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Santorini – The most romantic island of the Aegean Sea, a lot of secrets and mysteries. Santorini is a whole group of five small islands of volcanic origin, neatly scattered into the sea in the form of a certain circle.

Santorini belongs to the Cyclades major archipelago, and the capital of Santorini is the island of Tira, which is also known as a fig or the same as the name of the whole group of Islands – Santorini. The archipelago consists of the following islands: Santorini, aproy, terrace, New Kamen and Old Kamen. Islands are famous for soft golden sand, warm and affectionate sea, a beautiful sunset, a favorable, charming atmosphere and sweet wines.

In Santorini there are several large factories for the production of wine, which you should taste each tourist. Islands will enjoy both a real gourmet, because there are some of the best restaurants not only Greece, but in the whole world.

Santorini is a small group of islands, which is the remains of the once existing huge island, exploding due to the eruption of the volcano. According to the legend, it was the explosion of Santorini Volcano that led to the death of crotto-mycean civilization. Now Santorini is called Greece Pearl due to amazing landscapes, ancient buildings and many varied attractions.

The population of Santorini is 15550 people, but there are much more people there, especially in the height of the summer. Santorini is at the same time a quiet and peaceful resort with cozy beaches and is driving with taverns, and at the same time a commercial resort with a stormy nightlife with many bars and incendiary clubs.

Since the vineyards and winemaking play a major role throughout the life of the islands, it is worthwhile to take part of their time for visiting winery and vineyards, as well as be sure to taste these stunning wines.

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What is interesting to see in Santorini?

Top attractions of Santorini

Village Ia on Santorini

Cape Akrotiri

Museum of wine

Church of Ayu Mina

Volcano on Palea Camera and Na-Kameni

Monastery Ilya Prophet

Antique Fira

Beach Kamari

O. Santorini: excursions and events

In Santorini there are several types of excursions: hiking, water trips and bus tours. The longest and interesting hiking trip passes along the route Fira – Firostefani – Imerovigli – Iia. The campaign lasts almost 3 hours and allows you to enjoy a magnificent view of the caldera. An alternative route passes through Imerovigli – Santorini – Fira, which lasts about 30 minutes. Sea walks and excursions in Santorini are the most popular of all existing. Being in Santorini, two small islands should be visited, which are located in the center of Calder, Palea and Nea Can. Bus tours

Santorini bus tours allow you to see the islands in a simple and accessible version. There are excursions to the historic Museum of Tera in Fire, visit the Prophet Monastery or Winery to tasting local wines. The traditional bus sightseeing route includes a visit to the Prophet Monastery, Pyrgos, Panagia Episcopes, a trip to the wine tasting and at sunset in Oye.

With an excursion in Santorini, you should visit the Church of Ayu – Mina, located on the rock and being a symbol of the island of Tira. In a dash, it is recommended to visit the Archaeological Museum, some holy places and theaters. The small town of the same Pyrgos attracts thousands of tourists who go here for visiting the old fortress, the most ancient Orthodox Church of Santorini – Pangeay and other monasteries and churches.

Many excursions in Santorini are organized into the old Kameni and new Kameni, known as Palea Kameni and Na Cania, thanks to the unusual coating of beaches – rare black sand. Fans of beautiful sunsets and romantic landscapes will enjoy a trip to the villages of Imeroville and Oyia, which are famous for the beautiful sungoes of the Sun and the same amazing sunrises.

Dozens of various excursions are organized daily in Santorini, among which survey island excursions with inspection of major attractions and a trip to the crater of the volcano prevail.

O. Santorini, Greece Recreation, reviews, hotels in Santorini Travel Guide

History of Santorini

Climate in Santorini

The climate of Santorini Mediterranean, which is distinguished by a long hot season, which lasts from April to October, and a short, whose feature is long rains and winds. Santorini climate is characterized by high humidity, and cool breeze from the sea smoothes high temperatures and makes rest on the islands comfortable.

Rains on the islands comes to November and February, and the snow on the islands almost never falls. The coldest month of Santorini is January, the air temperature at this time goes to +7°C degrees. Air temperature in winter in Santorini ranges from +7 to +17 degrees, and in summer – from +22 to +40°C. In order to choose the unstenual time for resting on the islands, watch the weather in Santorini for months.

O. Santorini: Entertainment and Active Rest

On the beaches of Santorini, water sports are very popular, so lovers of outdoor activities in Santorini do not scatter. On the island there is a Water Sport Club X-Treme Sports, where various sports games and events, training and exhibitors are held. The most affordable water sports on the islands are water bikes and skis, flying boards and rings, catamarans and water bikes. Among other types of water sports in Santorini, diving and surfing, skiing on scooters and bananas and many others are popular.

At Perissue and Akrotir, a diving center is located, where experienced instructors lead training to various swimming and diving techniques. On the island there is also a water park with three pools, slides and attractions.

Fira is the center of the island where stormy nightlife boils. The heart of entertainment is located on Erythrou Stavrou, which is also called "Barna" Street, where bars and clubs explode pop, rock, r&B and greek music. If you want to enjoy the rest in a more relaxed atmosphere, away from crowded clubs, go to the side of Calder. Alternative entertainment methods are alive performances in Funk and Ethnic. In addition, famous DJs from around the world come to Santorini for speeches and warming up the public.

Transport features of Santorini

There are several ways to move on Santorini Islands:

  • Public buses that run on all islands and all their villages, and, as a rule, are Ktel buses. Tickets are issued inside the bus, and their cost may vary from 1.40 euros to 2.20 euros per person for the route. Ktel buses run daily by very diverse routes in almost all directions. Ktel Bus Station Terminal is located on the main square of the city of Fira near Taxi Park.
  • Taxis, which will take you to anywhere on any island. In the city of Fira Parking Taxi is located on the main square, on another island or place to order a taxi only by phone, "vote" On the road here is not accepted. Phone Number City Station Taxi on Santorini Island +302286022555. The cost of the trip varies depending on the distance, as a rule, from 4.00 euros to 25.00 euros.
  • The rented car is the most convenient, fast and budget way to move the islands. There are many car rental companies on shutdown. The cost of renting a car varies depending on the season and starts from 25-35 euros per day.
  • Motorcycles and mopeds are the most budget and convenient vehicles on the islands, renting which you can in any city and on any island.

Moving between the islands can be on boats and boats, tickets for which you can purchase in the port of one or another island.

O. Santorini, Greece Recreation, reviews, hotels in Santorini Travel Guide

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