Observation area The View at the Palm

The view at the Palm viewing area is the newest sight of Dubai, opened for visitors on April 7, 2021. The View has also become one of the most dubious attractions, and first of all due to high prices. But first things first.

Brief description of the sights

The View At The Palm is not just an observation deck, but an entire entertainment complex at an altitude of 240 meters (50-54 floors) Nakheel Tower skyscraper in the center of the artificial archipelago The Palm Jumeirah.

There are two viewing platforms with a review of 360 degrees, the first place is closed, the second open. There is also a small exposure of The View Exhibition, dedicated to the construction of the island of The Palm Jumeirah.

Below (51st floor) are a SushiSamba restaurant serving Japanese, Peruvian and Brazilian dishes. And even lower (50th floor) are a VIP-lounge, bar and outdoor pool.

At the time of publication of this article (May 2021), viewing platforms work, and the restaurant SUShisamba and the pool is not. Accordingly, there are several types of tickets with a different visiting program.

At first glance everything is interesting and wonderful. However, there are a number of big minuses. First, long and expensive to get. Secondly, tickets are pretty expensive. Let’s talk about these moments, and after in detail we will tell about each element of the entertainment program.

How to get

We need to get to the Nakheel Mall shopping center, which is located in the center of The Palm Jumeirah. The observation deck is located on the top of the Nakheel Tower skyscraper, which is reported directly from the shopping center. Entrance to Nakheel Tower is on the top floor (Level 2) TC Nakheel Mall. Inside the shopping center, follow the "The View" pointers, do not get lost.

Option 1 – Taxi right from the hotel

Convenient, but expensive. We can not predict the cost of the trip now, as Dubai is a big city, and in addition it is very pulled along the coast. The cost can be from 20 to 120 dirhams. Need to be considered based on the distance. Actual Taxi Tariffs See our article "Taxi in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah".

Option 2 – Metro + Taxi

Need to the subway station to Dubai Internet City, it is the closest to the island of The Palm Jumeirah. From here Taxi to Nakheel Mall will cost 20-25 dirhams. Metro map in Russian and tariffs See our article "Dubai Metro".

Option 3 – Metro + Monorail

Quite difficult, as now while monorails and metro in dubai are not connected. You need to or go from the subway on foot to the Monorail station, or go according to the metro scheme + tram + Monorails. Details in our article "Monorails in Dubai".

The price of a Monsorels ticket from Palm Gateway station to Nakheel Mall – 10 Dirhams. That is, this option is also quite expensive.

Option 4 – Free Buses Nakheel Mall

At the moment (May 2021) Free Buses from Hotels to Nakheel Mall do not go to COVID-Security Measures. When starting to walk again? This does not even know even in the company NAKHEEL.

Opening hours

Closing hours will vary depending on the season. But there are no specific information about this, because the view only opened.

Opening hours are so far:

From Sunday, on Wednesday: from 10-00 to 23-00.

On Thursday, Friday, Saturday: from 10-00 to 00-00.

In the winter season, most likely work hours will be other. Wait and see.

Ticket price

The price of a ticket is different depending on the time of visiting. Prices below include VAT (VAT) 5%.

Outside Prime Hours (from 10-00 to 16-00 and from 19-00 to closure):

100 Dirhams for Adult, 69 For Baby

In Prime Hours (from 16-30 to 18-30):

158 Dirhams for Adult, 111 For Baby.

Children’s ticket – for children 12 years and younger. Dirham’s current course, see our article "Money in the UAE". At the moment (May 2021) acts the promotion – free tickets for children (12 years and younger).

Fast Track: 275 and 195 in Prime Hours, 175 and 120 other time. VIP tickets stand: 325 and 145 at any time.

Price comparison with other viewing areas of Dubai

Prices for Visitory The View are clearly overestimated. A visit to the view is even more expensive than 100 dirhams due to the high cost of transport – 25 for a taxi there + 25 for a taxi back. We hope that the company NAKHEEL will temper his appetites.

Ticket at AT The Top Burj Khalifa is now 155 Dirhams (at a height of 452 meters). A little more expensive, but look almost all Dubai from a height. And with The View it is clear only the bulk island The Palm Jumeirah.

For comparison, Tickets for the Dubai Frame viewing platform are 50 dirhams (the height of Dubai Frame is lower than the view – 150 meters versus 240 meters).

Does it make sense to pay 100 dirhams? The question is open. But it is better not to pay 100, but to pay less on the promotion or promo. Read our detailed review "How to chew tickets to Dubai".

Buying tickets in advance via the Internet

Tickets can be bought on the official website TheviewPalm.AE

But remember the main rule: a ticket to a child always needs to be bought with a ticket for adults. If you do not buy one operation, then a separate children’s ticket will not work.

What to look

Speed ​​elevator

Elevators raise visitors to a height of 240 meters in 45 seconds. Speed ​​- 5.3 meters per second. This is certainly not a global record (21 m / c), but very worthy.

Would be this elevator panoramic, it would be generally above all silence. But it is not panoramic, but simply in the walls built-in screens on which views of the surrounding buildings are broadcast. We can say that the elevator "virtual panoramic".

Viewing platforms

The View is two viewing platforms, closed and open. It is also planned to open another superstructure that will be called Falcon View. Perhaps at the time of your visit you will already open.

There are stationary binoculars on the venues, and with their help you can consider the most interesting objects.

The Lounge is located in the center of the site – this is a lounge with an area of ​​120 square meters. Here are served drinks and snacks for winners of VIP tickets.

What can be seen from the observation deck?

Observation area The View at the Palm

The Palm Jumeirah’s bulk island can be seen all "like a palm". In the distance you can see the famous Hotel Atlantis The Palm, and the AquaVenture Water Park can be seen in binoculars.

The right of the Atlantis hotel can be seen of the ROYAL ATLANTIS RESORT complex under construction & Residences, which at the time of publication of this article (May 2021) is already more atlantis. This complex is planned to complete in 2021.

But in general, the island of The Palm Jumeirah looks boring.

On the coast, famous hotels in Burj Al-Arab (hotel sail) and Jumeirah Beach (Hotel Wave) are clearly visible. Also visible Dubai Marina area and JBR Beach.

Downtown District is really not visible. Burge Khalifa is visible only due to her huge height, but it is difficult to see it. You can see the famous Dubai Dubai Dubai – Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel (it is Dubai Eye). This wheel is built for 5 years, and it is still incomprehensible when completing.

The View Exhibition Exhibition

This small exhibition is devoted to the bulk artificial islands of Dubai, and in particular The Palm Jumeirah Archipelago. Pictures and screens show construction stages.

For people with the technical warehouse of the mind there are several very curious stands and exhibits. Special booth shows the technology of construction on piles of massive buildings on the islands. One of the boulders, which were used to create watersheds, protecting the islands from the "sprawling". It is curious that this boulder is suspended above the ceiling on a special design.

But in general, the exhibition looks like a big advertising of the islands of The Palm. In essence, it is advertising and is, but for some reason you take money for watching this advertising.

Restaurant Sushisamba

This is a multi-restaurant Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisines. Is right under the observation platform. At the time of publication of this article (May 2021) has not yet opened.

Aura Skypool Lounge

This is a VIP lounge and swimming pool. This is the first and only high-rise pool with a panoramic view of 360 degrees. At the time of publication of this article (May 2021) has not yet opened.

Palm Jumeirah Zip-Line

It will be the longest zip-line in Dubai, and maybe in the world. Right from the site The View to …… It is not yet known where it will lead this zip-line, as it is only planned to do.

At The View site you can get free

Free entrance for guests The St. Regis Dubai The Palm, which is located 1-18 floors of the Nakheel Tower skyscraper.

Hotel wonderful but very expensive. Price – 400 dollars per night for the easiest number 43 square meters (without breakfast).

Perhaps here the administration will influence its appetites, and at the time of reading this article, the prices will be below. Use the form below to view the relevant prices.

Hotel The St. Regis now functions partially. The hotel is convenient because there is direct access to the shopping center Nakheel Mall. But it is very inconvenient by the fact that West Beach beach will have to walk a kilometer.

Still important and useful to know

– at the exit there is a souvenir shop, but you do not advise you to buy something in it, as prices are clearly overestimated. To be aware of prices for popular gifts and souvenirs, read our detailed review "What to bring from the UAE";

– The viewing area The View is entertainment for an hour. Come here only for her meaning no. Look at the same palm fountains;

– Do not forget about the rules of security, read our review "What you can not do in the UAE".

A pleasant visit to The View, and read our interesting articles about Dubai and the UAE (List of articles below).

Observation area The View at the Palm

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