Oceanarium "Ocean Aquarium" in Protaras

Ocean Aquarium Oceanarium at Protaras Resort is a great way to make a variety of a beach holiday, watch the Fauna of the Mediterranean and have fun in the observation of fish, penguins, crocodiles and giant pikes.

And although it cannot boast of large sizes of Ocean Aquarium, he has its own explicit advantages – a developed infrastructure and easily accessible from the hotels in Protaras and Ayia Napa.

How to get there

Ocean Aquarium is located in the northern part of the resort area, next to the famous Lagoon (Beach) Trinity Beach.

If you relax in Protaras, then first check on Online cards (Goole.Maps or Bing.Maps), perhaps your hotel is within walking distance. There are several hotels in Protaras, from which there are no further than 2 kilometers to the oceanarium.

From the rest of Protaras hotels, you can take a taxi, the price of the trip will be from 5 to 10 euros, read our article "Taxi in Cyprus".

From Ayia Napa can be reached by taxi, the trip will cost from 14 to 20 euros.

If a taxi is expensive, then we recommend a local bus. Next to the oceanarium is the bus stop "Tinou", where the routes 101, 102, 703, 706, 708, 711 stop. Some of these buses probably stops near your hotel. Most likely it will be 101, this bus is driving along the whole strip of hotels Protaras and Ayia Napa. Rather for 1.5 euros per person. Read our article "Buses in Cyprus".

For those who arrived on a rented car, there is free parking for visitors.

Accuable address: 5318, CAVO GRECO AVENUE, 19, PROTARAS, CYPRUS.

Prices for tickets

– Adult ticket – 13 euros;

– Children’s ticket (from 2 to 12 years) – 7 euros;

– Kids up to 2 years old – free.

Opening hours

From April to October – from 10:00 to 18:00.

From November to March – from 9:00 to 16:00.

Weekend: 24, 25, December 31, January 1, Clean Monday and Easter Sunday.

How to plan time

In the summer season we advise you to come to Ocean Aquarium by noon. So you can spend in the oceanarium the hottest clock of the day, and the morning and afternoon dedicate the beach and the sea.

A leisurely inspection of the oceanarium will take about 2 hours. If you relax with children, then plan time for their entertainment: play on the playground, watch entertainment and educational videos, stay in some of the most funny animals.

What to look

Ocean Aquarium Oceanarium. Here you can see more than 1000 animals of 400 species. Compared to other oceanariums of the world, it is a bit. For example, Moscow Moskvarum on VDNH declares 12,000 species.

Ocean Aquarium shows mostly marine fauna of the Mediterranean, and it is not good, because in the Mediterranean Sea there are no tropical reefs with millions of fish of thousands of species.

Tourists most like Missisypian shelter (he is an alligator pike) – this is a huge pike, it reaches 3 meters and weighing up to 130 kilograms (in the photo on the right, click on the photo to increase). Of course, there are no such record copies in Protaras, but tourists are interested.

If you look closely, you can consider the main distinguishing feature of this fish – a double row of teeth on the upper jaw.

Another interesting species – South American Cikhlid. This sweetheart has received a nickname "Red Horror". Males of these fish in the marriage season kill each other during females per capita.

Describe all the inhabitants in this article will not, only list: Skates, crabs, octopuses, Piranhas, Moray, Tropical Fish, Starfish, Sea Skates. Next to each aquarium there are signs with a brief story about its inhabitants. Unfortunately, while texts are only in English and Greek. We hope that soon will appear in Russian.

Ocean Aquarium Oceanarium in Protaras

Very interesting place – Penguin House. Here are representatives of the type "Penguin Humboldt", they are active even in the summer. Penguins Humboldt live in Antarctica, but in South America, they are less demanding to low temperatures.

Very interesting zone with crocodiles. Siamese and Nile Crocodiles live here.

At the end of the visit you can stroll through the real tropical garden, its area is 12,500 square meters.M. There is a mini-zoo here, you can see exotic parrots and monkeys.

Tips for tourists

– At the checkout, you can take a guide to Russian;

– If tired, then rest before the start of the inspection on the sofas and with the TV;

– There is a souvenir shop where you can buy something in memory of the visit to Ocean Aquarium;

– In the premises everywhere you can drive with a baby carriage or in a wheelchair;

– Tropical park outdoor, in the summer months do not forget about the protection of the sun, wear hats, read our articles "What is impossible in Cyprus", "What to take to Cyprus" and "to Cyprus with children".

– Smoking throughout the entire territory is officially forbidden, read about the rules in our review "Smoking in Cyprus";

– In a tropical park there is a cafe where you can have a snack, buy ice cream or cool drinks;

– It is strictly forbidden to feed animals with a meal. Some animals can be fed by a special feed, which is right there;

– If in Protaras you want some more entertainment, then we recommend "Protaras Fountains" for evening program.

An interesting hike to the oceanarium, and read our articles about Cyprus (Links below).

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