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Samet – This is a tiny island in the Siamese Gulf. From the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, to the island of Samat – 200 km (2.5 hours driving). The total area of ​​the island is 13 km2, so it can be passed all over a couple of hours. Samat does not differ in developed infrastructure. Hotels here, of course, have – different levels, as in other resorts, but neither large shopping centers, nor the huge selection of bars and restaurants will not find tourists. Here come to relax from everyday life and enjoy the virgin nature. Since O. The Self is part of the national park, the sea, the beaches and the air here are really crystal clear.

Asphalt roads on the island almost no, they do not pave them not to break the natural landscape. On the Samayt about a dozen little beaches, they are all sandy, but half of them are completely wild. Most of them are located in the West, and only one in the east, among the sheer cliffs. In the south of the island, the amazing on the beauty of the national park with rare species of plants. In the north there is a fishing village, and next to her – Main Sightseeing Island, Monastery and Temple. Quiet, measured island life, green jungle and turquoise water make rest on. Self-fabulous self.

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Top attractions of Sameta

Kao Lem National Park

Buddha on the Self

Viewing platforms island island

Diving and islands

Temple of the island Samet

O. Samet: Excursions and events

From the island of Samet, you can order excursions to the nearby Thai Islands.

Most often, tourists go to a small uninhabited island to Talu. On one of his side, the white sandy beach, on the other – Inacluded rocks. There are no hotels, but visitors in the daytime are served in several wooden houses on the shore. Trees that protect from the sun are growing on the beach, there are sun beds and rope swings. Those who wish can go to the sea for fishing. No attractions on to Talu, there are ride to play volleyball, sunbath and swim. Excursion lasts from 10:00 to 18:30, it is worth it an average of $ 75. The price includes lunch. Tourists deliver to the island on the high-speed boat.

More economical option – Go for the whole day to the islands that are closer: Kudi, Croy, Congo or Platin. In the program Snorkelling and fishing. Cost of excursion about $ 20 – Lunch and unlimited fresh water are included.

If you do not want to go far, you can learn the beaches of the island. The price of such a trip varies from $ 12 to $ 20.

Excursions to the closest islands and around the samete begin at 11:00 and continue until 17:00.

History of Sameta

Climate in Sameta

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Self is different from other resorts of Thailand because, despite the tropical climate, the weather here practically does not change all year. If on the other islands, it is clearly distinguished by a wet and dry season, then here this division is almost not. Almost – because the period from May to October is traditionally considered the rainy season. But in fact, precipitation at this time on the Samat is no more than usual. Air temperature during the year ranges from +28°With up +38°WITH. Water temperature is not lower than +27°WITH. Having read the weather on the island of Samet for months, you can see that the resort is ready to receive guests at any time.

O. Samet: Entertainment and Active Rest

Diving and snorkelling best in the western and southern part of the island. Under water, you can admire picturesque coral formations, look at tropical fish, sea turtles and whale sharks. Night dives are very popular among divers. Two dives with an instructor will cost about $ 80, the price includes lunch. On the island, there are two diving center, where you can hire an instructor or pass special courses and get a certificate. Courses last 2-5 days, their cost varies from $ 400 to $ 500.

Eastern shores to swim very well on Kayak – Sea calm, you can not be afraid. Thus, tourists have the opportunity to learn the beaches on their own. Kayak rental costs about $ 7 per hour.

In the north, wonderful windsurfing seats – Wind and currents. Equipment suggest to rent in all hotels.

Fishing lovers will find a lot of interesting things for themselves. Samet. Here it is possible to engage in deep-sea fishing and reveal a parrot fish or yellow-member pike. Rent a boat in the morning clock will cost $ 84. And at night, tourists are offered to go hunting for a squid.

Since there are almost no asphalt roads on the island, it is very interesting to ride on quad bikes. Wild Jungle, Breasures and Sticky Dirt – The most thing is to get the maximum pleasure from this extreme sport. Quad bike rental (quadranner) per day will cost $ 40. Pleasant bonus – Fuel is free.

Transport features of Somet of

Roads on O. Self-primer, rather than asphalt, move in needful. There are several types of transport that you can use here:

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