mykonos

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Climate in Mykonos Typical Mediterranean. The number of sunny days a year on the island reaches 300, and the rain goes only in February-March. The climate in Mykonos is sufficient enough, so the vegetation on the island is small. Air temperature in Mykonos may rise up to +40°From degrees in the summer months, but strong winds smoothed a strong heat and cool the hot air. Mid-day air temperature on the island +28°WITH. Winter here is very soft with an average temperature +15°WITH. The location of the island was set to the temperature of the temperature mode: the air temperature here is 2 degrees higher in winter and 2 degrees are lower than in Athens.

The climate in Mykonos has another characteristic: there are two types of winds. The first one is known as Sirocco and blows only in the winter season. Cirocco arrives from the south and sometimes brings with him thunderstorms and small sandy storms. Summer on the island reigns the wind of Meltemi, which refreshes the hot air of the island and gives it a cool shade.

You can get acquainted with the climate of the island in more detail you can enter the weather in Mykonos by months and its forecast.

O. Mykonos: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Mykonos Island opens up wide opportunities for water sports. There are three professional diving center on the island: Diving Center on Paradais Beach Beach, Calafati Diving Center and Diving Center on Leia Beach. In the centers you can do diving, go through the necessary courses for immersion to the depth, learn to swim under water and properly dive.

Popular pastime in Mykonos are immersing to the depth to historical values ​​that are preserved at the Day of the Aegean Sea. Among the outdoor activities in Mykonos are popular horse riding. Experienced instructors accompany tourists throughout the entire walk, the path of which runs through the most picturesque location of the island. In Mykonos, there are many sports fields and fitness centers.

On many beaches of Mykonos, there are places of rental of beach equipment and inventory for sports and outdoor activities. In Mykonos, there is a yoga center, where vacationers will be able to visit yoga classes and dance. In Mykonos, you can rent a bike and travel yourself on the island and inspect its sights.

Transport features of Mykonos

Traveling on Mykonos Island You can by taxi, bus or boat. In Mykonos, there are three main bus depot. One of them is located in the north over the old port and sends flights to Ano Mere, Eliu and Kalafatis. A few hundred meters below, in the old port, there is another depot – DEPOT, which works with the Nordic directions – Tourlos and Agios Stefanos. South bus park is on "Input" to the city and provides regular flights to Ornos, Agios Janis, Plati Yulos, Psarou and Paraguare. The cost of a bus ticket does not exceed 2 euros. You can move between the islands by boat or ferry.

Mikonos Airport is 4 km south-east of Choir. Airport serves domestic and international flights.

In Mykonos, there is also a port that takes the vessel with the mainland of Greece and the neighboring islands.

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