Thassos Island is located on the very north of the Aegean Sea, opposite the Macedonian Islands. From the mainland is the island separated by the Strait, the width of which reaches just over 10 kilometers. Without exaggeration, it can be said that this is the most green island in the whole sea, thanks to which he gained his second name – «Emerald».

Special pride is small settlements and villages, preserving the traditions of past years. Before them can be reached on foot or by car. Narrow streets, multicolored and white houses will not leave anyone indifferent. In Thassos, marble, in connection, than one of the most famous beaches was called «Marble». Instead of sand on it, silverly drowned by water Snow-white crumb, which remained after stoning.

Thassos enjoys rabid popularity among tourists not only due to the tropical paradise greenery, but also the presence of a huge amount of beaches. Despite the small area of ​​the island, the tourist infrastructure is very developed here. At your service shops, hotels, bars and restaurants, the number of which is not counting. And what is the fun nightlife! But, despite this, rest on the island will like to like families with children, because here the countless many secluded beaches, where quiet and calmly and no one will prevent you from being alone with loved ones.

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What is interesting to see in Tasos?

Tasos top attractions

Sanctuary on the island of Thassos

Lagoon Giola

Top of Ipsario

Monastery Archangel Mikhaila

Village Panagia

Beach Paradise

Marble beach

The market in the case

Glyphone Beach

Golden Beach

O. TASOS: Excursions and Events

In most, tourists come to the island of Tasos to admire the picturesque nature of the island and go around as much as possible beaches, which are not counting here. Since the island is not large according to its size, the locals advise to use the car for rental and independently drove around the island, go there, where the soul will want. And besides, there will be much more money on the guided guide. But local residents offer their services in local ports. They can take a boat and make a tour of the lake.

If we talk about the historical component of the trip, then the ancient ruins and monuments of architecture, monasteries and churches can also be inspected along the way. For example, going to the paradise beach, you can roll off the road and stroll along the nearby surroundings and villages. Do not confuse in the area you will be helped by a brown-brick-colored pointers, on which it is indicated that interesting and in which side can be seen. So it is quite possible to do without guides. If you decide to go through historical places, it is worth starting with the Archaeological Museum, immediately after which it is worth going to look at the ruins of ancient Agor. Immediately close directly from the port you can walk to the ancient theater, and already from him the track itself will lead you to Acropolis. After examining the historical part of the city, you can safely sit in the car and go to explore local beaches and settlements, drowning in greenery.

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History of Tasos

Climate in Tasos

Thassos – the most comfortable for rest Greece Island in the Aegean Sea. There are a lot of coolness thanks to countless beaches, springs, thick growing greenery and forests that occupy 9/10 of the entire territory. Sea, closely surrounding a small island, also carries a cool coast and humidity on its sandy shores. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the presence of a mountain ridge, which stretches from the north-west side to the southeast. Among other things, Tasos refers to the northern part of Greece.

Despite all the above factors, Tasos occupies a leading position among tourists. All because in the summer period the air temperature does not exceed its maximum with a mark of 30 degrees. Thanks to numerous beaches, such weather is very comfortable and tourists from all over the world seem to get here.

O. TASOS: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Of course, the main entertainment of Tasos is his endless beaches surrounding it from all sides. There are quiet beaches for a measured rest. And there are those on which adults can play active beach games or go to the local gym, and children can visit the entertainment platform. History lovers will be able to entertain themselves by campaigning in the Archaeological Museum, Acropolis and Agor. Your holiday can be diversified by a trip to the Factory for the Production of Olive Oil. Fans of outdoor activities will be happy to climb on the local mountain «Spryus», From where the whole district is visible as on the palm. On the path to the top you can look at the reservoirs and reappear. It is worth going to the lagoon «Eye Zeus», everyone will receive an unforgettable feeling, water here is warmer than in the sea. Lovers of night-party lucky, there are a lot of bars and discos.

A separate place among entertainment for tourists is occupied by village and small original settlements. Life flows here as peaceful. Something is in walks on narrow streets among multicolored traditional Greek houses. On the island you can do any sport related to water, ranging from diving, yacht riding, water skiing and finishing fishing. It is safe to say that any tourist will find entertainment for himself in the shower and after the rest will come home rested.

Tasos transport features

Since the territory of the island is quite small, the main type of transport here represent buses that go regularly from one settlement to another. Around the island you can move along the roundabout road, from where the branches are deeply branched.

On the island you can meet the stops of several species. First of all, these are small pavilions in which the local timetable is hanging. Then, there are stops just in the form of dark blue plates that can meet anywhere, for example, on the wall of the house. And the strangest view of the stop without identification signs when you simply say «There is a stop», and all. In order to drive around the whole island, tourists love to use the car rental. Time can be saved, and you can drive around the half island.

O. Thassos, Greece Reviews, Reviews, Hotels of Thassos Tourprom Travel

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