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Phi Phi – Archipelago of six islands, located 48 km south of Phuket, in the heart of the Andaman Sea. A secluded island resort with idyllic beaches and lagoons, lost among mountains and green jungle, washed with romance – It has long been chosen two categories of tourists: divers and newlyweds. The first goes to Phi Phi to look at the sunken ships on the seabed, admire rare species of animals and plants in depths. The second is looking for their little paradise on earth, where you can enjoy nature and each other. And those and other locals happily take on their shores.

The archipelago of Phi Phi is known to two islands – Phi Phi-Don and Phi Phi Lei. Phi Phi-Don Island inhabit, and tourists stop here. Recreation of more than 50 hotels of different levels, bars, restaurants, diving schools and much more. Phi Phi Lei Island became famous, thanks to the American film «Beach», for which he has become a shooting area for a long time. Up to this point, tropical shrubs grew on the shore, but by decision of the director, they were replaced by palm trees. And now the island is more reminded by a picture from an advertising booklet.

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What is interesting to see in Phi Phi?

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O. Phi Phi: Excursions and Events

On phi-pi-fi excursions are very cheap. Usually tourists visit the closest to Phi-Phi Don island, as well as. Lanta.

Excursion to Phi Phi Lei includes inspection of the film filming «Beach», visit Viking Cave, Maya Bay, as well as snorkelling. Such a trip will be done only $ 8 per person. You can still call on. Bamu, there are good diving places. A visit to the two islands would normally cost an average of $ 15 + $ 83 should pay divers per dive.

Lanta – Nearest to Phi Phi Resort, it is just 30 km from the archipelago. This is one of the largest islands, so the entertainment here is much more. The excursion program includes trekking on elephants, bathing in a waterfall, visiting the caves and beaches. Price excursion $ 8, the price includes food, non-alcoholic beverages, fruits and services English-speaking guide. Duration 10 hours (from 9:00 to 19:00). Tourists get to Lanta on a high-speed boat. Travel time 45 minutes.

If desired, you can go to more remote resorts – Bangkok, Samui, Pangan or Sarathani. It will cost from $ 8 to $ 18, the ferry tickets are not included.

History of Phi Phi

Climate in Phi Phi

The Phi-Phi Archipelago is located in a tropical climate zone. The year is divided into seasons, depending on the degree of humidity: dry and wet. Most favorable conditions in November-April. The air temperature at this time is moderate, the humidity is not very high and the sea is calm. It is quite suitable for older tourists and families with children. But the youth prefers to relax on Phi-Pihu in the summer, despite the terrible heat and high humidity. Therefore, in the summer months, the resort is especially noisy. The weather can present surprises, so it is worth knowing the weather in advance Phi Pih for months to choose the best time.

O. Phi Phi: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Not only fans divers, but also professionals, including coaches, do not only go to the Thai Phi Phi. Here you can get a dive master certificate if you have special courses. There are several dive sites to pay attention to.

O. Phi Phi, Thailand Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Phi Phi Traffic Guide

First, shark point (8 km south-east of Phi Phi Lei). This is a rock, outstanding from the water, and in these places there are really a shark, including leopard.

Secondly, Mayan Bay with his beautiful coral reefs. In this area, the depth is quite large, a lot of underwater rocks, so the dive site is designed rather on professionals.

In the Andaman Sea very well fish. True, tourists offer sports fishing, so can’t eat caught fish. Andaman Sea is rich in black Marlin, Travel and Wah. You can rent a boat yourself, but for more success it is better to seek help from professionals.

In the area of ​​Tysai, the lesson for yourself will find climbers. Tower of Tonxai offers resting 25 routes of various levels of difficulty. Equipment and instructor find very simple. Information can be found in the hotel.

Most recently, a new one has entered the resort «sport» – Jumping from the cliffs. This is not the safest lesson, but a small risk share only gives witness to sensations. Of course, it is better not to start with a high height, about 3 m, and then climb above.

Transport features of Phi Phi

On O. Phi Phi-Don practically no asphalt roads, no public transport and cars. You can move by bike, in any hotel there are rental locations. But it cannot be left on it, because most of the island is covered with jungle.

In hotels also offer motorbikes, but better not to take them. First, they also do not leave anywhere. Secondly, it is very expensive – $ 7 per hour.

It is most convenient to ride between beaches on a kayake or boat. They can be rented on any Island Beach for $ 5 per hour. Three people will fit into the boat.

Water taxi runs between the beaches of Tysai, Lo Dalum and Long Beach. Split prices from $ 3 to $ 33, depending on the distance.

O. Phi Phi, Thailand Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Phi Phi Traffic Guide

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