Obidysh – One of the most vintage cities of the country. The first settlements were founded by Celts. In the time of dominion of the Roman Empire, Obidysh represented an important trading port. The city is littered with flowers, the aromas of fruit trees are distributed through the streets, between the old mansions loopped by a stone path. In short, Obidos resembles fabulous scenery.

Perhaps for this reason, the elegant town was chosen as a place of collapse of two young hearts – Ten-year heir to the throne connected himself as a marriage with a cousin. And two centuries earlier, Obidysh became the gift of the wife of Krol Denis. Since then, the city of Obidysh became called the city of weddings. Today, many couples in love spend their honey vacation here..

Obidysh Polon ancient temples and chapels. Most popular place – Saint Mary’s Cathedral, in which many centuries ago and held a wedding ceremony of two in love young hearts. The architecture of the city is able to cause admiration for the most advised traveler. Oldest building in the city – The operating church of John the Baptist, which was erected in the 12th century.

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Obidysh Castle

Church of Santa Maria

Senor Da-Pedra

Municipal Museum Obidysh

Obidos: Excursions and events

Obidysh – The historic cradle of Portugal, an outstanding architectural monument, an open-air museum. Wherever you go everywhere you will give attractions, cultural facilities, toy houses and souvenirs, cozy shops. Any sightseeing route will transfer a traveler to the middle ages.

During excursion tourists tell about urban «Stranges». For example, in the city there are no natural reservoirs with fresh water. Liquid have to produce water wells. It is worth stroll through the picturesque paths, almost every of which will lead a tourist to the open ocean.

Inspection of offender it is worth starting from urban gates. Central Street will bring you to the main square, in the center of which is a beautiful fountain dating from the 15th century. Nearby is a museum exhibition, where artifacts, sculpture, painting samples are presented. Without a lot of events held off. For example, in July, the city is even more impregnated with a medieval atmosphere: the Knights, witches, sorcerers are walking, the witch, the witch, the witch music, and theatrical performances are held on the squares.

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Obdysh, Portugal Recreation, Reviews, Hotels Obidysh Travel Guide

The best time to rest at Obydus begins early in the spring and ends in the middle of autumn. The most favorable climatic conditions are installed in September. Water in the ocean is already warm, not too hot in the streets. The influence of the subtropical Mediterranean climate is noticeable. No sharp temperature fluctuations in offended.

In the winter months, the temperature confidently keeps at 10 degrees, in the summer the air warms up to 20 degrees. In general, the weather in Obidos is favorable at any time of the year.

Obidos: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Arriving at offended, first of all, it is worth taking yourself to excursions. Anyone, even the most common walk, by the most ordinary street, unfortunately postpone the tourist in the Middle Ages. It will be interesting to admire the ancient, which reached us with religious architecture, as well as «Gingerbread» houses and cobbled streets. The surroundings will offer travelers riding bicycles on winding paths.

Driving to the ocean should wander around the shore, buy, test yourself in water sports. The main entertainment in the year – Theatrical, medieval festival. Residents and guests offended dressed in witch or knights costumes and the city is completely reincarnated. In the middle of autumn there is a feast of chocolate. Children will be delighted with chocolate sculptures. It is impenetrable to get to the tasting of chocolate, which is prepared by traditional local recipes.

Romance Recommend nightlings. Streets in the light of lamps or moon look Magically. On the main square, historical events often happen, during which there are many fairs and shopping beds, stray theaters surprise tourists with focus and tricks, Adla Anctura, from everywhere.

Transport peculiarities offended

Public transport of the resort is presented mainly by buses that run by the main street of Obidosh, as well as in the neighboring settlements and regions. Own airport the city does not have. The nearest arrival point of the aircraft is located a few kilometers from the city.

At the airport, you can rent a car, no cheap pleasure, but it will be possible to turn around as many attractions in a short period of time. Taxi is also there, but this is not the most popular service. In the neighborhoods of the city you can move on a bike, so it will be possible to combine pleasant with useful.

Obdysh, Portugal Recreation, Reviews, Hotels Obidysh Travel Guide

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