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Island Rhodes rightly consider one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Greece. The number of sunny days here exceeds 310 per year, and, apparently, the God of the Sun was considered the patron siest of Rhodes, and the statue of the Rhododsky’s spike was erected in honor of him. This is the miracle of the world brought the island of world famous. Rhodes – the third largest and largest Greek island from the Dodecanese archipelago. It is washed by the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, it is conveniently located at the intersection of the sea.

The name of the island is also not by chance and rooted with their goals in ancient mythology. According to legends, Rhodes – This is a nymph, which was once a beloved and his wife Helios, her name and called later this is a wonderful place. Often Rhodes are called the island of roses, tying this name with the Greek word Rodon, meaning "Stone Rosa". This name is the island fully justifies, because, in any part of the island, the eyes delight and surprise tourists beautiful roses of various varieties, shades and sizes.

Rhodes – the most popular center of international tourism in the Mediterranean. People come here to enjoy his natural beauty and touch the centuries-old history. The capital of the island is the beautiful city of Rhodes, founded in 408 before.NS. and located on the north of its outskirts. The main attraction of the city – Ancient port of Mandraki with three windmills. It is believed that the famous colossus was previously stood here, and now, instead of him on large columns, guests have two bronze statues of deer – the emblem of modern rhodes.

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What is interesting to see in Rhodes?

Top attractions of Rhodes

The ancient city of Lindos

Rhodes fortress

Palace of the Grand Master

Ruins of an ancient Kamiros

Butterfly valley on Rhodes

Prasonisi Peninsula



Monolith Castle

Winemade village Embon

O. Rhodes: excursions and events

The excursion program offered to Rhodes is very extensive. There are many places that you should visit, being on the island. For example, excursion to the city of Rhodes and Fileurimos. She will last half a day, during which travelers will visit the Hill Fileurimos and the city of Rhodes. In the capital there will be a panoramic stop at the ancient Acropolis of Rhodes, the Inspection of the ruins of the temple of Apollo Pythiy, the group will visit the Antique Stadium and the Oratoric Tribune. Next, a pedestrian tour of the old city and some free time to buy souvenirs and photographing. There is such an average of 20-40 euros (for a child and adult).

Excursion «Greek evening» (23/45 euro for a child / adult) will give the opportunity to hold a charming evening in the village of Shem. It will be held in a traditional local tavern, where guests will delight various dishes of national cuisine and Rhodes homemade wines. There will be dances in beautiful national costumes for folk musical instruments.

Excursion «Lindos and 7 sources» Longs half a day, it is usually 21/41 euros (child / adult). As part of the excursion: Inspection of the ancient city of Lindos and its acropolis, which is older than Athens. By the way, this temple attended Alexander Macedonsky, Elena Troyanskaya, Antique hero Hercules. The program is also a Rhodes pottery workshop and a small stop in the picturesque and valley of seven sources whose water will add cheerfulness and health.

Excursion «Fileurimos and Butterfly Valley» (Cost 44/66 euros for a child / adult). Lasts half a day. Combines two reserves – Natural and historical. The top of the Hill Fileurimos, the seventeen-meter cross with the observation platform, the ancient Acropolis of Yalissa, and, of course, the famous alley, which symbolizes the path of Christ on Calvary. The duplex temple of the Philurim Virgin is a popular place for wedding couples belonging to various religious concessions. Valley butterflies – Unique Park in the mountain gorge, drowning in greenery. Tourists are given the opportunity to see a very rare view of butterflies from June 15 to September 15. Valley butterflies – This is the national heritage, annually attracting a huge number of visitors.

History of Rhodes

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Climate in Rhodes

Climate on Rhodes – Mediterranean, distinguished rather soft winter and warm summer. It is not in vain called the island of the Sun – more than 300 days a year here is a great weather. Air humidity on the island is quite high and it creates very favorable conditions for vegetation – In the spring and summer, Rhodes literally slows down in colors and greenery.

The best time to visit the island, if you analyze the weather on Rhodes by months, it is spring or autumn, the most comfortable for rest months — May, June at the beginning of the season and September, October in autumn time. In winter, the main part of the tourist infrastructure of Rhodes does not work, especially on the islands, it must be considered, going in winter to Rhodes. The beginning of the active tourist season is considered to be the beginning of April, or the offensive of Orthodox Easter. But more climate contributes to rest since June, when warm and sunny weather is installed.

O. Rhodes: Entertainment and Active Leisure

The main entertainment on Rhodes, in particular on its beaches, are all types of water sports. Also on the island there are several water parks that enjoy great success among tourists of all ages. However, windsurfing is considered the most famous entertainment of the island of Rhodes – here are constantly held in the largest competitions among professionals.

You can also just swim in the sea or in the pool, ride on water skiing, to do sailing – Association of sailing in Mandraki reserves sailboats and boats. Summer swimming is allowed, and underwater hunting with a gun is available to everyone older than 18 years old.

Fans of tennis and golf will be able to do in Rhodes with their favorite sports, since tennis courts are in the city of Rhodes and many hotels. A magnificent golf course is located in the vicinity of G.Rhodes. Testing your nervous system for strength Lovers of acute sensations may be parachute. In addition, a volleyball grid is stretched almost every beach, playing this popular beach game here can be completely free.

Transport features of Rhodes

Eats a few ways to travel on the island of Rhodes. For example, on tourist or regular buses. But it is best to rent a car, a bike or a motorcycle and inspect the island yourself. At the same time, the most popular beaches of the Eastern Coast of Rhodes can be reached on small boats performing daily flights.

Car rental – really the most convenient way to move around the island. Rent a car can be almost everywhere. The average price for renting the car, along with insurance about 50 €/ day (Ford Focus) + gasoline costs. Gasoline tank costs about 70–80 €. Rent a scooter or buggy is worth a day at 30-40 €/ day + gasoline (about 30 € for tank).

Conveniently moving around Rhodes and local taxis. Ride lasting at 10–15 minutes costs about 10-15 €. Taxi comes quickly – a few minutes after calling.

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