Oasis of my dreams

"You lost your mind", – They told us friends. "Yes, I would never!" – Covered beet. "Why?" – Mom was surprised. We did not explain anything. We just took and went to the desert. In a small bungalow, built between the sea, sky and endless sands. And dissolved in peaceful silence and muted paints of the Great Desert.

And romance, melancholic durek, was nothing here. We did not seek romance at all, we simply ran away – from the diverse Moscow winter, from the urban crowd, from the endless series of secondary cases and contrived problems, from computers and phones. Far away away from civilization! And what can be further from civilization than the desert and the sea, the elements of the sand and element of water, favorable to the fugitives and in love?

We chose the edge of the light on tourist map available to our wallet. The edge of the world was found in Egypt and wore the name of Mars Alam. 250 kilometers from noisy stupid Hurghada, from the roam aircraft and human crowd, we were waiting for a wonderful oasis in the midst of silence and peace of untouched nature. The oasis was called the hotel "Kahraman".

Since then, it seems to me that this word is a magical spell from an eastern fairy tale. I’m talking: "Kahraman!" – And in front of me there are white and terracotta walls, seized by purple bougainvilleys, small houses under spherical Arab roofs, cascading pools, their blue challenging challenges themselves, huge jugs on a green velvet herbs, languid tropical flowers, facing a wild staircase stairs, boats and yachts, young palm trees on the beach. And two infinity, embracing this exquisite comfort, this whimsical luxury is the infinity of the sea and the infinity of the desert separated by low rocks and the most bizarre outlines of the stony mountains.

It come here to enjoy the luxury away from civilization to swim in the crystal clear water of the silent bay in the crystal clear water, so that you have to dive with untouched reefs – at Reef Elfinsong, Rif Mars Alam and Dolphin Reef, who loved the dolphins. We also swam as crazy, and dived with aqualling – first with an instructor, then – graduated, with a certificate. The diving school works directly at the hotel, and in it the fans of the sea are working – citizens of Switzerland and long-eyed descendants of the ancient navigators-Finiquities.

Here come to meet the dawn in the saddle, putting the Arabic hill on the edge of the surf, and that with the height of the camel back to admire the extravagancies that are satisfied with the sunsets above the sandy velchanins of the desert. Here come to enjoy life, and this pleasure for some reason felt here particularly acute. It may be precisely because there is a special one, not like, unfamiliar world: brownish mountains, yellow sand, blue sky – and nothing else.

Oasis of my dreams

Oasis by name "Kahraman" There is the author – artist and architect Mr. Ahmed Balbaa. Almost a wizard, almost jinn, almost Aladdin with a magic lamp of talent. Two years he wandered along the shores of the Red Sea to find the best place for his creation. Then two years lived in a tent, watching construction and writing all new turns of the plot along the way. Then he invited the first guests and, not asking anything, carefully looked at their faces – happy? Satisfied? To arrange life in the hotel, he chose Switzerland, sent to learn chefs and managers there. And the customer service manager chose a Russian woman – so that the hotel is the shower. Now "Kahraman" Insome "Swiss national resort hotels".

Balbaa created two more hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh – for those who want to enjoy the oasis, without taking off from civilization and not running into the desert. His "Kahraman Sharm El Sheikh" – No longer Arab village, but a fabulous palace with hanging gardens, spread around the pool with luminous fountains. This is already a party, stormy nightlife in the very center of the resort, in the Bay of Naama. A "Lagoon Vista" Located in some distance from the city, on a private beach. This is a sample of elegance: pink bungalows under pointed cane roofs, stone lights, canals with stone bridges, lawns with lush flowers, a fancy pool – not a similar little kingdom, primitive style in combination with luxury and comfort.

. I want to repeat the spell as soon as the winter is delivering snow porridge on the sidewalks, as soon as it starts to talk a phone without a silent, as soon as secondary affairs bother my life like snow – earth, and paper – writing desk. I close my eyes and urge a vision: "Kahraman!"

Oasis of my dreams

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